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  1. This sounds like an episode of Scooby-Doo
  2. Man... Vince Russo was but a baby compared to the 1977 NWA booking committee. They passed that belt around like it was... well...
  3. That'd be a cool take on the Von Erich v Freebird War.
  4. How would they know what was originally booked? Rumour and innuendo?
  5. Oh I think Kerry Von Morton has David Von Erich potential. I wouldn't saddle him with The Ass Boys
  6. Currently employed? Arn Anderson or Mark Henry... I would say Paul Wight- but I don't think he's officially retired yet.
  7. Oooooh I want to see a fan vote for the main event between these two factions for every show- just like WCWSN.
  8. I hope he calls his finisher "Angel Dust".
  9. I think Orange Cassidy could pull off Bloodhound Gang... something like Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.
  10. I would think the pencil neck geeks that track quarter-hour ratings already know who Tomoaki Honma is.
  11. spot on. Daniel Plainview is a great fictional comparison.
  12. there's seriously a wrestler out there using the name Speedball?
  13. that's right.... it's been a few decades.
  14. what bugged me about DDP's Smells Like Teen Spirit knock-off is that he was far too old at the time to be using that. Raven's Alive knock-off was perfectly fine -as it fit his character and age... but DDP was 45 at least... it would have made more sense for him to be coming out to a knock-off of Rock You Like A Hurricane.
  15. Hook is so money... and he knows it.
  16. You forgot about meat slapping. There better be meat slapping. Sweaty meat slapping.
  17. I am 100% on board with Wardlow getting a Hogan push.
  18. This is possibly the greatest spot in wrestling history.
  19. Clearly the answer is a 3 hour Dynamite!
  20. WCW didn't really do much with their trios division... I seem to remember Dustin having it at one point, but I couldn't tell you who he teamed with - was it Barry and Pillman?
  21. I hate shooty stuff. It isn't 1997 anymore. I'll be pretty happy when this angle runs its course.
  22. Cole in the Hart-pink shorts with his long hair makes him look like a pubescent teenage girl practicing her gymnastic routine.
  23. I thought Jim Cornette was the rich asshole with a trust fund?
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