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  1. A better idea would be just to hire Rockstar Spud and MVP when it all folds in on itself and be done with it.
  2. Yikes, the blade job in that pic is kind of unsettling.
  3. Oh yeah, Raven. That guy and his comically bad promos and awful ECW main events can go and whistle. As someone on the internet once said, "The Genius is a much better poet than Raven"
  4. I heard that sex with Tully's daughter is frustrating because it takes her 10 minutes to finally get into bed.
  5. Miz' run with Morrison will always keep him in my heart but yeah, that dude needs some time away. As for this, fuck Mr. Anderson/Kennedy. Sweet christ, what a sack of shit. From his godawful wrestling, the way he kicks his damn legs around on suplexes, his awful forced promos, everything. In a company, actually, an industry full of awful actors being made to act on screen, he is by far the worst, jutting his head out when listening to people like an old, senile dog. Fuck that dude. I will always love Randy Orton for getting rid of his shit from WWE. They were penciling the dude in for main event status and they had MVP on the same show and ruined his push instead. Watching TNA this week, he was comfortably the most annoying part of the show and that show had the worst final segment I've seen in quite some time. Fuck Mr. Anderson Anderson
  6. I would like Daniel Bryan's dog to be an on-screen character when he returns. If he can't wrestle the same style, he can at least use the dog for some interference spots ala Finlay and Hornswoggle.
  7. I love Stan Hansen. He's blind, fat and just wants to punch a motherfucker in the face to feed his fat wife. He is everything a professional wrestler should be.
  8. A Hardys nostalgia run is genuinely one of the main reasons I'm watching this stuff again. Following their tag with the Briscoes, I really want to see what they get out of The Wolves. The Hardys are great. Remember their reunion in 2006/2007? So many long, southern tag matches. The other reason is MVP who, on one leg, is still better than everyone else and still rocks it on the stick. I also really like the look of the shows in the Hammerstein. It's just a great venue for pro wrestling.
  9. I'm watching this now and enjoying MVP/Roode but why the hell is the guy with a legit injury, forced into a Falls Count Anywhere match with someone the heel?
  10. Won't repeat what everyone else has said but Shibata responding to Nakamura's posing by kicking him straight in the face was my personal highlight of the show. So simple, so beautiful.
  11. I imagine Stan Hansen's iPhone has no autocorrect because not even technology is brave enough to correct Stan Hansen.
  12. I'm watching CZW New Heights because, I don't know why and there's something very strange about the cameras and sound being so clean. We're truly in a new age.
  13. Watching Backlash 2003 and god damn is the bump Rey takes awful to watch. it's the one where he's tied to the stretcher and Big Show just picks him up and throws him off the ring post. Rey just lands face-first with no hands to protect it. Really fun, fast match to lead up to that point though.
  14. I wish WWE would sign a guy that fat and revive the Norman the Lunatic gimmick. He can give Alicia Fox a painting and it can be smashed over his head.
  15. dude getting his head crushed was pretty ridiculous. It looked like a Mortal Kombat fatality.
  16. I am an Englishman. I do not care for your Independence but I care for WILLIAM REGAL, the one true wrestler. Fucking A, man
  17. Just finished Season 4 and enjoyed it well enough but this whole thing is slowly crossing over into "silly action" fare with the, quite frankly, ridiculous levels of violence whenever there's something sharp around. The Brienne/Hound fight was the best one in the season because it was just two tough people, punching and kicking the piss out of each other. Brienne always the best character 4eva.
  18. Oh great, Newcastle could do with a new centre half.
  19. Hard lines, my American friends. Now you know what football is really about; a never-ending string of crushing disappointments.
  20. WWF Betrayal. Now, there was a god damn video game. What a 15 minutes that was on Christmas Day. One of those gifts as a kid where you know that YOU fucked up because you asked for it.
  21. haha, yes! I forgot about Morrison's ridiculous catchphrases and his insistence that you bounce money off his abs. Their feud with Crime Tyme was fantastic, there was one instance where both teams were out on commentary dishing out insults to each and Miz and Morrison absolutely annihilated them leaving them speechless. I've tried to find that clip since but to no avail Here you go.... http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x70gwg_kelly-kelly-vs-jillian-hall_sport This is God's work. I've also been looking for this.
  22. haha, yes! I forgot about Morrison's ridiculous catchphrases and his insistence that you bounce money off his abs.
  23. He really wasn't, he was a darling here during the Miz n Morrison days and during his initial heel run after the team broke up. Then he got the belt... Miz and Morrison were so great. The Dirt Sheet, the matches with random guys like Yang/Moore and Colin Delaney, they were just fantastic assholes together.
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