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  1. Reigns wasn't necessarily getting all of that when the Shield debuted. Ambrose was presented as the leader at first, but Reigns over time seemed to win the crowd over more. If what Punk said about the formation of The Shield is true, Reigns was the only non-negotiable member. From that you can gather that The Shield was always intended as the vehicle to get him over.
  2. That's why it's so disingenuous. "It" means is that you fit into their preconceived notions of what a star looks like and should receive a push. So Luger had "it," right? Or is "it" one of those after-the-fact deals? Like they thought Luger had "it" but since he flopped, I guess it turned out he didn't. Interview Vince at the height of the Lex Express and he'd say that Luger had "it." Interview him after Luger shit the bed and he'd claim Luger never had "it." It's purely subjective and absolutely fake. Or now we can go back and pretend Daniel Bryan always had "it" because he got over. Or is Bryan not over, just his chant? And if we only understand "it" in hindsight, why even use it as a barometer? Christ, I have a headache now.
  3. That's what I meant when I said they can make anybody a star. Reigns didn't "grab a brass ring" or have "it." Reigns was a guy they saw as a star due to his looks, hair and physique so they did their best to make him a star. He got the star push and the star booking. That's what's so maddening and phony about this "brass ring" talk. Put anyone in that same spot and -- let's do a conservative estimate -- I'd guess half would do just as well as him, probably more.
  4. I listened to the Vince interview after reading recaps and comments. It was boring as fuck,
  5. So the motel was so cheap they had a toilet but no bathroom sink?
  6. So half of the new shows on Destination America are from......outside the U.S. That's so TNA.
  7. I never heard that story about The Conjuring. That's amazing and also an indictment of the all-to subjective and easily corrupted ratings system. I haven't seen Joy ride in forever but it was definitely great.
  8. LOL HDTGM is the reason I watched that movie! Amazing episode and I second that recommendation for anyone who hasn't listened to it.
  9. No self awareness, born on third and tells everybody he hit a triple. Zero concept of what privilege is.
  10. Punisher: War Zone. There's a douchy gang of parkour guys and you think it's being built to a huge confrontation. That that happens. Now I can never see parkour anywhere without hoping one of them takes an RPG to the sternum. I felt bad for Morrison because he's a little gimpy on the 2-3 moves he did after that spot. You know his knees were like, "dude, WTF, we're 35 now."
  11. LOL If every episode was written with Gregg's idea of "TV 101" in mind, we'd have 5 minutes of real content after the 55 minute recap.
  12. Calling a match without a promo "wrestling for wrestling's sake" shows how out of touch Vince really is or just how far he wants to get away from pro wrestling. Even without a promo, a match has a purpose: to get guys over. When I started watching this stuff, we got WWF Superstars or Wrestling Challenge and there were 3-4 squashes and that was it. Demolition didn't need a fucking soliloquy before destroying Ricky Ataki for us to understand that killing these jobbers meant that they were serious contenders to the belts. Matches mean nothing today because of the way they book storylines and finishes, not because matches inherently are meaningless without a 15 minute diatribe to build them.
  13. Kidd's shirt was awesome and I want one
  14. Was there an angle where Sandow wished everyone "Happy Holidays," thus incurring Henry's wrath? Was Kirk Cameron in the WSM's corner?
  15. Sometime about physics and how it hurts more because the floor has less give than the ring? Fuck if I know, I'm no rocket surgeon.
  16. All this "brass ring" and "it factor" talk is so disingenuous. Wrestling is fake. Vince could get over anybody he wants to get over. Christ, look at Goldberg. He had a decent look, small but negligible charisma and next to no talent. WCW booked him like a star and he got over. I have no idea how Vince determines what "it" is or when exactly a talent has truly "grabbed the brass ring" and I doubt he does, either. It's just his corporate speak he uses to justify pushing or burying whatever guy his insane whims decided to push/bury today. Do you mean to tell me that Orton and Cena are the only guys who "grabbed the brass ring" or had "it" in the past 15 years? Vince says WWE is Americana and he's right. We like to pretend it's a meritocracy and anybody can grab the brass ring if they try hard enough (DURRR BOOTSTRAPS~!) while ignoring all the machinations in the background that work against all but a few.
  17. That's my guess, though I think I recall Noah saying he was from Richmond and that they had a "city with walls" there, so they're substituting Richmond for Alexandria, I suppose.
  18. Who would have been the heel and who would have been the face? Vince rarely did face vs face and Hogan was still hot in 88 when Bruno had his last match.
  19. I felt like that part of the movie was solely designed to shock the audience and no thought was put into how that would actually work and the effect that would really have on a person. Because what you said about going a little nuts is exactly right.
  20. Watt is a mook who speaks in dumb footbaw cliches and I refuse to believe he wasn't actually created in a lab by Gregg Easterbrook types who wanted a great white hope to save the sport from "thugs" and "glory boys."
  21. Man, I had to watch my team (The Ravens, I know, I know) lose by one point, too. And I knew it was coming. At some point in the game, the announcers touted this stat: "San Diego is 7/7 on 3rd down conversions." It was obvious to anyone that the vaunted (and overrated) Baltimore defense was shitting the bed all day, would have been blown out without two very lucky turnovers, and was going to lose the game for us. Even up by 10 with 5 minutes left, I knew it was over. I'd rather be blown out, turn this shit off at halftime and enjoy the rest of my day than stick with it for almost 4 hours and just be pissed all night. The NFL, man. And now Cincinatti will probably win the division because of a tie.
  22. I'm not sure where you heard or read that but Meltzer just mentioned Michaels being a shitty draw on top a day or two ago.
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