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  1. They just need to bring back James Woods to call you at random times offering words of encouragement. "Learn to fly, Carl! Leeeaarnnnn toooooo flyyyyyy!"
  2. I'm thinking about buying Madden 15 this year (I typically take a few years off between installments). I can't seem find anything definitive online about whether the Xbox 360 version has a stand-alone franchise mode or if it's strictly online-only (the "connected franchise" feature). Does anybody have any idea? If franchise is online-only and I can't play my own single player franchise, yeah, no thanks.
  3. Posting an oldie but a goodie for the orphans
  4. Nah...I always though Reigns was by far the worst member of the Shield. I've like Ambrose since his Indy days, and when he got signed I predicted he would be main eventing in 2-3 years. I also predicted that the Rock would be one of the biggest stars in the industry the night he debut in 1996. Me, JR, Jim Cornette, Dr. Tom, Vince McMahon, the old lady who smokes cigarettes behind the 7-11 on my corner, and my cousin Eddie all got that one right!!!!! Cornette's not a good judge. That old carney touted the chick with the thing on her face as The Next Sunny and Matt Morgan as a future WM main eventer.
  5. When it comes time for JB Smoove to bring in a mystery tag partner, it's gotta be Larry David. JB firing Larry up for his match: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUu6Y5_xysQ
  6. The wikipedia page for the show (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Met%C3%A1stasis) lists some of the character names. Saul Goodman is now Saul Bueno!
  7. The whole series seemingly being shot already weirded me out, too. I saw season 5 scenes (Lydia sweetening her tea, the abandoned house with "Jeisenber" on the wall), too. Maybe they shot post-season 1 scenes just for the trailer?
  8. http://www.teleset.com.co/es/contenido/met%C3%A1stasis Metestasis, the offical Spanish language remake of Breaking Bad. Check out the trailer...just bizarre to watch, looking like a shot-by-shot remake. Si ciencia! Si Senor Blanco!
  9. Enzo and Cass are awful. One is a short, untalented Jersey trash dude who wrestles in a shirt and who spouts 17 catchphases like "please sing along with me, please?" His shtick comes across desperate as a frat boy changing positions over and over trying to make his girl come. The other has nothing going for him except height. No good look, not that big, just tall. Sorry, but if you're tall but not all that big, you're just pre-roids Test and honestly Test didn't set the world on fire in 98. Time to make a little more room in development. These guys are sad.
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