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  1. Fat Daniel Bryan and Fat Chris Hero could team up and take over the indies. And my heart.
  2. Dusty's forehead is horrendous. Why, at some point in your career, do you not notice that and say, "maybe I shouldn't blade so much?" He's so young in those two pics and his head already looks like a roadmap. Fuuuuuck
  3. That's amazing. So NXT is being featured in this convention thing only because HHH is a body mark? I guess Steen and Bull Dempsey won't be on the show. Adrian Neville vs Finn Balor for the newly-created Under 15% Bodyfat Championship is the main event.
  4. I was hoping that was his nice way of letting the Bears down easy and that he would leave if a more attractive position (Broncos) was offered.
  5. Please somebody take Gary Kubiak. Please.
  6. Considering how the company has turned them to shit, it's mind blowing to look back on how the IC and tag belts used to mean so much that WWF could rely on them to headline the B and C tours. They kept those belts meaningful because they needed them as draws.
  7. Not trying to play Sidney M. Basil here but Benoit always stuck me as having more issues than just head trauma. Anyway, just me personally, I can't watch Benoit matches because as soon as I see the guy, I think, "that's a guy who killed his wife and kid." I can't separate the two.
  8. GTA Online: the moment I realize the random I'm playing survival mode with actually knows what the fuck he's doing and that we'll end up actually making money.
  9. Straight Jacket German (Florida Key) & brainbuster to the knee = Adam Cole. Either he or Steen (shit, maybe both) do the fireman's carry to the knee as well. Lumbar check= Roderick Strong & Cedric Alexander Electric Chair German = Kenny Omega (Croyt's Wrath) Spinning Powerbomb = Michael Elgin Crunchy = Trent? (Barreta). I think there may be some PWG fans at THQ. The only time I've heard this finisher called that was on PWG commentary where Chuck Taylor said he asked Trent what the move was called and Trent said, "I don't know, that crunchy thing." Handspring Cutter = Jay Lethal though I think Kalisto does it, too New Generation Combo/Package Piledriver & Brainbuster = Steen & Generico's finisher
  10. Seriously. This past weekend, in back to back plays, I watched Brady: 1) Literally fall down intentionally in the pocket to avoid a sack 2) Scream in a ref's face for having the temerity to not flag a defensive player who sacked him because there were some brief extracurriculars after the play Later, I had the pleasure of watching him beg for flags on a "late hit" that wasn't. Man, don't these refs know who he is? The guy is the most entitled and gutless wimp in the game.
  11. A proper eulogy would contain no fewer than 45 instances of "y'know." Instead of playing Taps, the kitchen pot banger would play Dave off.
  12. Discus big boot & cravate suplex. Some Chris Hero fans fans there.
  13. I love it when he goes undercover and uses a "Jamaican" accent. Take bad acting and multiply it by 1000. I can't remember...was he always Jamaican when undercover as "Rico Cooper" or was that only: 1) On special occasions 2) In the first season before they realized it was shit
  14. I don't watch Total Divas...is that famous luchador Juan Cena on the left?
  15. "We don't give a fuck, we just want to get to Mania." Fast Lane? More like Cruise Control amirite
  16. Holly's fault. He came up short because he held the top rope on the way out.
  17. Brian Adams worked four Manias, each time with a different gimmick. Another record. Also everything he did, he did it for you.
  18. I think I was so traumatized by it that my mind blocked out the extent of the horror. Cool thing about Crush is he kept the same name across five pretty different gimmicks. That has to be a record. Demolition Crush Friendly Hawaiian Crush Evil Mr. Fuji disciple Crush with face paint and different gear Ex-Con N.O.D. Crush Biker Crush (D.O.A.)
  19. For bad Mania moments, how about the Savage/Crush "falls count anywhere" match at Mania X? It was WWE's first clumsy attempt at EXTREEEEME and it was god awful. Instead of a nice, simple FCA match, it was some convoluted Chutes and Ladders bullshit where you had to pin a guy (or just incapacitate him maybe?) and then return to the ring and wait. If they couldn't get back to the ring in 60 seconds, you won. Jesus Christ I'm getting confused just typing this. So instead of the drama of a pinfall, we get the drama of watching the winner stand in the ring for a minute. IIRC, Savage won by tying Crush to a scaffold so he couldn't get free in time to get back to the ring. Yep. The vicious blood feud essentially ended with one man lassoing the other and running away.
  20. Yeah, that's the one I was trying to find when I found this one
  21. So while they're being hush hush about what this means, exactly, it sounds like someone higher up was trying to text plays and play suggestions to Shanahan maybe. That's hilarious. I only saw two Browns games this season. That being said, aside from calling an illegal trick play he didn't know was illegal, I don't think Shanahan was that bad as the OC. They could have certainly done worse. They could have that Gary Kubiak, whom the Ravens often succeed in spite of, not because of.
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