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  1. This is the New York Mets we're talking about. This is the exact scenario that will happen: This week: "We're going to rehab it" February 2014: "Matt's ahead of schedule and should be ready to go by Opening Day!" March 2014: "Matt heard popping in his arm." May 2015: "Welcome back Matt Harvey from his long arduous recovery from surgery."
  2. Well, some have accused Punk of looking like a meth-head. I'm guessing this is semi-confirmation:
  3. Matt Harvey is done for the year. He experienced tightness in his arm during his last start and he's just been diagnosed with a partial tear in the UCL. Yes... the ligament that would require Tommy John surgery to repair. Please call anyone you know who's a Mets fan. They're likely suicidal right now.
  4. Jose Fernandez did this yesterday: And then he did this... Contenders, the bidding starts November 1.
  5. Man, if that actually happened, I'd put 20 bucks down on Michigan scoring 100. This no longer takes place for me. I wonder why... Mr. Mann, Biogenesis on Line 2
  6. The 2015 All-Star Game is apparently going to be in Brooklyn AND Manhattan. Brooklyn will get the Celebrity game on Friday and the Dunk-off, etc. on Saturday, and MSG will get the actual game on Sunday. (They may or may not flip it the other way in 2018.)
  7. Pretty sure there are some guys in the Israeli army that would make William look like an absolute pussy.
  8. It's THE superhero. Wait, who's playing Wally? Justin Timberlake
  9. Hoo doggie! We got college football back starting Thursday! And as usual, we start out with massacre week. Where your favorite football team plays the school you actually went to! AP POLLZ~! 1 Alabama (58) 2 Ohio State (1) 3 Oregon 4 Stanford 5 Georgia (1) 6 South Carolina 7 Texas A&M 8 Clemson 9 Louisville 10 Florida
  10. You mean the time when the AFC East regularly sent 2 teams to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl 4 times in a row?
  11. Tannehill played great. 4 turnovers though... grr.
  12. Ben Affleck is 6'4". Put him in Jim Caviezel & Tom Hardy's weightlifting routine for 6 months, and he's going to look terrifying. He is a solid choice. Now when Malcolm's dad gets cast as Luthor, oh man, are heads going to roll!
  13. This looks great, but I'm very concerned the name "Zac Efron" somehow has top billing.
  14. Zayn and Cesaro are good at professional wrestling.
  15. Warby Parker is a great site that has stylish stuff and will send you up to 5 frames at a time for you to try out. They don't accept insurance, but nothing on their site is over $130 (lenses included). You could do that and submit the insurance claim on them after. It's a good quality pair on the cheap. Also, for every pair you buy, they donate a pair to a needy person.
  16. Tom Hanks is playing Disney, he's got competition. Isiah Washington is playing Jon Allen Mohammed Tom Hanks is ALSO playing Capt. Phillips AND if the hype is to be believed, Matthew McConaghey may blow all of them out of the water by playing Rod Woodruff in Dallas Buyers Club (true story of a homophobic womanizer who was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS in 1986 and set up an illegal drug smuggling ring to bring in non-FDA approved AIDS drugs into the country, saving and/or prolonging the lives of many people) http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/moviesnow/la-et-mn-ca-dallas-buyers-20130818,0,6694843,full.story
  17. Hanley Ramirez is rubbing off on him quite well. Just a couple of shots, And somehow, the Marlins won!
  18. Dustin who? I'm on VACATION GOD DAMN IT.
  19. I am walking into Jeffrey Loria Memorial Stadium for the first time tonight. Thank the gods I get to see Jose Fernandez vs Yasiel Puig. If Mattingly sits Puig at any point I will run over to him and bite him on the nose.
  20. Hah. At 1:30, you will see two spots, move for move, done again in tonight's match.
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