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Impact Wrestling - 4/15/21: Jazz Retirement/Rebellion Build

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Shocked that Havok/Nevaeh got blown off on the BTI Preshow, but it got a lot of time and I loved it. I'm sad that it's the end for Nevaeh in Impact as she has always been one of my favorites and I was thrilled that she got to have this run in Impact.

Also sad to see Jazz go from Impact. Cool that she got one more little match here and I'm glad she got this run after never being an Impact before. I thought her and Jordynne made a great team.  Some more solid build for Rebellion throughout. Press conference was fun. Solid show overall



*Before the Impact Match: Havok def. Nevaeh (16:05) after a leg drop

Impact Wrestling - Airing April 15, 2021 

*Josh Alexander def. TJP (11:53) after the Divine Intervention double underhook piledriver.

*Karl Anderson (w/ Doc Gallows) def. Crazzy Steve (w/ Black Taurus & Rosemary) (8:45) with the Spinebuster after a distractrion from Gallows.

*Eddie Edwards & Willie Mack called out Violent by Design for the attack on Tommy Dreamer at Hardcore Justice. Eric Young said they had nothing to do with it but Eddie said they were here for a fight. Violent by Design surrounded the ring until James Storm & Chris Sabin ran out for the save. Storm made the challenge for an 8 man tag team match at Rebellion.

*Jazz came to the ring with Jordynne Grace for her retirement ceremony. Jazz talked about not getting the title run she hoped for but put over Deonna. Jazz put over Jordynne for being her partner and said she's the future. Jazz said she never got to work for Impact over the past 20 years until now but she got to go out with a bang. Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz interrupted and mocked Jazz's retirement. Jordynne told them to shut up and challenged them but they declined. A referee then came out and announced that Scott D'Amore has made the match.

*Jazz & Jordynne Grace def. Fire N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz) (1:26) when Jazz pinned Kiera with a michinoku driver. After the match, Jazz continued on the mic and officially announced her retirement as the roster came out to surround the ring in support of her. 

*Brian Myers def. Jake Something (w/ Matt Cardona) (2:21) after the Roster Cut clothesline. After the match, Myers introduced Sami Callihan, who attacked Cardona on the stage. 

*Sami Callihan def. Matt Cardona (13:36) with the Package Piledriver after an eye rake. After the match, Callihan called out Trey Miguel. Callihan suggested they shake hands and take over together. Callihan revealed that it was him who attacked Tommy Dreamer at Hardcore Justice. Trey attacked Callihan but Callihan low blowed him and then laid him out with an exploder suplex through a steel chair. 

*Show ended with the taped Press Conference for Swann vs. Omega at Rebellion which ended in a brawl between the two.


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I mentioned it elsewhere but I was getting a kick out of the Ric Flair commercials. Wearing the robe over a suit, chopping Cardona and calling him a jabroni, his desk having a nameplate that just said 'WOOOOOO', they were pretty good. Hopefully it gives him a little alimony leverage so he can order another Kamikaze or two down the bar.

Nevaeh's gone? What for and where to? And why put that on the preshow?

Sami pulling off his fingernail right in front of the camera was GROSS. Dude, we know you're disgusting, spare us that at least.

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Like seeing Taylor Wylde back in wrestling.   She was a really good talent and her team with Sarita (Sara Stock) was fun.  But I thought she got punished for being "caught" for lack of a better term working at a Starbucks while being a regular wrestler.  Then Hogan and Bischoff came in and they clearly were only interested in women like the Beautiful People and it was pretty much over for her.  For about a month it seemed she tried to adapt to being more of a "diva"  and it wasn't pretty.

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Posted (edited)
22 hours ago, John from Cincinnati said:

Did those 5 Ways to Win packages they just put on Youtube air on the show? I'm guessing not since they total almost twelve minutes, but I figured I'd ask. 

They did not air on the show as far as I saw.

18 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

Nevaeh's gone? What for and where to? And why put that on the preshow?

No clue and no clue, thought it was bizarre to be on the preshow considering the TV time dedicated to them. Apparently her deal was just for a year but she didn't have an official contract. She posted a "thank you Impact for the past year" post on social media. Always seemed like bad timing how she came in to Impact just as her husband Jake Crist had left too.

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