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GFW Impact Wrestling: Destination X - 8/17/17

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Fun show. Great surprise to see Taryn Terrell back! One of my favorite knockouts during her last run. Guessing she's just back for one last match with Gail but I hope she sticks around for good.  Crazy to have Cornette back and suddenly kicking Bruce out. Super X Cup final was good if a bit short, ending was out of nowhere but cool. Pretty good main event. That ending makes me wanna see Colby Covington back in Impact. Looking forward to the Gauntlet for the Gold and Johnny joining the mix.

Full results:

*Sienna(c) (w/ KM) def. Gail Kim (7:10) to retain the knockouts championship after Taryn Terrell returned and laid out Gail.

*Bruce Prichard came to the ring to make an announcement regarding the GFW World Championship. Bruce read a statement that Alberto was no longer the champion and would be focusing on his personal matters so he wished him the best in his future endeavors. Bruce said he was left to rectify the situation and the company needs a champion. Bruce announced he would revert the Global Force Championship back to it's former owner, Bobby Lashley. Jim Cornette interrupted and said Anthem gave him a call to help with corporate issues. Bruce questioned him and said that no one outranks him because he's in charge in the Impact Zone. Bruce said Cornette was his friend but will never be his boss so he called security to escort him out. Cornette called Bruce arrogant and obnoxious. Cornette declared that people have gotten sick of Bruce and he's over stepped his bounds so he's fired. Cornette ordered security to remove Bruce from his ring. Bruce guaranteed this would not be the last of him. The crowd sang goodbye as Bruce was escorted out by security. Cornette clarified that Alberto did not relinquish the title, he was stripped. Cornette called it a new day in Global Force where big stars aren't coming here for a vacation, everyone will have to prove themselves. Cornette says he will not give anyone the GFW Championship. Cornette announced next week there will be a 20 man Gauntlet for the Gold so whoever wins will have earned it. LAX interrupted to argue that Low Ki should be #1 contender but Cornette said he's sticking to corporate's decision. Cornette said it's out of their hands but he agreed that Low Ki was getting screwed so he'll get #20 in the gauntlet. LAX surrounded him. Cornette warned that he's not on the roster, he's corporate, so if anyone touches him then they will go to jail. Konnan warned him that if he double crosses them, he will end up on disability.

*Dezmond Xavier def. Taiji Ishimori (8:18) after a back handspring kick to win the 2017 Super X Cup. Afterwards they shook hands and Dezmond said he would be coming for the X Division Championship.

*Backstage, Bruce Prichard and Karen Jarrett screamed at each other while Bruce was escorted out of the building. Bruce guaranteed this was not the last of him while Karen said Bruce would never step foot in here again.

*Backstage Grado was sad about having to leave the US. Joseph Park came and told him that next week Grado would say goodbye live on Impact.

*Sonjay Dutt(c) def. Trevor Lee (16:12) in a Ladder Match to retain the X Division Championship. Caleb Konley interfered and powerbombed Dutt through a table followed by Petey Williams returning to hit Konley with the Canadian Destroyer.

*OvE (Dave & Jake Crist) def. Jason Cade & Zachary Wentz (2:16)

*Backstage, Ethan Carter III & Moose demanded to be in next week's gauntlet. Jim Cornette said they are in. Eli Drake & Chris Adonis interrupted to get spots. Cornette agreed and made Eli Drake entrant #1.

*Matt Sydal def. Lashley (15:22) with a rollup to win a title shot of his choice. After the match, members of America's Top Team with Lashley were upset in the front row. UFC fighter Colby Covington grabbed referee Brian Hebner in a choke until things were broken up.

*Show ends with a video package for the debut of John Morrison, using the name Johnny Impact, next week.

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Two steps forward and 4 steps back. That should be on the Impact tombstone when they lose the pop deal. It is good to see Taryn back because she's one of the few entertaining knockouts. Super X cup final was fun and the main was alright. Good to see the old man on America Top team laugh while Colby was choking out Hebner. As for the Cornette stuff, I can't even be mad anymore. It's classic impact. Hope they bring in Russo cause god knows this company needs another authority figure.

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I only watched the first 20-30 minutes but three things REALLY stood out

1. They hype tonight's show with Bobby Lashley telling the audience how it's so much more special for them and the wrestlers when everything is live, as they are taping 3.5 months worth of shows.  So the implicit message is, don't worry about tuning in after tonight.

2. Bruce Prichard announces that Alberto El Patron is being stripped of the title.  He says "El Patron, whose real name is Alberto Rodriguez" (Well it's part of his name, his first name is actually Jose) then proceeds to refer to him as El Patron for the rest of the segment...so why introduce his real name at all?!

3.  Did Jim Cornette really say "I'm not the most charitable guy, I wouldn't give a crutch to a cripple crap"?!

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7 hours ago, caley said:

3.  Did Jim Cornette really say "I'm not the most charitable guy, I wouldn't give a crutch to a cripple crap"?!

He certainly did, had to rewind a time or two to make sure I heard that right.  The crowd kind of deflated when he said that too.

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