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It doesn't look like UFC will get the BW title back to being the linear champion any time soon, it's the only division other then WW where that exists anymore.

Aldo is obviously the linear Featherweight champ.

Cain is the linear Heavyweight champ.

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Coker was not in charge when Jackson joined the Bellator roster. At the time, promotion founder and CEO Bjorn Rebney was the man at the top. However, Jackson says that he didn’t even deal with Bellator officials when signing a contract. Instead, his team met with Viacom, the organization’s parent company.

“I signed a deal with Viacom, not really Bellator,” Jackson said during an appearance on the Sherdog Radio Network’s “Beatdown” show. “ Looking at it now, it seems like Viacom just tried to say things that would get me to sign with them so I could fight for Bellator. They never came through on any of the things they said they were going to do for me.”

Exactly what did Viacom promise? Quite a lot, according to Lee Gwynn, Jackson's manager and co-founder of Wolfslair Academy.

“Basically this deal has five sections to it including TV, movies, pro wrestling, MMA fighting and there was a provision for MTV. It was a very interesting new deal that I’ve never done before,” Gwynn said on Beatdown. “In retrospect, Bjorn Rebney had to fill the UFC’s shoes on Spike TV. He had a big job ahead of him, and I think he put more faith in the system than what he believed. The bottom line is we were sold a dream that never manifested.”

During an interview on Fox Sports 1 after the announcement that he was returning to the UFC, Jackson mentioned that he “terminated” his Bellator contract. While that remark drew skepticism from the MMA community, Gwynn essentially affirmed that claim.

“We were fully expecting to figure this out and then Bjorn got canned. Scott Coker walked into a complete car crash. He’s gone to great levels to fix the situation....we made many requests to fix it,” Gwynn said. “The contract had a provision in it that allows the fighter to put the promoter on notice for 45 days to attempt to fix the breach. We actually gave Bellator 70 days in the end. We couldn’t fix the problem.



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Is anyone going to point out how bogus all the double promotional contracts with Bellator/TNA turned out?  I knew the MMA guys trying to cross over into TNA was not going to happen.  For starters, King Mo was competing in tournaments which made it practically impossible for him to consistently train and focus on becoming a pro wrestler.  I doubt Rampage had the patience to put that time in either.    


Where is TNA Superstar King Mo?  


Dealing with TNA, it was bound to happen.

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Here are the final minutes of today's Crocop vs. Ishii rematch.





Left leg hospital, right leg cemetery!


I just watched Aoki vs. Yuki Yamamoto. I find it hilarious that Yamamoto wanted to fight Aoki post-fight AFTER Aoki submitted him with a twister in like negative 30 seconds. How well does he think that's going to turn out?

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Dana scrum news:


Jeremy Botter @jeremybotter 1m1 minute ago

Said he’s extremely interested in Dillashaw vs. Faber and that both guys are open to it.

Jeremy Botter @jeremybotter 2m2 minutes ago

Also said Dillashaw vs. Faber is a fight worth opening up the checkbook for


Dave Doyle @davedoylemma 5m5 minutes ago

Says Barao likely next for Dillashaw with Cruz out; won't rule out Faber.


@jeremybotter: The UFC has scrapped plans to do their own out of competition drug testing.


@jeremybotter: White said they realized they had no business managing it after they “fucked up” the Cung Le situation.


@jeremybotter: Also interesting: Le agreed to a nine month suspension, but then Lorenzo wanted to extend it to 12 months and Le fought it


Jeremy Botter @jeremybotter 3m3 minutes ago

The UFC is going to fun commissions for extra testing but will not manage it in-house.

Luke Thomas @SBNLukeThomas 4m

RT @bokamotoESPN: Dana White confirms Conor McGregor will get title shot if he wins in January. Expect Dublin in May.


Jeremy Botter @jeremybotter 6m

Notes from Dana White: he expects 750,000 buys for the PPV.



Botter will have a story on the end of the testing program. He also mentioned Croke Park as the likely destination for that Dublin show.
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