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  1. Just curious, how have you not seen any of her fights? You being an elder statesman on this sub forum I find it curious.
  2. That car commercial where the family sings "Buddy Holly" is torture. It makes those Wale commercials during Seinfeld blocks tolerable.
  3. This show is horrendous. And could the WWE be more transparent by forcing that LGBT community line in there twice?
  4. Reminds me of one of my forgotten favorite teams of all time, The Gangstanators. It seems like simple booking to put two over baby face tag team wrestlers together to create a super team, though I can't recall any other dream teams.
  5. Didn't we all stop taking Bret seriously after he declared Melina as the best worker in the world?
  6. UFC 188 is a little over two weeks away, and I have yet to see any promotion. You would think the Heavyweight division would be top priority. I
  7. I caught this during a mini marathon last week, it was so bad I had to google it. Turns out it was voted worst episode, which was the result I expected.
  8. Prowrestlingtees needs to get on that asap.
  9. Watched the original Mad Max films, it was fun to see all the influence they had on wrestling. At least six different wrestlers/gimmicks came directly from the sequels. I always associated "two men enter one man leaves" with cage matches, I'm guessing this is where Dusty got it. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure this is where he also got the idea for spin the wheel make the deal. Now I'm wondering what other films Dusty blatantly ripped off. Also Finlay's ring jacket of course needs to be mentioned.
  10. Who is that in the background? His glorious mullet and attire are definitely pro wrestling.
  11. It's a catchweight of 215 now. He is flying to Montreal tomorrow. Isn't everything over 205 considered heavyweight? I don't recall seeing a catchweight in MMA over 195 pounds.
  12. In regards to Paige Van Zant getting the next title shot. I know the division is slim, even if we saw "the best 16 straw weights on the planet", but I think they fast track her.
  13. All this talk is fine and all, but this is the UFC. Title shots in the past had as much to do about looks and sexuality, then rankings and records.
  14. He was good enough for you to choose one of his catchphrases for your screen name apparently... When I met Larry at Fan Axxes during WM 30 I shook his hand and said, "the human game of chess". He laughed and then repeated it in his gimmick voice. So awesome. I also asked him to sign the HOF section of the program, to which he looked for Bret Hart class and signed over it. Was there heat between Bret and Larry?
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