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I miss daparty already. One of my few must watch weekly shows. I’m sad that it’s done. Maybe they can introduce another UUDD regular into Uno, but that group had such enjoyable chemistry. I’ve been up and down recently so maybe I’m placing it in the wrong spot. Uno without Chugs would be tough.

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59 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

In hindsight, they filled a lot less at the PC and Thunderdome than you’d have thought.

Well it makes sense - pre-pandemic, Woods was traveling so they were just gonna film were he was and I don't think he really felt like "working" on the couple of days he was home

Then when the pandemic hit - I am sure they had rules about folks hanging around backstage longer than they were needed. Plus, depending on everyone's comfort level, I am sure folks wanted to get the fuck out of dodge.

Remember the only times NXT folks were showing up on the channel (prior to Breeze getting sent back down) was when they were all together at big shows like Mania

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