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Has anyone ever said what the story was behind the whole New Japan Invasion angle? I only watched Nitro at the time, and didn't even hear about the "World Cup of Wrestling" till the night after it happened. It seemed so weird that WCW's flagship PPV would be based around an angle that they didn't even mention on Nitro.


Heenan sold half of WCW Pro (the Sunday TBS show) to Sonny Onoo and NJPW.  Of course, Heenan didn't have the authority to do such a thing and the World Cup was simply announced.  There really wasn't much set up at all.


It really seemed like after Dusty Rhodes left in '89 that WCW stopped treating Starrcade like the "Granddaddy Of Them All".  They did stuff like the Iron Man tournament and a couple of years of Battlebowl.  Post-Dusty none of them seemed to be treated like that big of a deal other than Flair/Vader, Hogan/Sting, and maybe Hogan/Piper.


Bischoff was all about Halloween Havoc in Las Vegas as WCW's showcase event because he thought people would be less inclined to buy a PPV during the holiday season.

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