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so anyway, the Network is coming to the UK on Monday but it doesn't list PS3 as a viewing option... meaning I can't sign up.


Buy a Roku you cheapskate. That plus 9.99 will get you more of the BlueBloods than you'd ever want.


Roku is a garbage piece of technology, don't buy that piece of shit.



I've had zero problems with my Roku 2 box. It's going on two years at this point and it runs pretty great. 

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In honor of the late Bob Geigel.

This is how I was first made aware of his existence


Ranks right above Shaska Whatley attacking Boogie Woogie for calling him a "great black wrestler". Thanks.



He said that Shaska was the best "black athlete". 

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Fuck it, I hated JBL then and I still do.  I've only seen 3 matches of his that I liked, and two of them involved Eddie.


Hate's a strong word, but I find it hard to imagine the JBL Greatest Matches DVD set doing serious business. I think he gets a lot of love for using a lariat, working out how to pace main-events and not being a cool heel -  that may well be true but I wouldn't really know as I didn't watch much of it at all - because, y'know, JBL sucks. 

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