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Mr Harms

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Working on a few cards at the moment.


My main deck is Super rare rtruth fully levelled up.

Pro Rare shawn fully levelled up.

Pro Rare Austin fully levelled up.

Rare yoko fully levelled up.

And a Rare Nattie f.l.u.


My alts are more esoteric.


Pro rare hogan f.l.u.

Rare Bray f.l.u

Rare Mizzark f.l.u

Pro rare mysterio, which I'm levelling

Rare Swagger, cody and Aj which I'm levelling as well.


My support is run of the mill stuff unfortunately.


My last card received, was a S.R. ADR. That will be fun to invest in.


What I want to know is if you get bonuses for completing decks - I'm on 91 out of 100 common cards so far...

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New Halloween update for anyone still playing this. Seemed a bit complicated at first but I've got the gist of the currencies now. No way I'll get the first final prize in time though, don't know how people are supposed to do this.

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