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All In II - 8/27/2023

Dolfan in NYC

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22 hours ago, tbarrie said:

I just looked at the latest spam e-mail from ShopAEW, and they're selling an Eddie Kingston t-shirt that says "Redeem Deez Nuts" with the letters coloured like the Union Jack.

Do you suppose Eddie was at one point scheduled to face Miro again at All In?

that shirt is from when Eddie faced Miro for the TNT title

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Watching All In on telly, it's pretty different to being there live. 

ITV4 very kindly took an advert preak during Joe vs Pun, right after the table spot. They didn't cut any action out at all, no black and white for the blood like Sky 1 used to do for WWE back in the day, but it did break the momentum.

Live in the Stadium, the Don Callis drone was loud as all hell. We were worried it was the Brown Noise and we were all going to shit ourselves.

It's actually surprising how Wembley Stadium is just plonked in the middle of a suburb. Like, people live near there. And they were probably quite confused by all the Fireworks going off at random intervals on Sunday evening, if they weren't watching.

Second match on the card, and Kenny and Juice figure out that the way to work a Stadium Crowd is to do lots of Boo/Yay strike exchanges.
When Kenny and Kota set up the Cross Slash, I yelled Cross Slash. I think I was the only person in there to do that, other than Kenny and Kota themselves. It was like when Punk did the Spinning Toe Hold. everyone Wooed because they thought it was a Figure Four. I start chanting Terry and get confused looks.

Jay White's Uranage is way better than The Rock's version.

Those streamers draped off the Tron after the Bucks' entrance, fans didn't throw those. That was a special effect for us in the building. Well, it was for everyone, but the broadcast was showing Helicopter shots. It was nice to see the Pyro without feeling the heat of it on my face though. And I was more than a hundred yard from it. Must have been roasting for everyone nearby.

Unfortunately our "Cash is gonna shoot you" and "Cash has got a gun, got a gun, Cash has got a gun, Ah na nana na na" songs weren't picked up. Too far back. Well, OK,  you can hear people singing something to the tune of Baby Give it up, but not what.

When the BCC's music started, everyone on my side of the stadiium was looking around, craning our necks, trying to see where they were going to come from. We were still looking by the time they were actually in the ring. They were on the other side completely. And it seems they got swarmed. I never knew.

Someone messed up and got a one sided ladder, which promptly collapsed because they aren't designed to support more than one person. That could have gone much worse, to be fair. 

I have no idea why, when someone does a giant swong, fans count seconds rather than revolutions. Claudio doesn't do the swing too fast, it's nowhere near 60 rpm. I think the glass and barbed wire that was hitting Claudio might not have been real glass or barbed wire.

I actually sang God Save the Queen for Toni Storm. I never in all my life sang it for the actual Queen, and she's dead now. She died on my Birthday last year, it was a great day.

Shida should have won. Perhaps the plan was for her to already have the belt back already, or get it back on Sunday, but I think Saraya got Covid. Man, Saraya's entrance music shits all over her victory music. Someone behind me was singing along to that, like imagine admitting to being a Falling In Reverse fan in public.

I did sing along to Seek and Destroy though. It's very jarring hearing Hetfield's original high pitched vocal, considering he sings like a octave deeper mostly nowadays.

The hardcam shot of Sting and Darby's thumbtack jackets made it look like they were LED jackets. They weren't. Painting the cricket bat black might have been a miscalculation, nobody could see what it was. Even though Sting did the cricket bat gimmick on his UK TNA tours previously.

This show is far more exhausting in broadcast form than it was in person.

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So that's why nobody made any sound during Takeshita's entrance and win! They were too busy holding onto their bowels! Any undue vibration... bloouey.

Not sure which is dumber: 1. getting a one-sided ladder, or 2. not just working with it even though it's a one-sided ladder but BREAKING IT AND REPEATING THE SPOT. 

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