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  1. Look, you can't just casually drop that in there without giving us more details. I think we all need to know the Anvil's philosophy for making sweet love to the ladies. Was he big on foreplay? Did he focus on oral? What were his thoughts on butt stuff?
  2. I'm pretty sure anyone posting on this board could have had a great match in 2002 with Angle, Benoit, and Mysterio.
  3. It's been said that in his prime, Ric Flair could carry a broomstick to a 5 star match. With Edge, it's the opposite--the broomstick would be the one carrying him. Every great match Edge ever had required copious amounts of ladders, chairs, and other plunder to be memorable.
  4. I only know Jocephus from the Tim Storm feud, but man, that was some good rasslin'.
  5. Am I the only one who wants to see how far Wight can toss Marko Stunt, or nah?
  6. "Marcus, bro, imagine how high we can hang your mom with some creative camera angles."
  7. IIRC, they weren't forced to wear it, but if they wanted to get out of the stupid "business attire when you travel" dress code, Tap Out gear was the only acceptable attire.
  8. Am I the only one who's noticed that every time we talk about Lars Sullivan, the discussion just devolves into everyone being dicks to each other?
  9. I know that Heenan apparently did stuff like this because he figured that by being an asshole, he was getting the babyface over, but Goddamn, that was racist. Stares at you in Mick Foley
  10. True, but they're making movies, pal. They're not a wrestling promotion anymore. Now that they're just a content farm for NBCUniversal and Fox, there's really nothing keeping them from trying to figure out a way to do a permanent Thunderdome situation year-round. They don't need to be on the road each week anymore. They simply don't need to sell tickets to survive. They could save a shitload of money by filming from a fixed location each week, either by building their own studio/arena setup, or figuring out ways of doing a few residencies in different places.
  11. You can throw out all the excuses you want, but if less people are watching a TV show than they were previously, then that's a pretty decent indication it's not as popular as it used to be.
  12. How many people are actually watching? Raw is hovering around 2 million viewers a week. It's hard to argue that they're popular when no one is watching.
  13. I'm not saying that they've never been this unpopular, just that it's closer to the nadir than the zenith.
  14. Yeah, but they're a television company. They know how ratings work.
  15. Their popularity is at historically low numbers, and yet they're still able to talk people who should know better into giving them astronomical amounts of money. It's astonishing. I ain't even mad, I'm impressed. This never would have happened under Jack Donaghy's watch, though.
  16. Does Tommy Dreamer not own any mirrors or what? Who told him his hair looks good? Do those t-shirts he wears come in a larger size? I have so many questions.
  17. Uh, I don't think Luna's taking any bookings these days.
  18. Lacey Evans could rip Cardi B's arms off and beat her to death with them.
  19. Would Lawler count in the discussion, or is he disqualified because he never worked an athletic style to begin with?
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