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  1. The first three stages of hell match is one of HHH's best matches of his career, and it is not a terrible concept for Mox-Kenny (especially when there's a contrast between the two characters). I have thought of a traditional two out of three falls match between them at Revolution, but throwing a gimmick match or two in the mix likely helps Mox. I will say that no matter the outcome on December 2nd, there will be a re-match at Revolution. Even though AEW has not done it yet, and I like the first big singles match to be on a PPV and not TV, it makes sense here as a rubber match in the series (as
  2. The Hobbs one is tough, cause I agree with your basic point about needing a big face (still some potential there with Luchasaurus, but he's kind of been lost in the crowd lately), but they spent too long teasing the Hobbs's turn without delivering on it. If Hobbs would have strongly turned down Taz from the beginning, he could have been a strong face, but it was a decently executed if not very prolonged and telegraphed turn. I will say, I think at least one of Archer, Wardlow, or Miro will turn face in 2021, probably in the first part of the year.
  3. One other point in this thread that I want to address is Death Triangle as the faces in the feud with Kingston family. While Pac is probably better as a heel, he was a pretty good face in NXT and briefly during his WWE run (before he went down as another talent Vince squandered prior to his reinvention as a dominant cruiserweight). However, Lucha Brothers have been miscast as heels during their entire AEW run. You can pull off doing awesome moves as heel (see Pac, El Phantasmo, and Omega's early Bullet Club run), but when Fenix's entire character is basically being an awesome wrestler, it work
  4. On rare wrestling issue that JR is seemingly progressive on, I'm with him that DQ's are basically lazy booking. In the main event, it told two key parts of the story: it will take something incredible to beat Darby (drillclaw off the top), and that he is in new world now as the hunted champion. I think both guys came out of that match just fine, and it contributed to the goal that it makes me more interested in seeing the Cage-Darby title match. I swear that people almost need to de-program themselves from dumbass WWE booking this century, as their laziness does not need to be a template for A
  5. Darby eating the fall in the tag match to set up a future title match is very much New Japan booking (generally very good, though a bit off the rails in 2020). I think that New Japan relies on it as a crutch a bit too much, but it's still not the worst thing in the world. And far better then the WWE crutch of losing in singles non-title matches to set up the title match. Also, I would be STUNNED if Hangman attacked Mox, as AEW would not do something that stupid (too many people have WWE booking scar tissue there). Do not think that it was the Bucks either. Think it was Omega himself, if
  6. I think that AEW needs to develop "their own" guys like Darby, MJF, Sammy, Jungle Boy, Starks, and Wardlow over the long-term (and The Elite still have some decent time left at the top, especially Hangman, who just seems to just be entering his prime and is just 29 years old). Also, while I think that Claudio has some value for AEW, I would not argue that he's a must add. Tommy End is another story. He is extremely versatile, has not been overexposed (only on TV for 3 1/2 years, and the first two years of that was on NXT TV on the Network), and I think has a potential to be a main event player
  7. Good damn it Hiromu, you are one of my absolute favorites, but you already broke your neck once. Think he's the potential biggest star among the younger generation in New Japan, but you got make it that far, and piledriver bumps on the apron with a surgically repaired neck are not the recipe for a long-term career. Also, Cobb isn't a bad addition the The Empire, and it makes sense for the shithole Ospreay to have a couple of ass kickers behind him. That being said, one of the next additions to the group needs to have some personality (add I think Ospreay is pretty underrated in that depar
  8. All props to Tony Khan cause I'd be the same way, but Thea Trinidad's acrimonious departure makes it more likely that she will end up in AEW, and there may be some fuck WWE dollars going her way. Outside of the Good Brothers, who at least temporarily burned their AEW bridges, all of most vocal anti-WWE departures (Brodie Lee, FTR, Miro) have ended up with AEW. Plus, the fact that her husband is a potential huge star in the company is an added bonus. Going back to who do you wish you could steal from WWE (and a lot of obvious ones have already been mentioned), Drew McIntyre would be at the
  9. As a huge Aleister Black/Tommy End fan, hope that he is in AEW pretty soon down the road. Even with a pretty full roster, he is definitely worth making an exception for to sign and push pretty hard if/when he hits the open market.
  10. Pretty much agree with that, but definitely give Bucks-FTR full five stars (I definitely get what Dave is going for on 5+ star ratings, but like 0-5 range). Think that Bucks-Omega/Hangman was a bit better, but they are definitely the two best tag matches on American PPV in eons. I think I'm such a massive AEW fan because they absolutely bring it in the ring when it matters (have had a five-star level match/spectacle at five of their seven PPV's, plus a shit ton of other 4+ star matches), but also does not take itself super seriously. It's just a ton of fun watching American wrestling again, an
  11. I would definitely would have Bucks/Lucha Brothers ladder match from All Out in there, and strongly consider the Best Friends/Santana and Ortiz parking lot brawl from Dynamite. My sort of darkhorse match for consideration would be Mox/Brodie Lee from Double or Nothing II (Mox's best overall match in AEW in my opinion, and definitely his best regular match). Loved the PPV on the whole, but like many people in this thread, watched it in a very good mood for certain reasons. Bucks/FTR was everything you could have dreamed up, and best FTR I've ever seen (and I'm a big fan, and loved their st
  12. I will argue that a big time women's division is not a huge need for AEW, especially with the depth of men's talent on the roster. Yes, you may lose a little bit of good PR as the progressive American wrestling company, but outside of getting a Sasha/Becky/Bayley/Charlotte level women's wrestler, AEW's progress will be based on a men's wrestler getting super hot (to make the jump from Strong #2 company in North America to challenging for #1). The women's division is the one thing that WWE has objectively handled fairly well over the last few years, but that clearly has not stemmed the tide in
  13. As long as AEW remains in good shape, I do not see too many people leaving AEW for WWE. The occasional wrestler may leave, but I do not think that this generation of wrestlers is quite as drawn to WWE as previous ones (and we are close to 20 years removed from the Attitude Era), plus it's continued exposure as a toxic workplace is not real attractive compared to a place that is universally thought to be a great place to work.
  14. I have actually enjoyed the Young Bucks attitude issues story and do not think it is just to tease a heel turn. Now, I will admit that a good part is that is also following along with Being the Elite, and they should feature a little more of that story on Dynamite to flesh things out (especially their attempt to reconcile with Hangman and angry texts back from whoever found Hangman's phone). However, they have a right to be bitter with Hangman's mistake costing them the title shot and the subsequent issues with him and even more so with Kenny Omega basically leaving them high and dry at All Ou
  15. I'd guess that big part of moving Evil to Bullet Club was the fear that the foreign guys would not be back in Japan for awhile, and needing to prop up Bullet Club. Honestly though, I would have been fine with Bullet Club sort of folding. They've had one last decent run with Jay as the leader, but while not quite NWO in 1999 level of stale, it is not the same as the past eras (not super familiar with the Devitt/A.J. eras as I started following closely right as World and English commentary grew, but thought that the Elite era was a natural progression of the Bullet Club and their split with Sons
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