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  1. Those were the 2021 dates. They moved Revolution to a Sunday because of big boxing and UFC events the Saturdays the two weekends around the event. I think that it may move back to Saturday next year (though Double or Nothing and All Out will stay on Sundays during Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends respectively). Edit: Just saw the rumor that Revolution 2022 will also be on first Sunday of March next year in Orlando (a bit of an odd choice for the city, but they unfortunately cannot all be in the Midwest).
  2. Really liked the trios match live, but I am a personally a big fan of the over the top AEW matches. Not quite sure if I would go the full five stars for it, but it would give it at least 4 1/2 or 4 3/4. I actually could not see Bucks' reactions in the main event live, but that added to the story for me (again though, I have been a consistent BTE viewer for most of the Bucks time in AEW). I could hear an argument for the MJF/Darby opener, trios match, Punk/Kingston, and the main event being the best match on the crowd, but ultimately slightly prefer the main because of the awesome conclusion to the story. Full Gear uniquely felt like both the beginning and end of an era. It wrapped up the Hangman/Kenny stories, MJF winning the battle of the young top guns (and looking like a serious, upper card worker), and The Elite finally getting their comeuppance for the last year's worth of shenanigans. However, it was also the first PPV with the new, deep roster where every match was really good (three stars or above), with the depth of talent ensuring amazing match quality throughout the card. Interestingly enough, Adam Cole was actually the most popular guy live (at least for entrance pop) among the three big recent additions, and there is meat on the bone for both Punk and especially Danielson heel runs (the Miro/Danielson match wasn't a dud live by any means, but definitely not as hot as the previous four matches mentioned above).
  3. I'd guess that the Danielson-Hangman match will main event the Battle of the Belts event in early January.
  4. I had become a massive Marty Scurll fan in the couple of years before Speaking Out, and thought it really hurt both parties when he turned down AEW for ROH (though there was the BTE tease before Double or Nothing 2020 after that). Damn though did AEW dodge one on that, as he would have likely been in the Brodie Lee role as the Exalted One in the Dark Order. To get the conversation back to non-heathens, as much as it would be cool to see New Japan guys in AEW rings, New Japan badly needs some AEW starpower to top off their big shows, especially since everything remains so stale there and they are afraid to push anyone new in the main event unless absolutely necessary (even the Shingo push may not have happened if guys like Naito and Okada weren't so banged up at the time). It is probably too late for AEW guys to get on the Wrestle Kingdom cards (Even though I'm having a horrible time imagining how they are going to create three nights of quality wrestling for that).
  5. I'd go Naito, Okada, Shingo, Ibushi, and ZSJ (would have had Suzuki on that list originally, and super happy to have seen his AEW debut in person). Unlike many others, I would be cool with Ospreay, but would guess that the majority of fans may not be.
  6. Yes, he is married to the Bellas' mom. I'd love to hear the wrestling discussions between Bryan and Ace, cause their visions of wrestling are diametrically opposite of each other.
  7. I still have Young Bucks-Lucha Brothers All Out match as the #1 match in 2021, and the one I would go beyond five stars for. I could easily argue that Danielson's three big matches (Omega, Suzuki, Kingston) are 2-4, but I think that the tag match is bit more memorable long-term.
  8. Really fun show on the whole, and the main event is everything I love about professional wrestling all wrapped up into one match (zaniness with the costumes, great action in the ring, and advancing a years long story with Hangman outsmarting the Elite). After not seeing Hangman win the title in person at All Out, had to make the trip to the Twin Cities to see what will be AEW's finest moment in its history.
  9. If you really want something resembling an Orton type big match wrestler, just bring Okada over full-time to lend gravitas to the main event scene (not that it needs it in all honestly). While I'll admit to Okada to being a bit stale in New Japan now (kind of emblematic of the New Japan product as whole), he'd still be way over for the AEW audience and cool to have him over here for a couple of years.
  10. Cody's current character has become terribly stale, and he really needs a character refresh at this point. However, he was really good for most of the first-year plus in AEW, and you have to balance the rough 2021 with the mostly excellent 2019 and 2020. Also, despite what the self-proclaimed millionaire protests, Malakai Black is fine long-term in AEW and still plenty over with the crowd. I'm interesting to see how a partnership with Andrade works, but think that be in the semi-main event/main event picture for awhile.
  11. The Inner Circle formed on the first Dynamite back in 2019, and were pretty closely aligned up until the summer (when Sammy became part of the story with his real-life friend Fuego del Sol and Miro, and Santana and Ortiz did their own thing for a month or so in the tag division). Jericho started winning ring jackets with spikes on them during his New Japan run, and also used the spike to stab Moxley in his eye during their AEW title feud in 2019-2020.
  12. I'd go one further, and have a six man with Punk/Sting/Darby against MJF/Wardlow/Spears (with Spears naturally eating the pinfall/submission). And tonight still confirmed to me that even if in a company that now has Danielson and Punk, Hangman is the biggest star in the company. He's really good at blending some old school and new school style elements in the ring, and his current character is as relatable to 2021 wrestling fans as Austin was to late 90's fans.
  13. While AEW has been very by the book with results, it actually wouldn't stun me if Dark Order won this one (revenge for the elimination match, and positive momentum for Hangman, possibly with Hangman thwarting Super Elite interference).
  14. I love Suzuki and seeing him live was an all-time wrestling highlight. That said, he's 53 and not exactly at the top of New Japan cards these days either (and has been out of 2 of last 3 G1's), so I wouldn't expect him to be beating top AEW names either. It's smart to capitalize on his positive name value here, but I do not expect him to be challenging for any titles in AEW in 2021 (now if AEW existed five years ago, it would be a different story).
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