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  1. I'm definitely in the minority here, but I have enjoyed most of the Bucks/Kenny story, but I'm also a regular BTE viewer and am invested in their characters from that. Now, I would argue that the Bucks should have gone full heel on the New Years show this year for maximum impact, but the story of being torn between their friend acting like an asshole and being the good guys in the company makes sense in real-life (where things are rarely black and white). Also, this feels like a rare case where the board here and the live AEW audience have strong differences in opinion, as the live audience wa
  2. A Hangman vs. Miro number one contenders match at Double or Nothing makes a lot of sense, especially since they are building towards a lot of multi-man matches (Inner Circle vs. Pinnacle, Mox/Kingston/Bucks? vs. Omega/Good Brothers, Hardy Family vs. Dark Order, Nightmare Family vs. QT's Turncoats). In fact, you can build a unique but exciting PPV with that as the sole singles matches, though I'd guess that they run Omega vs. Christian also for the title.
  3. While I've very much enjoyed basically everything that AEW has done (and credit for doing so much good stuff this past year given the circumstances), I'd maintain that AEW's best run was the 2020 New Years show until the start of this damn pandemic last March. Hangman was on ridiculous fire and fledgling team with Omega was taking off, the build to Cody-MJF, the amazing Atlanta Dynamite with Cody-Wardlow cage match and Page/Kenny versus Lucha Brothers, the great Kenny-Pac ironman match, and the Inner Circle as an awesome heel faction (and build to Mox-Jericho). Revolution 2020 is still their b
  4. I think this is terribly overdramatic, but again I am the rare person that was meh about the main event stipulation to begin with and was not buying the show just for something crazy in that match or post-match. Honestly, stuff like Bucks-Jericho/MJF is more my jam, and the street fight fills my ration of something different (plus, I've been a Sting guy since the 90's). Omega and Mox were the right guys for the main event, but honestly would have preferred something like the three stages of hell for a dramatic gimmick match. Now, the actual ending of the match can fairly be called out, as this
  5. I honestly think that Christian was one of WWE's biggest missed opportunities to make a main event level star, as he was over at that level in 2005, during his return in 2009, and in 2011 (even if everything felt misguided after his very popular title win.) Now, in 2021 at age 47, I'm not expecting a main event run, (though I'd be cool with a Dynamie main event title match against Kenny. I felt satisfied with Christian as the big reveal (and so did the live crowd.
  6. For me, I'd guess it's the combination of not being a huge death match guy, and also not a fan of action movies and big explosions to begin with. Good news is that AEW is most likely done with both for a long awhile now.
  7. I can see not loving the finish with the interference, as Omega does not come out looking real strong after that. If you want to re-write that, have Moxley make a mistake due to his emotions, and Kenny outsmart his for a win. Outside interference between seems like the fad these days in both AEW and New Japan (at least with the biggest heels), and would agree that it should be limited to say managers maybe once a twice or night (and more like the Tully level once or twice a match, and not the Dick Togo level where it may as well be a handicap match).
  8. I actually don't care that much about the ending, though it obviously didn't look great. A lot of that is I had no huge desire to see an exploding ring after the match (kayfabe or not), hence my solution being avoiding it altogether through Eddie turning off the alarm. I expect there to be an outsize reaction for the ending, cause that's what happens in world these days, but also everyone's short attention spans will forget about it soon enough anyway. Also, I do find it interesting that a lot of the people complaining about the exploding ring fizzing out were the same people that had an aneur
  9. I was good with most of the show, though admit that the ladder match fell flat (AEW had an awesome one at first All Out with Lucha Brothers and Young Bucks, but no luck with them since). Definitely time for Cody to take a few months off to heal and do the parenting stuff, and then return as a heel as the crowd turned on him tonight. Loved the street fight, and unlike ladder matches, AEW has nailed all of these cinematic matches so far. Very happy with Christian signing, as I've always been a huge fan and think that he'll still be able to go. Do not mind some color when warranted, but otherwise
  10. I don't think his deal is up yet, but I'd love if Hall of Famer they are referring to is Shinsuke Nakumara. American wrestling fans that have not watched New Japan deserve to see a legitimate legend treated a whole lot better in America.
  11. I actually disagree with that, with the caveat that they have WCW/TNT ties like Sting and Paul Wight, but I'll admit part of that is the old WCW fan in me that is thrilled to have a major company not named WWE carry on the legacy of WCW/JCP. I'd happily make an exception for Christian, as he's super underrated and never gotten the proper respect from WWE in my eyes (and while I didn't watch much of his TNA run, I'd argue that he's one of a few former WWE guys that bolstered their legacy with that company). As long as his head/neck is good to go, I think he could be very useful in the ring (he
  12. Last night was an exclamation point of an outstanding month of programming heading into Revolution, and the pay per view has gone from routing viewing (just cause AEW rarely misses on PPV) to must buy with a ton of interesting matches. The Shaq/Jade vs. Cody/Red Velvet match strongly delivered, and I would be down for a Cody-Shaq singles match down the road. I have been higher then most here it seems on Team Taz-Sting/Darby angle, but seeing Sting in action and looking great for his age has definitely increased the excitement factor in my eyes. Also, glad to see Ricky Starks get some individua
  13. Hangman's run in the 2018 G1 cemented me on his bandwagon (though the Jay White match that March was also awesome, even with no real face/heel dynamic), so I'd love to see him come back to the G1 (though I'd probably get mad when he would have a similar run as Moxley in 2019, getting off to a huge start but fading late since he'd never be booked to win or get to the Finals).
  14. For Hangman, I really wonder if the plan was for him to feud with and face Brodie at Revolution, hence the original Dark Order interactions after Full Gear. Now, I would have just ridden with Hangman joining the Dark Order as Plan B, especially since they had transitioned them to face already before Hangman turned them down. I do not think there's anything real damaging to his long-term prospects as a top guy, but they will have to heat him up some before the eventual Kenny challenge.
  15. To add to that, they were putting over Jungle Boy's new submission finisher on commentary the entire match, so it should have been the finish here. This is the type of simple thing that AEW is really good at, and think this will be a big piece in pushing Jungle Boy further up the card. Also agree that he will likely be AEW's breakout star in 2021, and AEW should keep him and that he'd be foolish to leave (that's the case for most everyone on AEW's roster, but especially someone like Jungle Boy that is super over in his current circumstance and WWE not exactly having a great blueprint on using
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