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  1. Yet Sting said on JR's podcast that was never the original plan. Now, knowing how WCW operated, the plan was likely to convince Hulk at all costs and Sting was probably the hair brained, last second alternative. Hogan turned out to be an awesome third man (before everything NWO became stale), but I would love to dream of a reality where either Shawn or Bret were the third man.
  2. In hindsight, the wheels were falling off well before the beginning of 1999, even if the numbers were yet to show it. Now, you could argue that if they moved deserving young guys like Jericho, Eddie, Benoit, and Rey among others up the crowd and slowly cycled away from the high-priced but past their prime vets, it could have changed momentum in time. Also, if Goldberg had to lose and drop the belt, it should have been DDP or maybe Sting winning and not Nash. To open another can of worms, I actually disagree with the universally held opinion among industry members that no one will ever challenge the WWE again. I generally defend the WWE and still enjoy their product far more then most around here (primarily due to good ring work and characters I personally enjoy), but also believe there to be enough differences to exploit to make a legitimate second mainstream company. Now, this company cannot be WWE-lite like TNA has been for most of their existence, and must focus on areas the WWE has not/likely will not focus on (cruiserweights, tag teams, mature storylines). Also, while I feel that a HHH led WWE will recruit a more diverse looking roster, there are still many talented wrestlers that will not get a real chance there for whatever reason.
  3. The same night that Foley wins, you had the finger poke of doom with Hogan/Nash. That was indeed game, set, match (though the final blow for me was Benoit, Eddie, Dean, and Saturn leaving).
  4. I am very much looking forward to Brock-Cena, and believe that is the best possible current match-up (Ambrose is off doing a movie, Bryan is injured, and Punk is on a sabbatical). I would be disappointed in Brock losing, just because he should be champ going into Mania. Cena can certainly afford another loss, and I expect Brock to go over.
  5. Beautifully said. I certainly have my opinions on who should be pushed more/less and believe that wins and losses should matter, but still it seems like most internet fans (and even many here) look for ways to suck the joy out of wrestling.
  6. The same site that has arguably the best basketball (Zach Lowe), football (Bill Barnwell), and hockey (Sean McIndoe) writers going today. I am as anti-ESPN as anyone, but Grantland has tons of excellent writing on many different subjects.
  7. Definitely agree that Reigns is a promising future star that is climbing the ladder in nice order, Also, I gasp am enjoying the ongoing Reigns-Orton feud. This is the best Orton has looked in a year, and a good first major feud for Reigns as a singles star. Not sure if he will a generational type star, but he should be a major figure for the next bunch of years,
  8. Finally ending the Black Scorpion saga at Starrcade 1990. Cluttered show with so many matches, but Luger-Hansen, Horsemen-Doom street fight, and Steiners-Muta/Saito are all really solid. Give Flair credit for getting away from his usual formula, but a hot St. Louis crowd did not give two shits about the match or the goofy ass angle. Instead of the stupid Black Scorpion angle, you could have easily kept the Horsemen-Sting feud going until Starrcade and had Flair as himself against Sting in the cage. The only thing the Black Scorpion's black magic did was wipe away Sting's credibility as a top draw (which honestly was never fully recovered until Crow Sting, though Sting had many good angles and matches from 1990-1997).
  9. Just watched Halloween Havoc '90 last night, and it was actually much better then I remember it being, The only bad/mediocre match was Freebirds-Renegade Warriors, which should have been about 10 minutes shorter (and that time given to Luger/Hansen). Still love the Steiners/Nasty Boys feud, as it is the best of two teams not giving a damn about each other and just throwing guys around recklessly. I would normally be pissed about the show being the edited home video version, but they are definitely doing a fans on favor on this one. The main matches are all aired in full, and the clipped matches all suck from past memory of the show (though you do miss the crowd chanting Rooster at poor Terry Taylor).
  10. I would like to note that ecchire does not speak for most Chicagoans here and every city has its group of idiots and Scott Keith followers.
  11. The Network is a moderate gamble with some short term pain, but long term is brilliant given the current TV climate and the misperception of wrestling among TV executives. I believe that the WWE will always have some television home, but it is wise to not be fully tied to TV with the issues with wrestling on TV and the rising cable costs/growing cable monopolies and eventual mass migration from cable in the next 10-20 years.
  12. Glad that the WWE is all-in on the Network investment, as it will eventually pay off big for them. Sucks that mostly uncontrollable circumstances have temporarily hindered its growth, but this will eventually be a blip on the radar of its success. Also sucks that many workers will lose jobs (at least in the short term), but it is worth cutting whatever costs necessary for the long term growth of the Network and subsequently the company.
  13. Hard to argue with the Bret and Flair mentions, and they remain two of my personal favorites. After that, it is time to travel to early 90's WCW with Sting, Lex Luger, and The Steiner Brothers. Loved the Steiners throwing guys around and being presented as unstoppable forces. Love Luger because he was so much better then most give him credit for, and just came off as a huge star. And Sting is the rightful franchise of WCW, and damn good in the ring when motivated and not stuck in pointless feuds.
  14. If all he ever did was the kaufman stuff that would be enough, and there is hellava lot more than that. . . And while I enjoyed the Kaufmann feud, I prefer the Dundee, Dutch, and Austin Idol/Tommy Rich feuds all to that, not to mention the Terry Funk empty arena match.
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