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  1. AEW is a big enough company now that it's probably not the total utopia it was at its formation in 2019, but it's still a very fun locker room on the whole with much more depth up and down the card (while retaining a solid focus of focusing on showcasing home grown guys to go with the other experienced talent). However, that is not nearly as exciting as wanting violence and to troll from that.
  2. Yeah, I would not go the full five for that match, but probably 4 1/2 or 4 3/4 stars, and it's the second best women's match in AEW history behind the Rosa/Britt Lights Out match (though the Britt/Statlander match at All Out 2021 is not too far off either, and Deeb/Riho at the Double or Nothing Buy In was a shitload of fun also).
  3. While not around for the 80's era of wrestling live, thanks to the power of VHS, the 80's sets here, the Network, and Youtube, I've seen a lot of 1980's wrestling (unfortunately did not get Portland set though). I have previously compared the Bucks to a modern version of the Midnight Express, they kind of an amologation of the MX (Lane/Eaton version), Rock and Roll Express, and the Rockers. Them and FTR are two of my favorite teams this century, and helped revive tag team wrestling as a top of the card act and integretal part of a company.
  4. I'll go Meltzer here with Omega/Okada at Dominion 2017 with the draw, and then the 2 out of 3 falls match the following Dominion that went 60+.
  5. Agree that Hangman/Danielson II not getting five stars is not Meltzer's best work and 4+ stars for Lucha Brothers-JE is way too generous (overall thought that match was decent and ultimately served its purpose of cementing Jungle Boy/JE as title worthy, but something like 3 1/2 stars). However, I loved the six man tag from Full Gear 2021 and have no issue giving that five stars (but I love crazy spotfests as long as there is a hair of cohesion).
  6. I think that Hangman-Danielson II finally knocks the Hangman/Omega-Young Bucks match from Revolution 2020 off of the top spot for me, and definitely have that ahead of Omega-Danielson (have a few others ahead of it also, mostly likely including Hangman-Danielson I). Hangman-Danielson II felt like it combined the technical brilliance of Flair-Steamboat with the violence of the Flair-Funk matches.
  7. I think that Hangman wins before it goes to the judges (somewhere in the 30-45 minute range), and we see another Wrestle War '89 angle with one of the judges attacking him to set up the next program (Moxley would be awesome if he's able able to return).
  8. Agree with most of this, but I can emphathasize with TK some on this. He never should have responded in kind like that, especially in such a public forum. That being said, a former college roommate introduced me to the ten times worse concept that I probably ascribe to too much. If someone wrongs you, you try to get them back ten times worse. I certainly have been not been missing Swole from Dynamite and later Rampage, and there a ton of more talented women on the roster that deserved to be featured on the main shows. I did not bat an eye when her contract expired and was not renewed. Not a smart business responses by TK and he should have taken the high road (Especially as such a front facing owner of the company), but also will not lose sleep over it and not stop plenty of discretionary income on AEW products/watching all of the main TV/BTE and some of the other programs).
  9. I was enjoying the Hook memes for what they were, but no lie, that kid is a fucking star. A little surprised that FTR did not win the titles here, but do not mind the Lucha Brothers holding on, as I want to see them have a couple of more bangers before dropping the belts (and glad that the last two FTR matches have been much better, and really looking forward to the match against Jurassic Express that they are builiding).
  10. (Ducks) I would actually welcome AEW signing Johnny Gargano. Again, I stopped watching NXT during the summer of 2019, but I really enjoyed his run from 2016 until I stopped watching, with the DIY team and then feud with Ciampa (though I will agree that the matches got progressively worse as the feud went on, but still all pretty good), brief heel run at the end of 2018, and the title win over Adam Cole at Mania Takeover in 2019 as a face again. Not quite sure where on the card I would slot him (definitely would bring him in as a face), but I would make room for him somewhere. Of course, as a big fan of NXT from the end of 2014 till the summer of 2019, I'd sign most all of the top guys from that roster if available (Baron Corbin the lone exception).
  11. He's also 39 years old with a lot of mileage on his bump card. It would have been awesome if AEW was around when Jack Evans was in his prime, and I've generally enjoyed TH2 as a team, but I am also not losing sleep if AEW moves in from him or some of the others mentioned here (though I think they should keep Sonny Kiss). In general, I think that that AEW has been fair about featuring the original and homegrown stars that have gotten over (Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy, John Silver/Dark Order) and that the cream has risen to the top and the others have faded in the background. Also, it is good to regularly cycle wresters in and out of the company to keep things fresh, and I think that AEW has been great this year about adding to all levels of the card/company (Punk/Bryan/Cole as top of the card guys, Bobby Fish and Jay Lethal in the mid card, and then guys like 2.0 and likely Nese as lower card guys).
  12. No, I am not officially sponsored by BTE, though I am a huge fan of both the show and the wrestlers (as these following responses indicate): Wrestler of the Year: Kenny Omega, though Danielson was in fact real close. In a weird way, Danielson's "match quality" suffering a bit during his impromptu heel run may actually hurt him here, just cause he needed a bit more quality to overcome Omega's quantity of strong big match performances. While the exploding barbed wire finish was a cluster finish I hated (and honestly don't care too much about failed shenanigans afterward), the rest of Omega's title matches ranged from very good (Christian at All Out, Jungle Boy on Dynamite, Impact Title against Christian to kick off Rampage) to MOTYC (Rey Fenix on early 2021 Dynamite, triple threat at Double or Nothing that was awesome despite finish likely not being in doubt, Hangman loss at Full Gear). Add that to his awesome performances in multi-man matches (the ten man elimination against Dark Order in July and the Halloween night Dark Order match when Hangman cements that the tide has turned against Elite), and he edges Danielson despite BD's ridiculous run since All Out. Tag Team of the Year: The Young Bucks, who were the most consistent among the biggest teams in AEW (Lucha Brothers, FTR, Jurassic Express, Santana and Ortiz) along with having high end matches throughout the year (favorites being the title defense against Pac and Fenix and the title loss to the Lucha Brothers that I will highlight later). While the ultimate heel turn should have happened on the New Year's edition for maximum match (instead of teasing it for another three months before finally following through), the Bucks quickly made up for last time with their amazing asshole behavior and doing a good job of mixing skill and chicanery (for me, the best heels are the ones that do not need cheat to win because they are plenty skilled without it, but still cheat anyway because it's the easy way out). After losing the titles, they have a ton of fun multi-man matches after Adam Cole joined, and I personally loved the falls count anywhere match at Full Gear. Not a coincide that so many of the highest end AEW matches have involved the Young Bucks, and they now have my 2020 and 2021 matches of the year in AEW (Revolution 2020 against Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, All Out 2021 against Lucha Brothers). Match of the Year: Young Bucks vs. Lucha Brothers, Tag Team Title Cage Match, All Out 2021): A great story, in that it pitted the Bucks against Lucha Brothers with the correct face/heel alignment after their earlier AEW rivalry, plus the cage was a smart addition since the Bucks had become overly reliant on outside interference in their summer tag title defenses. The match featured all of the crazy high spots that I love with modern wrestling, an extreme level of violence that worked with the Bucks's spiked shoe, and many near falls with an outcome that truly felt in doubt most of the way. Old school fans may disagree some, but I think this will truly be the most remembered AEW match from 2021 and will be one of their canonical matches throughout AEW's existence. Card of the Year: Full Gear 2021, as it slightly edged out All Out thanks to its insane match quality. All Out was arguably more memorable, probably wins in you interpret this category as most entertaining card of the year (though Full Gear wasn't far behind that either). I am going with Full Gear because of the match quality, as there was insane matches at the start of the card, middle of the card, end of the card, and a couple other damn good ones sprinkled in between. Double or Nothing was also a shitload of fun with fans back and the smart end to Stadium Stampede, and I expect that Revolution 2022 will continue the strong string of pay per views that AEW has going (and I'm almost disappointed that I likely will end my live attendance streak at 2). Women's Wrestler of the Year: DMD, by a healthy margin, though Serena Deeb was awesome throughout the year when healthy Thunder Rosa should be next women's champion, and Hikaru Shida was awesome in the Deeb matches and TBS Tournament Quarterfinal match against Nyla Rose. Dr. Britt Baker is one of the top stars in the company period, and anxiously await her matches with Thunder Rosa and a likely turncoat Jamie Hayter in 2022. Best Promos: I am actually giving this one to Bryan Danielson, as he has effortlessly transitioned into his asshole heel character so shortly after his debut (and likely having to do so earlier then expected with Moxley's situation). While Hangman is naturally very likeable and no one sensible wants to see him lose early on, it has still been genius work by Danielson to be such a great first foil, and anxiously await the title match at Winter is Coming. Moment of the Year: Tie between Punk's debut in Chicago and Hangman winning the title at Full Gear.
  13. Those were the 2021 dates. They moved Revolution to a Sunday because of big boxing and UFC events the Saturdays the two weekends around the event. I think that it may move back to Saturday next year (though Double or Nothing and All Out will stay on Sundays during Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends respectively). Edit: Just saw the rumor that Revolution 2022 will also be on first Sunday of March next year in Orlando (a bit of an odd choice for the city, but they unfortunately cannot all be in the Midwest).
  14. Really liked the trios match live, but I am a personally a big fan of the over the top AEW matches. Not quite sure if I would go the full five stars for it, but it would give it at least 4 1/2 or 4 3/4. I actually could not see Bucks' reactions in the main event live, but that added to the story for me (again though, I have been a consistent BTE viewer for most of the Bucks time in AEW). I could hear an argument for the MJF/Darby opener, trios match, Punk/Kingston, and the main event being the best match on the crowd, but ultimately slightly prefer the main because of the awesome conclusion to the story. Full Gear uniquely felt like both the beginning and end of an era. It wrapped up the Hangman/Kenny stories, MJF winning the battle of the young top guns (and looking like a serious, upper card worker), and The Elite finally getting their comeuppance for the last year's worth of shenanigans. However, it was also the first PPV with the new, deep roster where every match was really good (three stars or above), with the depth of talent ensuring amazing match quality throughout the card. Interestingly enough, Adam Cole was actually the most popular guy live (at least for entrance pop) among the three big recent additions, and there is meat on the bone for both Punk and especially Danielson heel runs (the Miro/Danielson match wasn't a dud live by any means, but definitely not as hot as the previous four matches mentioned above).
  15. I'd guess that the Danielson-Hangman match will main event the Battle of the Belts event in early January.
  16. I had become a massive Marty Scurll fan in the couple of years before Speaking Out, and thought it really hurt both parties when he turned down AEW for ROH (though there was the BTE tease before Double or Nothing 2020 after that). Damn though did AEW dodge one on that, as he would have likely been in the Brodie Lee role as the Exalted One in the Dark Order. To get the conversation back to non-heathens, as much as it would be cool to see New Japan guys in AEW rings, New Japan badly needs some AEW starpower to top off their big shows, especially since everything remains so stale there and they are afraid to push anyone new in the main event unless absolutely necessary (even the Shingo push may not have happened if guys like Naito and Okada weren't so banged up at the time). It is probably too late for AEW guys to get on the Wrestle Kingdom cards (Even though I'm having a horrible time imagining how they are going to create three nights of quality wrestling for that).
  17. I'd go Naito, Okada, Shingo, Ibushi, and ZSJ (would have had Suzuki on that list originally, and super happy to have seen his AEW debut in person). Unlike many others, I would be cool with Ospreay, but would guess that the majority of fans may not be.
  18. Yes, he is married to the Bellas' mom. I'd love to hear the wrestling discussions between Bryan and Ace, cause their visions of wrestling are diametrically opposite of each other.
  19. I still have Young Bucks-Lucha Brothers All Out match as the #1 match in 2021, and the one I would go beyond five stars for. I could easily argue that Danielson's three big matches (Omega, Suzuki, Kingston) are 2-4, but I think that the tag match is bit more memorable long-term.
  20. Really fun show on the whole, and the main event is everything I love about professional wrestling all wrapped up into one match (zaniness with the costumes, great action in the ring, and advancing a years long story with Hangman outsmarting the Elite). After not seeing Hangman win the title in person at All Out, had to make the trip to the Twin Cities to see what will be AEW's finest moment in its history.
  21. If you really want something resembling an Orton type big match wrestler, just bring Okada over full-time to lend gravitas to the main event scene (not that it needs it in all honestly). While I'll admit to Okada to being a bit stale in New Japan now (kind of emblematic of the New Japan product as whole), he'd still be way over for the AEW audience and cool to have him over here for a couple of years.
  22. Cody's current character has become terribly stale, and he really needs a character refresh at this point. However, he was really good for most of the first-year plus in AEW, and you have to balance the rough 2021 with the mostly excellent 2019 and 2020. Also, despite what the self-proclaimed millionaire protests, Malakai Black is fine long-term in AEW and still plenty over with the crowd. I'm interesting to see how a partnership with Andrade works, but think that be in the semi-main event/main event picture for awhile.
  23. The Inner Circle formed on the first Dynamite back in 2019, and were pretty closely aligned up until the summer (when Sammy became part of the story with his real-life friend Fuego del Sol and Miro, and Santana and Ortiz did their own thing for a month or so in the tag division). Jericho started winning ring jackets with spikes on them during his New Japan run, and also used the spike to stab Moxley in his eye during their AEW title feud in 2019-2020.
  24. I'd go one further, and have a six man with Punk/Sting/Darby against MJF/Wardlow/Spears (with Spears naturally eating the pinfall/submission). And tonight still confirmed to me that even if in a company that now has Danielson and Punk, Hangman is the biggest star in the company. He's really good at blending some old school and new school style elements in the ring, and his current character is as relatable to 2021 wrestling fans as Austin was to late 90's fans.
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