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  1. His Doctor Who holiday episode was excellent as well.
  2. 1. Smith 2. Tennant 3. Baker 4. Capaldi 5. Pertwee
  3. At least she didn't have to constantly adjust her costume to keep her covered. Poor Saori Anou couldn't say the same.
  4. Veer Mahaan is now going from WWE. Not yet, at least.
  5. For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God's glorious standard. Romans Rippa 3:23
  6. They were initially gonna be regimmicked when Maxine joined Alpha Academy.
  7. Quincy Elliot is a transphobic POS. Good riddance.
  8. Mark Henry claimed Tegan Nox has been released on Busted Open Radio.
  9. At this point, even though she already has a title shot, I'd say to have Tora win. Also, Sukeban (the joshi fed premiering in NY tonight) is going to be broadcast on Tiktok.
  10. I would think AEW has to go after Dolph.
  11. Utami Hayashishita is hurt. She forfeited her 5* match to MIRAI and her matches with Hanan and Giulia are in doubt.
  12. Bart Sawyer was Roddy Piper's valet/sidekick, wasn't he?
  13. his pre-WWE name was "Heavy Metal Jesus" Logan Shulo.
  14. Elias seemed inevitable since they appeared to have pulled his theme offline.
  15. According to SRS, It's just an individual cut, not part of mass cuts. EDIT: This aged poorly.
  16. So far I've only seen the multiwoman promo to set up next week's match, but I'm excited to see that.
  17. This wasn't even a pit. This was the entire floor crowd trying to squeeze themselves into one person.
  18. Hanan trying to emulate Mariah, but instead going full Natsu Sumire with a bronco buster sure was something. At least 3 teams were made for the tag league.
  19. I went to a show 20some years ago, with Andrew WK as the semi-main act and Flogging Molly at the top of the bill. During AWK, there were moshers, but it was easy to stay out of it. During Flogging Molly, I was almost crushed in the crowd during a ballad.
  20. Speaking of Asukas, the other ASUKA has wrestled her last match under that name and will be VENY full time.
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