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  1. I'm not dense and got no message from the film. I only brought it up because of researching after watching Cabin. If they were trying to convey a message they failed. The thing I disliked the most about Cabin was the fact I figured the plot in 20 minutes, thereby losing any suspense concerning the "slasher" aspect of the film. Can anyone point me in the direction of a "torture porn" film? I hate the term so much I may start using TP instead. Don't make me break out the TP. I know what wikipedia says, but I don't like it much. The films of Lucio Fulci could be described as TP (HA!) using the
  2. Because in my experience, that's not something most people pick up on. I had to think about it for quite a bit myself.
  3. My favorite part of Cabin in the Woods was the zombie arm in the elevator. Seriously.
  4. I don't think horror is in Whedon's wheelhouse. Probably best he sticks to space opera/fantasy. I can totally see the college crowd getting into Cabin in a theatre.
  5. Phantom Offensive Pass Interference flag on the Raiders. I think that's about 5 flags on them in the first 6 minutes of the game.
  6. Watched a few flicks this weekend. Cabin in the Woods (2012) Heard lots of good about this movie. Kept waiting for it to hook me, but it never did. Sci-Fi movie wearing a horror disguise. Read some interviews with Goddard and Whedon where they talked about wanting to get away from the "torture porn" trend in current horror. I hate the term and the people that use the term, "torture porn". I did like the film, but a horror movie it was not. 6/10 The Innkeepers (2011) After Cabin in the Woods I was ready for something more traditional or substantial. What I got was a moderately paced ghost st
  7. I don't own either Halloween II Blu's, but from the research I've done I found the Universal Blu has Terror in the Aisles with some deleted scenes versus Scream Factory's version with Making of Doc, deleted scenes, commentaries, and the kicker, for me at least, the tv cut of the film. If I had the funds to splurge right now, I'd get the Scream Factory version, but I'm nostalgic for that TV cut.
  8. I was so hoping the boat with the veterans would start taking on water while they were turning in circles as Kat and Colton screeched at each other. What was up with Gervase's stamina? I though dude was going to have a heat stroke or something with the way he was having trouble out in the water. A little too soon to be calling the first tribal elimination a "blind-side" don't you think? There's really no one I like on either tribe, yet.
  9. Maybe tomorrow they'll take away the win from Carl Edwards for passing Menard before the line.
  10. If Toys R Us has a sale on GTA V like they did on Injustice I may have to take the plunge. This game looks ridiculous.
  11. Watched John Dies at the End on Netflix last night. Now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long, because I loved the film. Another win for Coscarelli. So, in the past month I have seen 2 newish movies, John Dies and Dredd, and liked them both.
  12. I give the Paranormal Activity movies credit for turning me from the silent guy who analyzes everything about a movie to the guy cursing at the top of his lungs because they didn't answer one goddamn question. And my personal favorite is the 3rd film. Sorry.
  13. Let us know what you think about both Arkham games. You might enjoy the Arkham thread here as well. I've intentionally avoided that thread for fear of spoilers. Really enjoy the gameplay, so far. Haven't had a chance to play much in the last week or so, but I plan to do some catching up this weekend.
  14. A friend on my facebook feed actually posted that there are too many award shows for music anyway. For country music, maybe.
  15. Sad that I never got to see them live with Mr Lanier. R.I.P.
  16. May have to break down and get a headset for online... Never gave a damn about online play for the most part, but this looks way fun.
  17. Picked up Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3) a week back at the TRU 3/$30 sale. The gameplay is pretty fun and I can absolutely see why this was a big deal. I'm about halfway through and haven't had any major meltdowns, yet. First game in a LONG time that I haven't read the instruction manual at all. Glad it was easy to pick up. Of course solving Riddler's puzzles might have been easier if I had done that first. Also picked up Arkham City in the same deal, so I'll probably do them back to back if things go well. The other game I picked up in the deal was F1 2010. Haven't cracked that one open yet.
  18. I've always been able to hold off and get games later at a deal price, but this one is tempting.
  19. Either Fantastic 4. X-Men 3, Batman & Robin, Spider Man 3, Superman Returns, Origins; Wolverine, Ang Lee Hulk, ummm... In which country was this DVD released? I'm intrigued by this Eva Mandes.
  20. Is Rogan's show better than BullSh!t? I, too, have an allergic reaction to Joe, but if the show is good I'd give it a chance.
  21. In all seriousness, the Manning's should keep those hairstyles.
  22. Selig should hand in his resignation letter to show that he's serious about cleaning up the game. <CHARLESBARKLEYVOICE>Anything else is uncivilized.</CHARLESBARKLEYVOICE> But we all know that ain't going to happen.
  23. 1st & 2nd Place - Dumb Fuck Competition
  24. Man, I loved driving around Las Venturas on "The Dust". Good times... I swear there was one gang that I could never find to complete 100% with the gangs. It was probably a glitch, but 100% was impossible in the gang section of LS.
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