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  1. Hopefully getting Rush in ROH will force Delirious to book Pierroth for an extended period. It's the best of both worlds. He won't be in CMLL for a while and he'll probably end up getting a victory over both Young Bucks or something.
  2. OSJ, how was this? I loved his first two books, but I haven't picked this up yet.
  3. So this might be my favorite thing on the internet right now: http://dmatoso.com/manowar-lyrics-generator/
  4. It's nothing like that, because those hypothetical behavior changes weren't embarrassing for a publicly traded company. She consistently got too drunk at public appearances and company events. No matter what you think about the role kayfabe played in to it, many people at many jobs have been fired/asked to leave/not renewed/passed over for similar things at non wrestling companies.
  5. Just read it. The anime is all okay, but the manga is so much better.
  6. The Mark Henry segment was amazing. Me gushing over it got me blocked by someone on twitter. Win win.
  7. For people to really help, I think you'd need to share what the scoring system for your league is. Looking at your roster, it seems like you guys may use a less traditional format.
  8. I understand your point in general, and I think it's important to note the institutional factors at play. That being said, the vast majority of college students are capable of recreational drug use and binge drinking without the activity resulting in rape or sexual assault of any variety. When we make correlations between the youth culture of drinking and the epidemic of college rape, we are (perhaps unintentionally) obfuscating the issue.
  9. Spending too much time at the business factory to appear, I think.
  10. FTFY. Cody would have truly given his all in Tekno Team 2000.
  11. I don't see how Cody would have been more over in the 80s. He is mediocre in ring, and has never been able to generate a reaction, face or heel. At least if the Miz was around in the 80s, someone would've probably tried to stab him or beat him up in a bar or something.
  12. Man, if that's the case, your Bills probably should have gone after him. ; D
  13. I'm not going to go in on this list for not having people like Jim Breaks and Negro Casas on it, because we have to understand that we are all obsessives, and this list is clearly not for or by an obsessive. That being said, no matter the level of interest and fandom of the writer, this list is bizarre and inconsistent. What is he ranking things by? Clearly influence is something he values, because he ranks multiple people that have no available footage. If that's the case, then there is a ton to call in to question, because a lot of modern performers are on here in very odd spots. If he is ranking on in ring work, that's a whole other can of worms. I guess my point is that I expected this list to be terrible. I was hoping, at least, that I would get a terrible and ignorant opinion that was on some level cohesive. If that was what we got, great. That is fine. Instead, I spent time reading something that would be better described as "101 names of wrestlers that I have heard about".
  14. The Miz/Lawler match is probably a better match than any of the HHH cosplay that Rollins has done as champion. Miz is a better promo, and has actively gotten people over multiple times in his career, including people who were legitimately the worst people in the company (Riley, Sandow). In 2016, Miz has been a top 5 TV worker. Rollins is athletic and has had a bunch of great tag matches. I like the Neville match a lot, but if you asked me who was more likely to have a great 10 minute TV match right now, I think it's way closer than you want to admit.
  15. I think ZSJ's build is totally fine as long as his offense is built around joint manipulation and reversals. Look at his matches with Hero. He looks like he can hang because when he gets a hold of an arm or a leg, he can go from hold to hold super fast and make everything look painful. Things fall apart when he tries to hit uppercuts, which look they would do nothing to the average fan, let alone another rassler. Kendrick was great, and this tournament will be awesome as long as he is bullying people and cheating and generally wrestling as though he might not be able to eat if he loses. I don't have the bracket in front of me and this probably won't happen, but I would love for Kendrick to heel his way until he meets up with Gulak, who is just a better, younger, bigger asshole.
  16. Eva Marie missed her calling in wrestling, which is as one of the edecanes in CMLL. Her dead eyes would fit right in as she pretends to have a good time dancing with Zacharias on a random Puebla show. I assume the world title feud will be over which is more business exposing: Ziggler's promo work or Ambrose's offense.
  17. During his time in Cleveland, he punched Kyrie Irving in the face during practice and then went to local reporters and complained that Irving and Thompson were playing "buddy ball" and not passing him the ball. He is an insane child. Despite all of that, I love Dion. Basketball needs guys like him who think they are the best player on the team no matter what. I'm sure he thinks that he is going to Miami to be the heir apparent to Wade, score 26 a game, and get a huge contract next year.
  18. Part of me thinks that now that Charlotte had a long enough reign to get her over as dominant, they think the real money is in her winning it 16 times and having a tearful reunion with daddy. If they want to do that, she's gonna lose a whole bunch because the diva shelf life isn't the greatest.
  19. One of the all time great posts on this board was during one of the drafts a few years ago when someone (I can't remember who) wrote "I expected Smackdown to get raped, but I didn't expect it to get AIDS". I thought about that line a lot tonight. On the bright side, as someone who watches Raw and probably won't always watch Smackdown, pretty psyched I don't have to watch Ambrose or Ziggler for at least a few weeks until they panic after Summerslam.
  20. If anyone is interested, here is a gofundme for Erik Petersen's funeral expenses: https://www.gofundme.com/mischiefbrewfund
  21. With PIX Fest this upcoming weekend, I'm really going to love seeing a group of people that all loved and respected Erik's work come together and be together. I'm sure many Mischief Brew songs will be sung around the campfire.
  22. Erik Petersen died yesterday. He was a large presence in the folk punk community and the overall Philly punk community. A great guy. His death is beyond sad for me.
  23. I agree, although I think it's important to note that even if Duncan had the same exact career but no rings, he would still be better than Malone, so I dismissed it for the sake of disagreeing with Kuetsar on general principal. I guess I should note that I feel like rings are often thrown out there as though nothing else matters, which is silly.
  24. The problem was that it was completely unnecessary to acknowledge his Jewish heritage. I also think context and stereotypes are important here. Her comments, even if she had used the word "Jewish" instead of "Jew", were clearly meant to be derisive. Also, we should take in to account that the pervading stereotypes surrounding Jews center around them being furtive and dishonest, especially when it pertains to economic or financial matters. Obviously we can argue intent until the cows come home, but I read the tweet and I sure think it essentially boils down to her saying "lol jews gonna jew amirite". I'm not prepared to call Miko Grimes an anti-Semite, but I think her comment is at best ignorant and inconsiderate. It's the kind of casual anti-Semitism that gets accepted every day and is significantly frustrating, because those who say things like this don't view it as harmful.
  25. Malone played essentially his entire career with the best PG of that generation. Duncan has played with great players throughout his career, but not a generational talent. If you only include years they played with Tim Duncan, Stockton has more All NBA teams made than Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Kawhi Leonard and David Robinson combined. Also, not for nothing, but Malone's stats got worse in the playoffs, while Duncan's got better. We can ignore ringz~!, but we probably shouldn't ignore Duncan winning a bunch of championships by going super saiyan (24/17/5/5 in the 2003 Finals? Frankly, that's probably better than Lebron this year, which is insane) while Malone routinely got faded.
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