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  1. I'm using keyboard, so what would the bumper button be? Also, when you say move in the direction of the apron, should I be pushing Up if i'm down by the WWE style commentor tables? Or Diagonal up? If that makes sense?
  2. How in the world do I grab a weapon from under the ring? Everything attempt I try with what I assume is the right buttons doesn't work. Also... how do I drag dudes? I have these SAME issues with Fire Pro Returns.... Ugh..
  3. Gargano pushing Ciammpa out of the way to take the ladder is even better now since Ciammpa turned. And my god, did he take that ladder. It was mentioned here, but if Ciammpa is hurt, it would be perfect to build their first contact as way down the line. Have Gargano maybe go on a tear, or just always get screwed over by some sort of CIammpa interferance and finally in Brooklyn have it out. Or maybe further along since NXT can run long angles. Or, maybe have Ciammpa step up his game and chase Roode (if he isn't hurt) or Drew, since he's probably next in line, and do EVERYTHING he can to avoid Gargano. I don't think those two need a belt to have a great fued though. Roddy is fantastic. Keep pushing him, please. Tampa!!! Pete Dunne is a star. He just looks like a punk who is gonna try and be a dick in the bar and then actually back it up, even if he is short-ish. His whole look is just so great. I would have liked if he came out with the Progress belt like on the special, but oh well.
  4. I'm sorry if this makes me look stupid... But was Orton agreeing with Rip Rogers? I seriously can't tell, even with his longer tweet about drawing better crowds on the Europe tour.
  5. CWF is about an hour and half from where I live. I need to get to their live shows when I return home. Was hoping that was the "real" Chuck Taylor... Oh well.
  6. I understand what you're saying, but Black had to agree to DO that to the dude, right? Ugh... No point in a spot like that... Did they keep going after this?
  7. Jesus... That was a planned spot? Why would you take that? Oh yeah, this guy head butts ring posts.
  8. Janella's Spring break is.... something. Veda Scott got kicked in the face like crazy (and she kinda sucks). Excalibur is killing it on the commentary... Invisible man just entered the ring. And... yeah, he's invisible. And now we have Evil Dink... (I think everyone forgot about the Invisible Man)
  9. Does anyone have any idea if WWE has made their shirts any better? I have a CM PUNK shirt and its like cardboard. I really want that South Paw Shirt but i'm not sure if it will fit or be comfortable.
  10. Haven't caught it yet. What was the context of the look...
  11. Oh, well that was just great. Legitimate laughs, everyone played their role so well. I REALLY hope they do more.
  12. Only watched one so far, but I think they've nailed it with the length. Cena is hitting it out of the park and his broadcast partner, Fandango is amazing. I NEED A SOUTH PAW SHIRT! I hope they sell them.
  13. I'm assuming it's going to be more "skitz" and weird promos. I only recognized 3 wrestlers (Cena, Machine Gun and Rusev, who looked fantastic), did anyone recognize others/ Also, when I saw the lizard guy I thought they signed the Thunder Frog from Chikara... then went off and thought about Chikara with WWE money... Amazing.
  14. Came here to talk about that! From the "trailer" i'm excited. If this is another one of those things Vince and Dunn don't touch, i'm in.
  15. According to the movie, what was Ventura's role in Montreal?
  16. Whoa. Philly D is kinda big for youtube, but I didn't think I would ever see him shared here Wrestling bubble.
  17. Yes. This "hiring spree," or whatever the term was used by Meltz/Alvarez is clearly that. They are getting anyone and everyone, and will probably pay them to sit in NXT for a while. Wasn't Omega talking about this same problem? They are just grabbing dudes to keep them from everyone else? It would have been a cooler surprise after Nakamura puts down Roode to have KO come out.
  18. Glad he's back if he is making more money than he was on the Indies, and MAYBE we get some sort of KOW 2018 with Cesaro. I have never seen KO King Hero V. Joe, has that happened? If pushed correctly they have a ton of dudes that can put on some great matches with Nakamura if the plan is to still not move Nak up.
  19. For FIP, I am. I have not yet subscribed to the new streaming network they are on, but as someone who had friends in FIP and was attending there Ybor shows fairly regularly before I moved out of Tampa, I'm pretty excited to see what they do. Hopefully adults only doesn't mean ridiculous storylines, over-kill on blood and everyone yelling "fuck," during promos.
  20. Z, I'm in Stuttgart, Germany for the next 6 months. Any good wrestling around here?
  21. What Joshi promotion are those 2 GIFs above from? I've decided I need some Joshi in my life.
  22. Some good. Some bad. KO forever.... Forever.... Forever.... Forever..... Forever. Also. Let's move on from the Reigns hate. Dragon ain't coming back. (Match Should have been better)
  23. Outside of him doing anything insane Orton always seemed to me to be pretty protected. But yes, this i'm sure got him a ton of protection from the office and even if the boys in the back didn't like it, they probably respect him for letting Brock cleanly pound on him, even if Brock did let up after a few shots. I wouldn't be very surprised if Orton also got a bit of a pay out for it as well.
  24. Who could have thought having Brock shoot elbow Randy a few times would have ANY sort of consequences?
  25. I know the background. It was a joke based on people who said Cornette didn't see anything in Steen (he did) Or Sami (lose the mask) and Cornettes relationship with WWE. Also I did this --->
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