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  1. The extreme rules trios match was some dogshit. If you enjoyed the violence for violence sake, whatever, but even as a deathmatch match it was horrendous. Rey, Pango and a stage-handworking together to set up the fire spot was embarrassing. Hijo de Tirantes starting to count a pin fall even though Pagano didn't even have a hand on the opponent. The ref stopping counts himself bc guys were late to break it up. Texano no selling lighttubes. All that is just off he top of my head. Not to mention Striker being bored out of his head throughout and underselling the finish.
  2. Maybe he offered Bryan some constructive criticism. It's all very confusing. Maybe something to do with JR or Flair bringing something up Dave worte decades ago leading to an akward conversation Mania weekend. Maybe something about Todd Martin not being allowed to do his Observor retrospective segment anymore because of it. Or some beef with another contributor to the site he called a cunt...some talk of legal action. Maybe none of the above. It's all very confusing.
  3. I didn't fully understand that wrestling was completely fake until I was 11 years old in 1997. :\ Even before then, my brother and I would have our wrestling matches. Instead on doing splashes, and suplexes, and brawling, we would chain wrestle and work a body part. I think WWF 1996 is crimminaly underrated. I never liked studio wrestling shows. The ROH, heavy-workrate style is hard for me to get into.
  4. Have you missed that last year in WWE? Aggressive, stiff, strike-heavy matches are what the newer crop of guys are showing laying out. I've never seen much of KENTA, but his reputation precedes him. He's influenced a lot of guys and paid his dues--if its his dream, more power to him. Time to try to cash in...
  5. My god was tonight's special amazing. So shockingly genuine, brutally honest, and tremendously edited. The CM Punk doc was a great film, but this one is even better. It is shorter in length, but because there are so many more years of history, so much more never-before-seen footage, more interesting talking heads, and a much more dramatic story and ending--it is more interesting biographical piece. By the way, the admiration Warrior has for Savage, and the unexpected reverence he has for Sgt. Slaughter was great.
  6. Thursdays show is an all time great and I haven't even gotten to Paul yet. So many gems: Stone Cold vs PED-taking rats "Ima go out there and try to force a rat into a drug test, and that motherfucka is gonna start judo-flippin me all over like a rag doll in mah own barn." "If there's one thing that I can't stand, it's WHEN A GASSED UP RAT COMES OUT TO MY RANCH..." "If you find a gal with a belching beaver, don't go down on that beaver. Words of advice. Serious ramifications can be had"
  7. The "Biggest Blunders" episode of WWE Countdown showed for the first time footage of Vince and Lawler during the blackout at Beware of Dog 1. Previously, they have only shown Savio's entrance being cut off by the outage and some footage of him and Austin wrestling in a blacked ring. On this show, they had footage of ringside during downtime and audio of Vince communicating with Kevin Dunn.
  8. Probably added Los Matadores so Cesaro can finally do the big Giant Swing-to-the-outside spot on Torito that Bryan Alvarez has been clamoring for.
  9. Having avoided all of the NXT competitions because of the negative reviews online at the time, recently I went back and watched some clips of the first couple of seasons and my god was Kaitlyn fucking GREAT. Considering 95% of all other NXT contestants ever came off as hokey, fake, awkward, or irritating, Kaitlyn was a superstar. So much personality, charisma and genuine likeablity. Too bad that didn't carry over to the main show.
  10. When Batista went tweener last Monday, my first thought was that they were going to insert Punk into the match if he came back We'll, what do you know. According to Saturdays Observer Radio, Dave was told by a top star that Punk is back Monday. "100%". He will either go into the 3way or switch with Bryan. My guess he gets pacified by going into the Title match (in the main event slot) and Bryan stays with Hunter. ...or he can do a shooty angle with HHH and they give Bryan the title to close out the show.
  11. No, next week's Raw hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. The crowd will hijack it to chant for Mr. Kennedy............ ............Kennedy Milwaukee! I was under the impression that Mo was in pretty bad shape these days. Mable is heavier than Oscar and Mo and has been fatter, longer, but he somehow looks healthier than either of his teamates. Dafuk?!
  12. That Condrey rib is unbelievable. I didn't know who Phil Hickerson was so I Googled him: Now, I have a mental image I wish I didn't.
  13. Punk doesn't seem to have a type does he? Maria, AJ, Beadle, Lita, Tracy Brooks, Beth Phoenix... Meltzer is reporting that this was being passed around backstage at TLC: Yikes.
  14. Fantasy booking: Let's say they were looking to set up a Wargames match at Battleground, with everything having transpired the way it has until this very moment, who would you put in a 5-on-5 Wargames match? Orton/Shield/ - I don't think Triple H will, or should, be putting himself in a match until he faces Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. If that's the case, who would take his spot? Dustin/Cody/Bryan/Big Show/?? - Who would be the best addition for that team? Ziggler? At this point? People have mentioned Dusty, but there is no way WWE is putting old guys in the ring again, especially Big
  15. According to Dave Meltzer, they didnt change any of the original finishes for SummerSlam and are going ahead with all original plans, meaning the (or one of the) main events for WM30 is Bryan vs Triple H. I did not expect that. Bad news is Hunter has a ling track record of fucking devouring those who can't defend themselves verbally.The good news is that they plan on giving Bryan a huge Wrestlemania win.
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