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  1. I think what I was getting at was that, as a wrestler, is pretty useless at this point, and the money paid to her could have probably went to someone younger and less injured. I know she has name value but IMO it's not worth giving her a full-time contract. BTW, the fantasy booker in me really wants to see AEW try to do a PPV with Moxley/EC3 and draw a decent number with them, especially given how they were treated in Mox's farewell WWE program.
  2. I can't be the only one that thinks that Dream's glasses make him look like a total geek, can I?
  3. I like Ryder and I think he's adorable. I like watching his Youtube channel and he's just a giant, lovable dork, and I think he'd be a good babyface in AEW. I'm not saying he could be a main guy but a good, solid mid-card act or a tag team with Hawkins. Plus, he'd fit right in with BTE. Hell, if they can hire Cutler, Dr. fucking Luther, and Awesome Kong, why not Ryder and Hawkins, who might actually sell merch and be useful.
  4. It was another decent show with some fun squashes. The main was pretty solid but nothing crazy. What do you expect with Hager out there? JR shouldn't have been the only one calling it either. I liked the little prediction videos from MMA and wrestling guys. Britt was awesome, as usual. Jericho and Tony were leagues ahead of JR, in terms of enthusiasm for false finishes, near falls, etc. When JR is doing voiceover type stuff, he always seems like he is just going through the motions, moreso than usual. The other two non-squashes were pretty solid, as well, even though the Cabana/Archer match was nearly a squash anyways. Cabana had a little offense and a couple comebacks and that's it. Overall, again, it was pretty decent, nothing spectacular but nothing bad. Solid fun.
  5. I thought it was a better show than last week but it looked a little more minor league. Given the circumstances, it looked fine though. I haven't seen a lick of Lance Archer since his days in TNA and he has improved by miles. The guy looked like a superstar, especially destroying Stunt. He has good presence and that back tat looks way better too. The opener and main were pretty decent. Trent got the shit kicked out of him but he still looked good. Darby is a dick for losing the match because of his blunders and risk taking, and then blaming Cody by beating him up. I'm also kinda glad Spears got a win. They certainly had more than 10 people at one time in the show but whatever. The crowd atmosphere was great. Britt showing off her shoe before beating someone with it was great. Spears and Sammy betting was great. I even liked the Brodie vignette. Hell, even Hager looked good in his package with Moxley as he came across like a threat not a goof. And of course, the line of the night/year was "release the hounds." Jericho is truly the best ever. Also, Tony Schiavone is a fucking HOF level announcer, right up there with JR, Solie, etc.
  6. Is there a service with NOAH stuff attached to it? I decided to watch the Fujita/Shiozaki match and I liked it and kinda want to see some more.
  7. Where the hell do you find these old wrestling matches, Matt D?
  8. I don't know if this will get me looked down upon but Satin needs to shut up. If these guys weren't at ringside together, they'd be in the back together or at home together or wherever together. I definitely believe we are in a major, major situation but this is just whining, in my book. By his advice, wrestling shouldn't be happening period since that isn't social distancing.
  9. Honestly, I'm not worried about Matt in-ring. Jericho is nearly 5 years older and he has done fine, and he isn't wrestling like he did twenty years ago either. In a match like B&G, they can hide Hardy real well, and he won't come close to taking anything away from the match. For christ sake, Hager's in the match too, and he ain't exactly Bret Hart.
  10. Pretty decent show, given the circumstances. The big factor I got out of it was that it felt much more lively than the shit WWE has been putting on. RAW and SD felt soulless and lifeless, and this didn't. They kept the lights down and had the other wrestlers cheering which made it louder, and it was pretty suffice. If this is how they do it for a couple months, it won't feel too awkward. None of the matches were too amazing but they were all pretty solid. The debuts of Hardy and Lee were great but it would have been a LOT more memorable with a real audience, but those are the breaks. Brodie Lee's outfit was terrible, I thought but everything with the Dark Order looked good. MJF and Spears gambling was great. Most of the little things they added as filler like that were fun, along with the Schiavone interviews. The WWE needs to learn something from this show on how to present their product going forward.
  11. Did they really book 3 of their best heels to back down from the nWo?
  12. Wow, edgy hot take from Bischoff, a guy who got lucky for a couple years, and had help a billionaire to do it. Let's look at the rest of his "genius" career as we see him sell his soul to Hogan and then proceed, years later, to present a shitty product for TNA alongside his buddy. Then, of course, he fails at trying to turn around Smackdown. Edgy, very edgy.
  13. I'm not really complaining since I'm not really a huge fan. I think the Butcher has a great old school tough guy look to him but they're probably on the bottom rung of my tag team rankings, alongside the Dork Order.
  14. What a killer show. That Ironman match was probably one of their top 3 matches of all-time for the company. The right guy won and Kenny looked great coming down with the tag belt around his waist. The women's match was great, and I think Shida was the right choice to win. She came out to a good ovation and she gets over everywhere she goes. The Dork Order promo had me baffled. Part of me wants to believe Matt is the Exalted One since Uno used the obsolete verbiage but these days, you just never know until it happens. The 6-man was pretty decent, and so was the tag with Best Friends/B&B. B&B are basically jobbers, and I don't think they've won a single match yet. No real complaints though on that. The weigh-in was cool and different from a usual, over-done contract signing. Jericho was nuts, as usual, and the brawl at the end was fun. Hager sells to much, I think. He shouldn't be going out there like Brock and never selling but he needs to find a medium between Brock and where he is at now. Also, the JR interview with the Elite was nice, and I really just end up feeling sympathy for Page. Calling him a jobber, and basically a nobody until the Bucks came along. It's no wonder the guy drinks. 2 of his "best friends" think he would be a geek if it weren't for them. Orange Cassidy was pretty good and I'm glad he's getting something finally, even if I figure he won't win the match on Saturday.
  15. I have to be honest, I'd rather buy the Penta and Fenix figs from the Lucha line than the AEW line. I'm disappointed the AEW figs don't have that extra back/shoulder articulation, similar to the Lucha figures or other figs. I guess it just depends on accessibility to the product, on which ones I buy. I do think the AEW figs are good though.
  16. Really good show from top to bottom. They're doing the slow build for the Hangman turn, whereas he probably would've turned a month ago in the WWE. Page almost comes across as sympathetic since all his friends treat him like shit for small mistakes, and they've driven him to drink more. The guy is over everywhere but they really need heels on top. The Moxley stuff was great and Santana's promo was straight fire. Yuka's debut was nice, and I'd like to see more of her. Baker wasn't as good as last week but she still seems way more confident as a heel. SCU/Best Friends was fun, and the Dork Order still doesn't excite me much. I'm wondering if many will even care when they reveal the Exalted One. Daniels would be a let down, and I think it has to be a big surprise. It'll probably still be Hardy, I imagine. The whipping segment was amazing. Such great storytelling. Everyone coming out to encourage Cody was amazing, especially Brandi. 5 years ago, I would've never seen Cody being a top guy but his last year as been absolutely fantastic, and stuff like this proves he's a top guy. Not to discredit MJF or anything, though.
  17. I'm sure I'm not the only one but I can''t buy his and Mandy's relationship at all. I assume it'll end up being revealed that she was just leading him on but that just seems pretty stupid too. So, basically, she'd just be a giant bullying bitch who humiliates a semi-autistic fat guy and then proceeds to lose to Bliss and Cross. To fantasy book a little, I'd be more interested in this if they had more of a dom/sub relationship, where she tells him what to do and he does it because that's the most attention he's ever got from a woman. They wouldn't need to sexualize it with whips and chains, etc. but just have him be a human footstool for her or clean her feet or something. I'd buy that.
  18. I'm out of the WWE loop but is Otis' gimmick that he is mentally challenged?
  19. I thought it was a pretty decent show but admittedly I was doing school work and didn't pay much attention to workrate. I also missed the first quarter hour because I didn't get home in time to see it. I would have liked to have gone to the show but I had too much work. I dug Britt's promo and it was certainly better than last week. The Cody/Kip match was weirdly booked with all the nonsense and strange stuff from Arn. I guess he'll end up turning at some point to get more heat for Matthew Freeman. The Blade and the Butcher are basically job guys, and that vignette was corny but short enough. MJF needs his money back on these guys. The main was pretty decent and I'm more and more convinced that Jericho is one of the best ever. The final segment was very well booked and simplistic and not overly thought out. They put the heat on the heels for a bit and then had Moxley clean house and stand tall. That's how you put over a babyface and a match. No Nightmare Collective was the highlight
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