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  1. This is a stupid question to some I'm sure but how do we go about watching them, Netflix?
  2. I'm hopeful that somehow TNA will sign him. Of course, the booking and direction of the company still wouldn't draw flies to honey.
  3. Anyone with a F4W sub want to please let me know how RAW faired last night against the NFL? I'll give ya a cookie!
  4. Can anyone please get me a gif of that wacky Daniel Bryan figure sign with the moving hands/fingers?
  5. I basically kept mine and have sold some. After moving a couple years ago, I took all my commercial masters and left my hand taped crap at the old house. I'm currently attempting to sell my remaining commercial shit on ebay, if I can manage to get off my lazy ass and find time to takes pics of stuff and list them.
  6. How does that dude that got crushed by the other dude in the barrel not sell that? I imagine that had to hurt having a 200 pound guy in a barrel land right on you using the bottom of the thing.
  7. Bought the War Games Blu-Ray finally and I skipped right to Disc 2 for my own reasons. 1995 was fun but revolved around Hulk. I liked 96 much better, especially when Flair came in and was begging the nWo to come into the second ring with him. The arena came unglued and he did all his little spots. The crowd did not believe nWo Sting was the real Sting for a second as he got no real pop but when Sting came out, they came out of their seats. Next was 97 and I loved that Buff Bagwell posed so much. I'm starting to like him more as I never really realized how much of a douche he was. That's as far as I got so far. I also just got the KC Timeline 96 with Kevin Sullivan so I'm going through that as well. He seems like a nice guy and I like hearing his booking philosophy on things.
  8. Any word out on the new Lex Luger book? I read the small bit on F4W and it sounds interesting. I didn't know he was born again either. Of course, his book could end up like HBK's book.
  9. You are A-#1 and the best piranesi. I caught the end. Cody promo was fantastic, then they had the super squash. I thought Orton was gonna prop him up for an RKO actually. Folks really need to be patient, I have no idea why this would make you stop watching entirely. It won't.
  10. Is there really a chase for Bryan at this point? How can it be a chase when he's just getting destroyed every week?
  11. Why the hell didn't Cody raise hell on Triple H or something? He ain't got nothing to lose.
  12. I always liked Barry. He is exactly what a wrestler should be, over the top with his mannerisms. Personally, I've loved all his gimmicks and he's been very well rounded.
  13. Barry Darsow let himself go bad. He was never super defined as Smash and beyond but at least he looked in shape. Has he ever resurrected the Blacktop Bully?
  14. There is definitely no "official" set, but I know you can find torrents of complete episodes. An "unofficial" best of the B-shows" comp, of only the Saturday & syndicated shows would have potential for some good stuff. Those sets would be a dream. I'm sucker for those shows over Nitro and Thunder because of the odd match-ups and appearances. I always loved that futuristic, sci-fi designed Saturday Night set and the show open too.
  15. Serena Deeb should have kept that bald look, it would make her stand out a little more.
  16. That Hogan strap promo isn't too bad but who the hell came up with that name for the match? Just call it a strap match. I do love hearing Hogan say "a-cha" every time he swings the strap at the floor. Also, I'd love one of those yellow on red Hulkster shirts for the gym. The yellow letters really stand out. The Prince doesn't look so good looking, btw. Maybe that was the idea, I don't know.
  17. They haven't. Still in the 8-12k range. No kidding. Big surprise there.
  18. Anyone know if TNA buyrates have increased since they decreased the number of them?
  19. Swagger doesn't have half the charisma or presence Sid had, for one thing. Sid wasn't amazing but at times, he looked like a draw and came across very well. Swagger has proven after all these several years that he just isn't very interesting or worthy of a top spot. The way they've booked him in the past doesn't matter, he just isn't extremely good.
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