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  1. Credit where it's due, I laughed at JR's line "Slim J was my nickname in junior high."
  2. Fully agree with this. If there's ever another Hangman-Punk match, I'll be extremely interested in how that goes.
  3. I want to emphasize that if you listen to the VoW audio, apparently Punk said, in a polite way, that he would NEVER do a job for Page. Like "I think you're a great wrestler with a bright future, but you will not be beating me." People can, of course, change their minds. Like I said before, I think that is referring to this right here (although it doesn't line up with the "Punk was not in the building" part): I will consider that this might be a work once there's more evidence of an actual Punk-Hangman program existing.
  4. I do have some trouble believing Punk legitimately expects Hangman to apologize to him on live television.
  5. Can't find the WWE releases thread, but Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster have been released, possibly in conjunction with that NXT UK announcement.
  6. I'm working under the assumption that Hangman's confusing "workers' rights" promo in the Double or Nothing build was an allusion to Colt, and Punk is mad at him for that reason.
  7. Never mind whatever you used to think was the best episode of Dynamite. THAT was the best episode of Dynamite.
  8. I've seen situations at a restaurant where someone pretends to be going to the washroom, and they actually go and find the waitress and surreptitiously pay for the whole group to avoid having an argument over it. Also remember a time when I went with someone to get takeout pizza, they were friends with the owner of the pizza place, and they were insisting on paying and the owner was refusing to take their money. The money was given, and fell to the floor because the owner wouldn't physically accept it. I was standing there looking at the money on the floor, wondering if it'd be an ok compromise for me to just take it myself. (I think the owner did finally take it)
  9. Did JR really say "That canvas needs JR's BBQ sauce on it to make it palatable" at the end of the Jade match??
  10. Looking at those women's tag brackets, and I can't say I see more than one possible good match at any point in the tournament.
  11. First round SCI winners were: They would have announced the 2nd round matchups live at the venue after the stream went off the air, but I haven't heard them yet. Also Billie Starkz died a hero's death as she did a swanton from the top rope to the floor onto chairs. The gifs are out there.
  12. I acknowledge that ZSJ vs. Tanahashi was good, but overall the July 30th and 31st shows got me to the point where I was thinking about giving up on the tournament. However, they bounced back on August 2nd with a show that I enjoyed, particularly Yano vs. Lawlor and the main event of Ospreay vs. Finlay. In both of Tanahashi's wins so far, he has sat down next to his opponent after the match and smiled at them. I'm just waiting for him to try that with the wrong guy and get popped in the mouth.
  13. So the new name is IYO SKY? All caps?
  14. Forgot to mention, I can't wait to see the brackets for that trios tournament. Is 16 teams possible? (I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, please do not jam up the thread by listing all the teams)
  15. There's having a custom t-shirt made that says "DUSTY SUCKS EGGS", and then there's this.
  16. Was super distracted by that Toronto announcement, but loved that main event once I started paying attention to it. I liked "guy under the ring grabs the leg" as a finish in EVIL vs. KENTA this week and I liked it just as much here. Frankly, with the state Danielson was in mid-match, I thought Garcia should win and so I was kind of rooting for him. So many things hit this week. I didn't think about it before tonight, but that was kind of a lot of pressure on Jungle Boy to fire back after weeks of Christian carving him up. He'd been improving on the mic but we'd never seen him deliver the kind of promo that he needed to. Well, he did it!
  17. After those first few shows, it's been a lukewarm tournament so far. Even marquee matchups like Goto-Naito and Tanahashi-Naito have just been good, not great. I did really enjoy YOSHI-HASHI vs. Shingo. Making my way through today's show (July 26th) and it's been a fun one, but definitely don't take that to mean "packed with great matches".
  18. This is really hammering home for me just how little I watch WWE anymore. Oh, Brock walked out? Well, alright, he's a top guy. What show was he on? What was he doing? Would he have been doing something tonight? Beats me. Summerslam is next weekend? Hmm, that's news to me. Who'll replace Brock? Wow, um, sorry, remind me who's even on the roster?
  19. Most interested in seeing who takes over creative. Hoping it's Heyman. (Or is there someone better? Can't think of anyone.)
  20. Pete just barely beat me to posting that TK tweet. I can only imagine how many dozens more times I'll be seeing that one today.
  21. I think we know what a "Zack Sabre Jr. match" looks like, but that one was different. Liked it a lot. Two contrasting styles, but both guys were willing to dabble in the other's wheelhouse. Also I shrieked at some of those KENTA strikes in the stretch run, like where Zack is delivering slaps and KENTA just straight PUNCHES HIM IN THE FACE.
  22. The thing about that is, they're selling tickets to the show. And there's going to be more than one of these shows. Seems like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Globe Theatre in LA. It's where PWG runs ever since they left the legion hall in Reseda behind.
  23. I think this is exactly where they're going, except that it's Kingston refusing to tag with Claudio.
  24. Would give serious consideration to buying a Bullet Club shirt that said "Simmering Chessmaster Megadouche".
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