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  1. Not convinced they'll take the punt on Bryan as the top guy again straight away. Problem is, if they don't have him in the main event, the card's a little disjointed. Could do a match vs. Lesnar, with Taker doing a run-in and helping Bryan beat him, but that would leave a main of Cena-Rollins (maybe Reigns too) that seems like its been done to death already. Reigns heel turn vs. Bryan could be good. Match with Cena could work over him bringing the Authority back. Not sure how you do Rollins vs. Bryan without it being for the title, but could be a safe match for him. Bryan/Rusev could be fun
  2. That PPV match with Finlay is amazing. Him and MVP vs. Jerishow was fun too.
  3. ESPN saying they made a strong play for Rondo too. Err..
  4. Why on earth would Sacramento want Deron Williams' salary, let alone Deron Williams? No chance in hell of breaking into that top 8 for the next year or so, maybe two. After that its competing with Minnesota and Lakers' eventual star signing.
  5. Early Luger theme always sounded like a Fast Times At Ridgmont High Phoebe Cates Diving Board scene knock off. Its tough to picture Luger in that context.
  7. RolandTHTG

    Fix Every Sport

    Pretty much everything said so far interferes with what is best fit for TV broadcasters, and as such won't happen Agree re: basketball. No magic half court movement, no bullshit take foul after foul, no contrived situations where there's 0.2 seconds left on the clock that takes ten minutes and half a dozen timeouts to achieve.
  8. OH FUCK THAT. Rigged as shit. Two buckets given on court overruled what seemed like months later for the Spurs. Blake 3 to send it to triple OT should have been overturned also. Isn't. Not happy.
  9. Bets on Houston Forgets they played OT in Denver night before. Wastes money.
  10. I got that feeling about Sting/Rollins too. Or at the very least, building to Sting/Cena or Ziggler vs. HHH/Rollins as the contingency plan in case he can't deliver a singles match.
  11. You can't have Lesnar destroy the entire roster over 18 months, and then have him drop the title in what is essentially a B PPV title match (Rumble title matches traditionally are terrible) or getting screwed out of it with no real ramifications/payback; especially after not having defended it for ages/commentators build up how fresh and rested he is. Either Cena gets his win back against Lesnar, or Lesnar drops against Reigns at Mania. Anything else effectively renders the past 18 months a huge waste of time. Rollins and Heyman betraying Lesnar and removing him from the WWE for *that* long has to be believable (I personally like the idea of him retiring after Mania, undefeated as champion or otherwise), and it needs to be believable to those booking it that the pay off is likely to occur, whether its 1-2 years down the track and essentially becomes what they hoped would happen with Jeff Hardy and Punk.
  12. I'd like to see how they justify Rollins having the briefcase heading into Mania but doesn't cash in for a spot in the main event.
  13. Man, women with vaginas are the worst.
  14. Watching Mania XI....D Did Lawrence Taylor actually have what turned out to be Bam Bam's entrance music later that year, or coincidental over dub?
  15. Don't see why anyone would want a Rollins cash in straight after beating Lesnar who's gone through everyone in the last 12 months. Let that sink in. Let that guy get the heat from beating the unbeatable Lesnar.
  16. Ambrose/Reigns do the double elimination spot at the Rumble to set up the Lesnar working two matches in one night dynamic/believability of him going over/Ambrose vs. Reigns later on. Although - really - the two matches two years running might not fly. Cena vs. Rusev Ambrose loses to Wyatt via Rollins interference Some ridiculous Andre The Giant battle royal ladder spotfest Reigns vs. Lesnar - Lesnar wins by screwy ending. Orton vs. Rollins Miz vs. Mizdow Sting vs. HHH Ambrose goes over Lesnar
  17. Speaking of which... Someone pitch me a Mania card that doesn't outright suck. You could probably squeeze 2 or 3 good matches at most.
  18. The irony is like a FedEx on your wedding day.It's just one of the many jobs he lost on his wedding day. So you're saying it's a free ride when he's already paid?
  19. How long before Judd Nelson sues Punk for royalties?
  20. Watched an episode of Total Divas last night. That guy that turned up at Nattie's wedding looks really creepily like Benoit.
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