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  1. Nikolai Volkov need to sing the Russian national anthem before Rusev makes his entrance.
  2. What Jrag said. I won't even c+p. That's how lazy I am.
  3. Apathy is the word of the day I'd say. Bryan did his best but I can't really say I thought much of anything on this show. Is it just me or does everyone in this company sell like the only damage getting hit by something does is "make me more tired". Everybody does it! It certainly made Reigns selling of the liver kick stand out more, but you know… exceptions that prove rules etc. There were things on this show I thought I might like seeing more than I did (like Kidd and Cesaro winning the tag belts) but damn was it a non-event. I had high expectations for the Dust Bros. and I was very let down. Dustin always seemed to have that ability to get heat on everyone around him like he did for Booker T back in the day. No such luck. Plus, I guess the crowd did suck. They didn't have much to cheer for when the company and it's fans are adversarial.
  4. This does not make me want to drive from New Hampshire to Boston for Smackdown this week. I hope they enjoy their hijacked Wrestlemania.
  5. I'm loving this. I've been making time for Puro for a long time but have fallen off in recent years. If you try really hard you can overcome the language barrier and follow along. Now with a top notch English speaking comm team the ease of watching makes the ride so much smoother. Plus: Okada vs Tanahashi is the shit. More of all of this. The fucking Rumble better be good.
  6. I'm at the part where Smithers with the whip is the answer to the hint and he is stuck in an "error" at the power plant. Shit.
  7. Would this game be good to continue my sim league? The wrestlers in 13 would all get Irish whip happy for the whole match. Every match would START with a suplex off the top to the outside. It was annoying.
  8. It's too bad Spartacus was on the crappy STARZ channel because the wrestling analogies are even more on point and hardly anybody watched that show. The first season and a half was my favorite wrestling program that whole year.
  9. I can see why somebody might think that. How much of that is based on the longevity he (and Cena) has had at or near the top? It really is without precedent. Orton's work IS really good depending on the freshness of his opponent which by default gives him a boost (see: Goldust and Cesaro).
  10. When SUWA ripped up the scroll my jaw dropped. YOU DON'T RIP UP THE SCROLL!
  11. Is there anything to be reread in any of that says: Certain guys work mostly in the 1st 2nd or 3rd hour so wouldn't some consistent curtain jerking be rewarded simply because nobody has gone to bed yet?
  12. Anyone else think that one of the reasons the Tag Title scene is having such a hard time getting traction is that 6 Man tags fucking rule too much? That 6 Man was great and Sheamus has benefitted from resting his face.
  13. Wait and see? No. This is adversarial booking. Unreal.
  14. I wouldn't hold it against Colt if he has been wounded a bit by some of his experiences in wrestling. Overall he is still an upbeat guy. Strange that I think he gets more fun out of a couple of minutes with Punk and Compton (or whatever close buddy he has nearby) than he does in 50 minutes of interview.
  15. I like how somebody told Axel to fuck off so they could take the real picture.
  16. This is one of those times when I think LSD is in the drinking water.
  17. Having only recently started watching nXt I missed Regal/Ohno. Checked it out and it's great. Best I've seen from the farm league so far.
  18. Yeah, because it makes way more sense to just say "fuck it" than win the fans over with a good match (which Orton and Show are more than capable of). Even if what you are saying turns out to be true Gonzalez. Doing so is fucking retarded.
  19. You know until you mentioned it I had forgotten that match was even on the card… but now that you mention it…. I am compelled… to agree with you.
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