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  1. I was under the impression that Marko had a shot on one of the prime time talent shows (The Voice?). It’s inevitable that some people aren’t going to make the cut. But it’ll be interesting to see if AEW can NOT come across as the heartless corporate bastards that the E does. Good fucking luck with that. Someone always gets burned.
  2. So are the brother and sister Hutt… fucking?
  3. I’m told that some sharp ears at some point heard Omega’s theme during the episode when the trainer Tusken was onscreen. Or… it’s Mephisto.
  4. I’m going to have to grade this one on a curve. Work has been super busy and I had zero energy to watch a wrestling show. That being said… The title match was perfection. I went into it with the question of “How are they going to sell a shorter match and still have it work” after a 60 minute draw. Fortunately, the prior match wasn’t sold that way. Instead it was Hangman basically won it had he had another few moments. This match validated that with the blood and selling that lead the viewer to understanding the earlier finish. There is a reason AmDrag has been my favorite wrestler for 16 years. Loved Punks comeback after I thought MJF had murdered him with the Mania line. Live and learn, Max. Unfortunately, I passed out during Jade/Ruby so I only saw the celebration. I have to wonder if there wasn’t a subtle message being sent to Big Swole in the highlighting of Cargills daughter. Yeah, Luchasaurus has fell way off from where he should be. Too many times he was caught just standing there doing nothing while other stuff gets set up. You’d figure being 500 million years old and “having a Masters Degree” might have taught him a bit more. Who knows? Maybe it not entirely his fault as it concerns THIS match as the Luchas waste a lot of time doing convoluted set ups. It was the kind of best of times this night. Maybe not the worst of times. But with a couple of lousy injuries putting a damper on things. I can see the point that overall, AEW has had better nights. This post is drastically out of time! I gotta go! Love ya AEW! See you this weekend.
  5. https://ibb.co/MDbC6Hp https://ibb.co/xKTZ0Pc https://ibb.co/JKv51KN https://ibb.co/122qkQ7 https://ibb.co/GcPCbGr Pics from RAW the night after Angle won KOTR. Then Lawlor checks out a drunk guy passed out in the front row right behind the announcer table. The Fink does not approve.
  6. *crosses fingers* CodypleaseshutupCodypleaseshutup!!!
  7. Obviously, I’ve got an appreciation for what they are doing since I pour so much love in their direction. But really. Video updates/promos are a really efficient way to get your people (in an off week from doing matches) on tv and keep the audience up to date. After a couple years at producing shows. The AEW team seems to really be settling into a house style and I’m here for it. Sure… they’ll miss a dive here and there. But overall it’s top notch in presentation.
  8. It was so loud. I left the show with concert ear and very little voice. Unforgettable. Foley was my guy. So I got really lucky that I chose to buy a ticket to THAT show. Very validating. Being that the rest of the show was fucking annoying because in the upper deck seats we had the grid lights above the ring shooting us in the face all night. The big moment went a long way to save the night.
  9. The thing I’m taking the most satisfaction in having The Undisputed Era in AEW is what a ball bag slap it is to WWE and their cunty approach to intellectual property and copyright law. Still… I never saw them even for a moment taking a breath of air on the main roster. But here being in a Main Event, even Bobby Fish didn’t look out of place. Efficient. Vince. You’re a fucking idiot. There might finally be something to Jade Cargill. Thunder Rosa is taking time away from my being a Bryan Danielson fanboy. She is so great. I was looking to see if Trent was wearing the Yuta shit emoji knee pads but I couldn’t tell. I miss Mox. Bring on the 20 minute Jericho/Kingston promo battle. I’m enjoying perpetually butthurt Bucks. Good promos from Starks and Hobbs. I completely forgot Dante lost to Hobbs awhile back. They were VERY helpful in reminding me showing the highlights and all. Another point for efficiency and not letting some plot details go to waste. AEW has a very short history so use what you got (and maybe borrow some history too). I surprisingly found Pillman’s promo compelling… eventually. He might have maxed out whatever credit he has left on his Sympathy Master Card. But he bought me and now I can’t wait for him to take a beating so ruthless. His sacrifice will make him my lord and savior. I love you too AEW.
  10. I had to suppress my wrestle brain in thinking Boba should have gone over in his first fight as the boss.
  11. An interesting start. Every new show has a lot of table setting work to do. This did what it needed to do as far as explaining the past and driving towards it future. As much fun as it was to see the ROTJ stuff. It’s hard to say if this show is going to be any good going forward based solely off this episode. Fortunately, I’ve got faith in Fave and RobRod to pull it off. Hey! Grey sand pumpkins have water. Who knew?
  12. I think it was an ROH show called Honor Reclaims Boston(?). Davey Richards and Rocky Romero had a really bad match in the opener that thankfully had better matches on the show afterwards. He wasn’t quite “a steel cage Davey Richards” yet. But he would get there eventually.
  13. So a buddy of mine just texted me. He just now found out Sami Zayn was El Generico. I laughed at him. Good times!
  14. I really underestimated this episode prior to seeing it. I didn’t feel very motivated to watch it. Sammy’s run as champ had petered out. Even The Inner Circle wasn’t backing him up. Ironically, I really appreciated this being the match that he go out in. A last match of the night main event against one of the big guys in the company. Sammy will be fine overall, but there will need to be gear shift. I’m back on the train with Cody and his narrative. It stands out compared to the going’s on of the rest of the roster. Cody is going to learn that when he goes against his nature with baby face moonsaults that have a habit of missing. Instead, overwhelm and over compensate with killer moves that keep your feet on the ground. He is listening to Arn. Can definitely see Leyla Hirsh getting some character elevation out of some beef with how Statlander treated her during the match. The nose boops could very much be interpreted as condescending making the handshake come across as phony. Good match. Hook is a killer. Do not question his No sells. ? Big Bear guy got up there for him. Kudos.
  15. Finally caught up this morning. I think I was bitching a few weeks back about how unconnected The Pinnacle is presented. But getting matching gear for a Trios main event sure does make up some ground. Plus the match fucking ruled. For as much Battle of the Belts is being hyped as a Clash of Champions template. This show sure felt like a Clash to me. Big opener, featuring a plot twist at the end, opening more questions remaining to be answered. Bricks laid for upcoming championship matches. A worthy main event that spent on some time but not all it’s credit. Not one promo overstayed it’s welcome. Ass Pounding Chefs kiss! I’m concerned about the Christian/JE status as I fear that an act I DO really like (the entrance music is grating on me, bring back the original) is being swallowed up by the enormity of everything surrounding it. It makes me think a Christian heel turn might fall flat and JB doesn’t get elevated out of it. A couple of excellent matches might change my mind on how borderline that fear is. But when Bryan Danielson is in town eating the roster buffet… it’s going to be harder to stand out.
  16. You spoke the evil ones name. Now I must wash in olive oil and Fire and Ice cds.
  17. The proposal of doing a 60 minute draw on the live weekly broadcast sounds really risky in the boardroom if you can’t present it in a way that doesn’t kill the room. That’s why there probably weren’t that many people considering a draw as the outcome prior to the match happening. (They certainly unintentionally signaled a bunch of times in the broadcast at the draw possibility). But I really don’t think how it worked out resulted in any way that gives it a negative grade. Adam Page (I thought) needed a big win to get his reign going and change his identity from perennial challenger to worthy champion. But AEW doubled down on AmDrag pulling the best singles match of Hangman’s career. Instead, THIS is the rung he steps up on to elevate and he still has something to chase in a rematch. And yes, the finish does suggest Page as having found the way to beat the guy who spent that hour kicking his ass. That’s good shit, pal. Good work. One last thing. After two high profile draws. The next time they project another one, AEW could probably do the last second finish.
  18. Who likes wrestling? I like wrestling! Last night… I got wrestling! Count me in on being gobsmacked by how deep the tank is for Bryan and Page. It looks like we are supposed to walk away thinking that Hangman had it won but for a few seconds. Which is fine. But I’m going to nitpick the booking a little bit here. But I’m not a huge fan of Hangman’s FIRST title defense being a draw. But considering the quality it’s hard to be too upset about it. Especially since I’m really wondering what’s next. The rest of the show was a blur. But that’s more on me because I’m an emotionally crippled introvert working retail during the Christmas season. Exhausted!
  19. What a great scene of Yelena in the bathroom. Showing the blip as an experience on both sides was kinda nutty. Finally! Getting the Kingpin back is great. First and foremost, I just didn’t want to collapse of the Netflix Marvel stuff to go to waste. D’onofrio’s performance in season 1 of Daredevil is one of my favorites ever. So to say I marked out at the reveal is an understatement.
  20. So Taz has an above ground pool with flames on it?
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