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  1. If you reverse those photos it would look like he ate that dog.
  2. Is the Samurai Cop/The Room match on youtube somewhere? i'd like to see that.
  3. I initially read that as Ben Schwartz and was very confused. I was all 'Jean-Ralphio?'
  4. We didn't know his name, so we called him 'Muscle Face'. We called the guy who looked like Rob Zombie 'Rob Zombie'.
  5. Kerry Von Erich taught him that move.
  6. Trebor

    Live Music 2020

    I just him doing Lou Reed, Bowie & Hedwig material backed up by Eyelids & Peter Buck at the 40Watt Club Saturday night. It was pretty fucking amazing. One of the most transcendent performances I've seen in a long, long time. It was part of the Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven 7th (mostly)annual Camp-In, and was a highlight of great weekend of music. Camper Van Beethoven has been on fire this tour. which is, sadly, now over
  7. "Look at 'em! He just loves to have fun!"
  8. It really is an upper body business.
  9. The Chargers should just change their name to the Homeless Crisis and play all their games on the road.
  10. More like Jordan Smyles. (after seeing the post just above this one, I feel the need to say this is not a direct reply to it, but just a gag on his name rhyming with, well you know...)
  11. Me: "I'll have the chow mein and a large coke." Waitress: "We don't have coke, is HepC ok?"
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