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  1. "Look at 'em! He just loves to have fun!"
  2. It really is an upper body business.
  3. The Chargers should just change their name to the Homeless Crisis and play all their games on the road.
  4. More like Jordan Smyles. (after seeing the post just above this one, I feel the need to say this is not a direct reply to it, but just a gag on his name rhyming with, well you know...)
  5. Me: "I'll have the chow mein and a large coke." Waitress: "We don't have coke, is HepC ok?"
  6. Robley had a really good match in Mid-South working babyface against OMG. Not sure if that was an isolated incident, I only saw it on the Watts set, but he seemed to have the crowd behind him.
  7. The Schadenfreude Slam would be a great name for a finishing move. I really wanted Mike Knox to use it when he was briefly an expert on Kinesiology(?).
  8. um, isn't 'cycling" a term used regarding the use of steroids?
  9. More specifically (and more significantly) they were smoking DMT.
  10. Not a chance. Sherri would whoop his ass before he could even get his hands on the zipper.
  11. I've always felt an HBO dramatic series with wrestling as a backdrop shouldn't show any in-ring action. The closest it would get to the ring is wrestlers going through the curtain to the ring and them coming back thru after the match. All stories would be focused on backstage political/personal issues.
  12. um... they're called cock rings. and (i'm told) the regular 'littles' are still sometimes too big.
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