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  1. Roses red, Violets larger, blah blah blah
  2. and it has a director's commentary track.
  3. Aw damn, I saw this three times in the theater (the UA Cinema behind the Parkway Plaza mall in El Cajon, CA) and thought it was the best movie i ever saw, right behind "Love at First Bite" (which we also saw three times ((once twice in a row))). One of the first movies we had delivered by Netflix, along with Don Coscarelli's "Kenny & Company". I still love it.
  4. A few months ago i thought i had symptoms and was able to get a free test the next day. Took about 10 minutes. I got the results (negative) 2 days later. You should google free covid tests in your area. Even if you don't actually have symptoms, you shouldn't feel bad about lying about it.
  5. Flipping thru the channels last night and saw that Death Wish 3 was just starting. When people talk about movies they are compelled to watch anytime they come across it randomly, this is the movie that does it for me. So insanely fucking enjoyable for all the wrong/right reasons.
  6. You are confusing 'Far Out Man' with 'Flashback' w/Keifer Sutherland. I believe Hopper debuted as a face on an early episode of 'the Rifleman'.
  7. If you reverse those photos it would look like he ate that dog.
  8. Is the Samurai Cop/The Room match on youtube somewhere? i'd like to see that.
  9. I initially read that as Ben Schwartz and was very confused. I was all 'Jean-Ralphio?'
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