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  1. I've been wondering about that for years. It's really bad when there's a near fall in the middle of the match and the count goes 1... 2... kick out. A nice, even cadence. Then when they get to the finish, 123.
  2. We used to blame a lot of the difficulty of Simon's Quest on a bad translation, as if all the misleading advice and rumors were originally meant to be helpful but were mistranslated. Aside from a small handful of lines, though, turns out most of the townspeople are still unhelpful and/or lying just as much in the original Japanese. That jerk still tells you to headbutt the cliff.
  3. Not even Father Time himself could ever claim that bounty.
  4. He speaks of the brotherhood of wrestling, but what of the jackhood and the dudehood?
  5. Seemed to be no real problems with the 8 man on the nL stream last night.
  6. In 30+ years of Star Wars fandom, the prequel trilogy is the only thing that really bothers me. I can handle—and in other films often even enjoy—bad production, bad dialogue, bad acting. . .but with those, I just flat lose interest. I'll happily watch 4-8 any time they're on, every time, without question. With the prequels, I watch part of them, then I find I'm not having fun, shrug ( ↓ ), get up and go do something else.
  7. He didn't leave a gigantic loaf in there, that's why he broke the door down, so he could get out.
  8. The gentleman in question is both sensational and intelligent.
  9. What does the Boogeyman's lunch have to do with this?
  10. I vaguely remember seeing him win the PCW Heavyweight Championship down here in Arlington about a dozen years ago. Other notables on that card, now that I went back and looked it up, were Robert Evans, Mr. Texas (Hernandez) and Shadow (Lance Vance Archer-Hoyt).
  11. Scaling parts down to 0% makes them invisible. Now I have a guy with no head.
  12. They are; I instantly recognized the ridiculous voices I used on my roster of complete loonies in FPR. It's great to be able to recreate them in full now.
  13. Fighting gamers Hollywood Sleep (left) and Filipino Champ (right).
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