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  1. Subject to the usual drug and background checks, I shall be enjobbed. I'm excited because I can finally take advantage of my sleep disorder by working the night shift, rather than fighting against it to work an 8 a.m. job.
  2. I had a couple wisdom teeth out yesterday. They only had to pull 'em so there was no cutting and I can barely feel I even had anything done now, but this lack of solid food is driving me bonkers.
  3. May the Yule log slip from your fire and burn your house down!
  4. Hey, it wasn't as bad as I thought. Just got the shaggy back and sides trimmed and I feel like new. Having a load of dark hair hanging around makes it look so much worse than it is.
  5. The hair on top of my head went thin on me while I wasn't looking. Man, that hair was part of who I was. Now who am I?
  6. My favorite run was booking AWA in Death of the Territories. Mid-Atlantic neglected to re-sign Flair, so he and Hogan became my top two. Hogan was the #1 face, and I put Flair with Bock under Heenan as the "Brain Trust" as my lead heels. I also had Jumbo, Hansen, Martel, a rising Curt Hennig, a slew of promising newcomers like Leon White and Scott Hall, and I even took a chance on some young Japanese dude named Takada.
  7. It's helpful to note that they're based on the old AD&D 2e ruleset, with THAC0 and all that business.
  8. I've been wondering about that for years. It's really bad when there's a near fall in the middle of the match and the count goes 1... 2... kick out. A nice, even cadence. Then when they get to the finish, 123.
  9. We used to blame a lot of the difficulty of Simon's Quest on a bad translation, as if all the misleading advice and rumors were originally meant to be helpful but were mistranslated. Aside from a small handful of lines, though, turns out most of the townspeople are still unhelpful and/or lying just as much in the original Japanese. That jerk still tells you to headbutt the cliff.
  10. Not even Father Time himself could ever claim that bounty.
  11. He speaks of the brotherhood of wrestling, but what of the jackhood and the dudehood?
  12. Seemed to be no real problems with the 8 man on the nL stream last night.
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