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  1. I'm sure Lebron will have fun cleaning this up.
  2. Oh yeah, I still think SOMETHING happens with her, and Ted still ends up with Robin somehow. That is my guess, but the kids obviously remember The Mother based on Ted talking about the vacation to Disneyland.
  3. Also, they established that one the fan theories about her dying while the kids are super young aren't true.
  4. So the PS3 and Xbox 360 ports of NBA 2K14 look extremely uninspired. The developers pretty much added so new animations and a pass stick, removed the annoying contact/leaning layup and called it a new game.
  5. I didn't see a thread for this anywhere. The premiere was this past Monday. Any thoughts? I think they did a great job of making "The Mother" very likeable, but they were somewhat ham-fisted in the "she's perfect for Ted" department.
  6. For what it's worth, I have better luck ordering online with Domino's than I do on the phone.
  7. Please never say "turn of the century" again. I feel old enough as it is
  8. So CJ Ross has stepped down as judge.
  9. How many times are you supposed to go over it? "Working", not "remembering". Well, as stated before, he is legimately ummm "challenged". You have to shoot for remembering with him because working isn't an option. Nobody really minds. Freight Train is what he is, and everyone around these parts loves him because he's so pleasant. There isn't exactly anything super complicated to go over.
  10. Exactly. I am JUST starting to watch it. Chill with the fucking spoilers. Breaking Bad has a thread.
  11. Im on the fence as to how "in on it" Freight Train is. Sometimes I watch it and feel sorry for him and think Jake and Colt are dicks for poking fun at him. Sometimes I watch it and think, Im being worked here, he's totally in on the joke. Then I cant decide if he's either the greatest actor or the worst wrestler. Cant believe Vader Junior has been released. Wonder if Big Poppa Vader will get a Tweet to attend Raw next week! They also released that weird looking Irish guy after like 1 month! I've worked with Freight Train before, and I always got the impression that he knew what was go
  12. Also, Tyson's camp was laughable in that fight, and he came in there out of shape himself.
  13. I can 100% believe WWE would change everything on this card just to fuck with this guy and root out who his source was, even if it makes no sense.
  14. Wait, there's a wrestler out there who still does the airplane spin? Who did you wrestle, Matt Classic? It was a big 10 man tag, in a situation where there were almost as many wrestlers in the ring as there were fans in the seats. Most of who were kids. It was just a silly spot he(not I) wanted to do. It got a pop. I nearly hurled.
  15. There were tons of Steph/boobs signs at Summerslam that year. You were singled out, my man.
  16. "Near his weight" lol. Canelo was damn 165 tonight. Hypothetically speaking, Martinez typically fights at 154-160. Floyd was 150 tonight. It's a doable fight if Martinez dropped in weight. I honestly don't see any true welters outside of Pac or Bradley that would have anything close to a chance with Mayweather, and for what it's worth, I don't think those two guys would at this stage in their careers either. MAYBE Devon Alexander, and that's a stretch.
  17. I don't think those fights are necessarily "sellable", I just mentioned those fighters as being good fighters at or near Floyd's weight. Based on the post fight presser, they are REALLY trying to push Garcia as the next guy. This is a big mistake I think.
  18. Really the only 3 that come to mind are Bradley(who would get outclassed), Martinez and Golovkin, both of whom would need to drop weight. None of those fights are happening though.
  19. You are spot on. I don't see anyone at that level. Showtime is clearly trying to throw Danny Garcia to the wolves already. The Boxing Cold War prevents any of the other good fighters at or near his weight from fighting him.
  20. I try not to ever put over my wrestling career on here, but I had to mention that I legitimately took an airplane spin for the first time in my 10 year career tonight. It was the most awful experience I've ever had lol.
  21. Someone brought up a good point, and it can't be coincidence. Ross saved the bookmakers a fortune from having to pay out for people that bet on a unanimous decision.
  22. The paint would put up a better fight.
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