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  1. Wait......what?! How is Arenas making that much?
  2. As I recall, he was mostly a job guy, but was placed in the match as a replacement for.....someone.
  3. Batman can still be brooding, that's his thing, but having Superman do the same thing is counterproductive. The tone of the movie itself needs to be fun, that doesn't mean we need Adam West Batman. I mean, the Justice League cartoon pulled this off perfectly.
  4. I just want a movie with some actual fucking joy and fun in it.
  5. I always looked at the attempts at grounding the characters as being very tongue in cheek, with the possible exception of Shirley, and to a lesser extent Abed. I always felt like the show is more enjoyable once you understand that none of it matters.
  6. Let's not act like Hero doesn't work out at all. I am damn sure he's at least doing alot of cardio. I would definitely not say the guy is in bad shape.
  7. Maybe, but I'd buy someone that looks like Stan Hansen as someone that could kick the shit out of you before I would John Cena, based on looks alone.
  8. At my most "giving a shit", I spent a couple of hours a week at the gym, and looked nothing like that. More like a couple of hours a day.
  9. That was at Survivor Series 96. Taker had started to change his style alot in that Mankind feud. Becoming alot more aggressive and less methodical. We saw signs of it at King of the Ring, and kept going from there.
  10. Who fucking cares how much he works out? As long as he can produce on television with matches and promos, and doesn't look like a slob. No, he's not cut, but he never will be, either.
  11. Don't feel that way. The worst that can happen is that someone will gang up on you for not liking who they do and run you off.
  12. The Thanksgiving episode had funny moments, but it was a huge point in a big problem for me in this season. The show is trying to be about something. It's trying to have a narrative and a cohesive plot. Community is supposed to be random bullshit where you know none of it really matters. The only real continuity the show should have is that Chang is a jackoff, there is a dark timeline, and that Abed is a weirdo.
  13. Rocket Raccoon is the only thing selling me on that GD movie.
  14. I am laboring through Season 4 as we speak. This has not been good.
  15. Nolan's Batman would fit in fine with current Superman. Maybe they can make a fun movie this time.
  16. I think in the case of Booker or Sting, they were able to raise their game when they were in there with someone who was significantly better than them.
  17. Might be the most emotionally heavy DC Animated film yet. That battle was just jaw dropping in it's emotional scope.
  18. I can only hope the head of NBC made McHale sing "Kiss From a Rose" with him to get Harmon back.
  19. Warrior actually came off really likeable there, surprisingly.
  20. I'll admit that JET deserved the dunk last season, just for all the trash talk in 2011. Mostly because Lebron couldn't really shut him up in 2011, thanks to Marion's D, and his own collapse.
  21. Cotto did that, and it was pretty damn effective until he got away from it.
  22. I know "Battle for the Cowl" falls in after RIP, but does it include any of the titles Natural mentioned?
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