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  1. Ok, so I do computer work for this family. I went over there about a month ago to remove a virus. Everything was fine, had no problems with it. Installed an A/V program, gave them some tips, and went home. A couple of weeks later, she called me and said it was back. Went over there, removed it, checked a few things and went home. She later called me AGAIN because the same virus was back. Removed it again, installed a couple of programs intended to save them from themselves, combed the browser history, and went home. Well she just called me again, and the same virus is back. I have never in my life had the same virus come back after I removed it. My obvious gut feeling is that they keep going to the same site that has it, but nothing in their history looked really odd. She uses Chrome, and was getting redirected alot, so I installed a No Redirect script. Last time I was over there, a fake Chrome updater came up, and I assumed that was the cause of all the problems since she said she'd seen it before. I guess it wasn't. Any ideas what's going on here, and what direction I should take?
  2. Ishii vs Makabe was almost on par with Ishii/Shibata for me. Great slugfest. Kojima/Archer surprised the hell out of me, but that probably comes from me still not accepting that Archer has gotten decent. Absolutely loved the last couple of minutes of Minoru/Ibushi. I can't decide who I'm more in love with right now, Ishii or Takahashi.
  3. Vince wanted Jean Pierre Lefite. Basically, a more "classic" pirate. Not a lovable sarcastic one.
  4. Little booklet?! Grandma would always get the GIANT FUCKING satellite tv guide.
  5. That HBO gimmick screams my childhood. I get borderline teary eyed.
  6. Exactly. The kids still have their head up their ass. Shit, I used to as well. Real life always wins out though. Some people can't understand that, unless you are in WWE, TNA or working a major Japanese promotion, pro wrestling is not real life. If you can't pay your light bill with it, it's not real life.
  7. I've never gotten a ton of heat for my regular job getting in the way, but I HAVE gotten heat for choosing important life events like weddings or what have you. It doesn't happen much anymore, simple because most people that know me, know that I give no fucks. Fortunately, most of the circle I run with do not have that mentality, because they themselves are trying to make a living. Oddly enough, it's more young guys in the business that I meet that think this way.
  8. You whiffed. The UNBREAKABLE analogy for LeBron/Oden was right there and you blew it like Mark Cuban losing out on free agents. You will receive no amnesty during the Mark Cuban Missile Crisis. Also, WTF!!! A GRENADE?!
  9. That's exactly how I felt about it. But we had the option of changing to the other wrestling show back then, and popping back in a few minutes later. Now, most people don't bother tuning back in.
  10. I think it's because people gave a shit about the people on their TV in 1999, so the promos didn't hurt anything.
  11. I'm loving Yujiro updating his gimmick. Complete with a new sexy saxophone entrance music. Dude, Yujiro is the sex. He's been so kingsized in the G1 this year.
  12. Scott & Rick Steiner vs Bret & Owen Hart - WrestleFest '94 A case could probably be made for the Steiners vs. Sting & Luger at Superbrawl '91, which did have a finish but not a clean one. Sting was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, ok?
  13. I can't be proud of everything I've done in life lol I'm still surprised that "Global domination" didn't work on Dwight.
  14. I'm pretty sure Monta's pitch was nothing more than "dude, we'll pay you".
  15. But one that he'd likely believe.
  16. Yep, they were definitely pushing that Robin Hood series, and used Nitro to try to grab more viewers for it.
  17. Fuck you, that was amazing Dwight was a fool
  18. I hope to be kept abreast of any developments in this angle.
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