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  1. Well they finally managed to give us a commentator I hate more than Michael Cole. Didn't know it was possible. Please don't let Rusev be sucked into this pile of shit angle for longer than a week.
  2. Criterion Channel question for those of you that have it. Do all movies play fine for you? No buffering problems or just not starting? It may be because I'm using a VPN, but I can't get certain movies to play no matter what country I say my VPN is in. Then the next film from the same actor/director will play just fine. I just want to watch Harakiri damn it!
  3. Yeah Joe is jobbing to Ricochet. Heyman is high on him remember.
  4. Criterion is pretty fucking awesome. I can watch Sword of Doom on repeat and never get bored, let alone the other 2000+ movies they have on there.
  5. Simulation theory has become a lot more well known since the trilogy ended, so maybe they could do something about that. How essentially when Mr. Anderson was unplugged from the Matrix and became Neo, he actually was just in another Matrix and so forth.
  6. Re: the Rock. He's 47 and is as big or bigger than Arnie was at age 30... When he won Mr Olympia... In his prime... On steroids. I don't know how many gym bunnies we have here, but basically every actor/mma/wrestler is on something. I know tennis isn't the same, but they train with weights a lot too, and guys like Nadal, Murray, Federer, their bodies are unimpressive and achievable, they are also heavily tested, one of the only sports that seems to be.
  7. I can't work out if that tables film is self aware or if it is serious. Who's directing it, Tommy Wiseau? I seriously do not understand how it got made. In fact I just had to google "Is Ronda Rousey tables a real movie?" it's not on Imdb, so I am more confused than ever.
  8. Do you think being introverted/extroverted has a correlation with how much a person posts? I have been here for many, many years, but I'm just not the talkative type. I figure everyone else will say what I would say anyway.
  9. It doesn't come out here in the UK for another 2 weeks+ . I shall avoid youtube like the plague.
  10. Jericho and Page have 6 weeks to put together a decent match. They'll be fine.
  11. You're a good person. I have one wrestling friend and we have to hide in a cupboard at work to talk about it.
  12. As soon as I saw the topic I was thinking "That Crusher episode, no not the ones about Wesley, the one about his mum". The only episode I remember watching and when it finished having a Krusty WhatTheHellWasThat? Reaction straight away. Also that tribbles episode of DS9 is the only episode of DS9 I still rewatch. I love how you can cherry pick episodes now they're all online. Recently been watching all the borg episodes in chronological order. Again.
  13. John Wick 3 was insane. Spoiler box just incase you've not seen it yet: I was not expecting it to be anywhere near as fun. Hobbs and Shaw is going to have a tough task of the most action packed movie this year after all.
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