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  1. 9 Bodies confirmed as being found, not 5. His eldest daughter confirmed. In Sheriff's press conference.
  2. I just want to say I like Britt Baker. She's average enough in the ring sure, but compared to some of the Diva division we've been exposed to she's great. She has a vicious and over finisher, and I think she's going to be a really good heel. I hope she has a very Happy New Year.
  3. Can we take a moment to talk about how The Mandalorian's budget was 15 million per episode* while the new trilogy was 837 million?
  4. As time stood still in the cinema, I wondered whether it had been 4, 5 or 15 hours they had been trying to get to Exegal, and if indeed the dagger or C3PO subplot had indeed even been important or necessary. Then they opened the dagger and One Eyed Willyed© their way to some place on an old death star that had some other Maguffin that could get them to Exegal. It has now been 48 hours since I last had food or water, the cinema is dark, I can't find my family, maybe they're on Exegal, I sure hope there's another skimmer so I can get across the water, oh there is, because of course there is. 0.5*/5
  5. I agree on the cartwheeling, but the boop? The boop is how her species communicates! That is why she is one of my top 3 femaliens of all time. If anyone from AEW reads this board, feel free to steal that portmanteau as I'm immensely proud of it, even though there was apparently a film of the same name in 1996.
  6. Also, the second after Jurassic Express' music hits he says "Marty". I thought oh he's going to say Jannetty, but in actuality, if you watch it again, you can see he concentrated on timing it as their music hits so that he would be interrupted before saying the surname. Obviously teasing Scurll. It was just fascinating to see that level of thought go in to a promo. You wouldn't get that intelligence in the other company.
  7. "8 million ways to die...She's one" - cue impending doom music. Is stuck in my head more so than Lucha Bros.
  8. Most people would look like shit compared to Ron Simmons. JBL was jacked© back in the attitude era. So is the next AEW ppv in Cincinnati? Moxley vs Jericho would make sense as the main event?
  9. I must second the love for Nyla on commentary. Very punny. "Stupid dinosaur!" Had me rolling .
  10. Damnit that double frog splash double 619 should have been the finish! Just once let us have the babyface people actually like win the big one
  11. I wondered why the photo thread had the "hot" tag. I was not disappointed.
  12. The reason I think they go with Jericho for a while longer, is because this is the alternative to WWE, where they are going to build and then deliver on long term storylines. Not turn Kevin Owens heel then face again in like a week and hope we forget about it. (That could have been anyone's name really.)
  13. 1.) They shouldn't have asked/order Paige to do it in the first place. 2.) Asuka's green mist clearly doesn't have the power of Great Muta's, she has to manually regurgitate it from her venom glands with her hand for it to have its true strength.
  14. I've never heard in my life the kind of incredulous heat Jericho got with the "Who wears a scarf?" comment. The whole crowd looked liked they turned to him and gave him the Hogan YOU in disbelief, amazing
  15. Ortiz does look like the naughty ADHD kid from school, it's in the eyes
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