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  1. If you liked that try another of Henri-George Clouzot's - Les Diaboliques - I'm a bit obsessed with it, it's also dope as hell.
  2. Something makes me so uncomfortable about the idea of non kayfabe Taker. It's still real to me damnit.
  3. Funny because I had the exact opposite experience. Really enjoyed Solaris and while Stalker looked lovely, could barely keep my eyes open.
  4. Man I really want Luke Harper to interfere in the main so we can get a six man before or on Mania.
  5. The only way I want to see another Batista match is if he comes back doing promos as Drax and wrestles in full make up.
  6. Is that your reaction or is that Will Smith in character? Looks laughably bad.
  7. Adam Driver getting supporting nomination, but nothing for JD Washington is a crime. Female supporting is the group of death.
  8. I come from near Norwich, England. He's one of the better looking specimens.
  9. This was the most McMahoniest show ever. HHH booked to win, a McMahon winning a tournament not even entered into. A Host that hopefully no one wants to see comes out poses and leaves. Legit surprised Hogan didn't win best in the world after Miz was out.
  10. That's it! Seen the trailer for Intouchables, but never watched, that clears that up, thank you.
  11. I swear I've already seen a film with the exact same premise? Or maybe there was an earlier trailer ages ago.
  12. Why someone hasn't pitched a Cena/Rock buddy cop movie with Captain Stone Cold I don't know.
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