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  1. You know what's been fun? Having a face champion that doesn't lose the title straight away. Mox has steamrolled through all of his opponents and it's been delightful. Sure it would get stale eventually, but the face doesn't always have to chase.
  2. Now is that a bag made of asses or a bag full of asses? The people need to know!
  3. AOC in the Captain Marvel costume giving me a serious case of settledownitis.
  4. Ever ran a "favourite actor/actress" poll? Could be fun do a male then a female one, 30,40,50 actors on each ballot?
  5. Ones that didn't make the list are in bold, but the noteworthy ones are: The Foreigner - Old man Jackie Chan vs Pierce Brosnan Headhunters - Norwegian crime thriller based on best selling book. The Woman in Black - One of Daniel Radcliffe's first movies post Potter. A scary house with a scary ghost that has a lot of jump scares, still holds up well now. Mary Queen of Scots - I had this one place ahead of the Favourite. The performances by both Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie are outstanding, great wardrobe, makeup, really enjoyed it, despite it being overshadowed by the oth
  6. UK going back into lockdown from Thursday, but virus factories schools staying open this time. Should've been done a month ago, but we are always a bit slow.
  7. I want them to sign Hirsh, put her in Team Taz and an orange and black singlet and get her to suplex fools.
  8. Pretty sure 5 of my top 15 films will make the remaining top 15, so pretty happy if that's true. Even if my #1 (Revenant) dropped lower than I expected. I guess Ragnarok got voted highly because it's very easy to watch compared to the Avengers movies which need more time and energy invested into them. Ragnarok is almost stand-alone which is rare for a Marvel movie.
  9. Do you mean the: Apart from that there was definitely a lot of actors or paid plants. I don't do well with cringe humour but only had to look away during one scene when the:
  10. Part of how I judged my list was based on "rewatchability" and Nice Guys is one of those movies that if you were just done watching it then your buddy came around and said "Hey you wanna watch Nice Guys?" you'd be all like "Yup." Gosling should accept his Ryan Reynoldsesque future and just do comedies, he's that good at them.
  11. That Kiss / Fenix match had me going "Woah" a good number of times, Sonny definitely upped their game and Fenix is so damn innovative and impressive. I think purely from a wrestling point of view he might be my favourite AEW wrestler.
  12. I'm confused and British and have never watched a game of baseball in my life, so that Moneyball film entering the top 100 was a complete mystery to me.
  13. I've wondered this too, they already fake tan so it's really jarring when their tights are even more orange. Always wondered why male wrestlers wax/shave their whole bodies too, chest I can maybe understand, but guys like HHH, Orton don't even have leg hair.
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