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  1. Who the fuck was Virgil before he was Virgil? And knowing him now, all he was thinking was i'm about to get this money!"
  2. I didn't enjoy the Bryan's victory because I was just waiting for Bird Beak's music to hit. I didn't really start popping until the copyright logo popped up. Awesome until tonight.
  3. Wtf is up with all this Alex Riley love? Never thought anything special of the dude.
  4. If Dragon doesn't get some rebels dressed like the shield in blank black mask to help him overcome all this bullshit soon,this angle is doomed.
  5. Ultimo's spoiler tag weren't opening for me. I should've taken it as a sign, but now... *pours bleach in eyes*
  6. Mike Graham had some shitty punches. Sullivan bladed off a pole headbutt or the onslaught of Graham fist of fury?
  7. Wow, I thought the rev ray rav was one dude. I have purged all HHH matches from my brain. I don't even like the dude during interviews. He's literally the least interesting wrestler I've ever watched. I would rather have my eyes stapled opened & forced to watch every Bastion Booger match then HHH best match again.
  8. I bet we get Razor Ramon HG, Magnum Tokyo, Sodom & Gomora, & yinling & Monster Bono 2.
  9. Nope. Hell I struggle to watch matches on YouTube & DM. I haven't been able to make it through a full Noah, AJPW or NJPW main event in forever. Is Crazymax still open with people shilling shit? Where would someone even buy DVDs from? Lynch?
  10. Big Show Can cry everyday for an entire year then just grab you & rapefuck you whenever he wants. *shrugs*
  11. Khali is really starting to grow into his ugliness in his more mature days.
  12. Is it me or does Sami sound exactly like Kevin Steen? They spent too much time together.
  13. I'm 100% sure he doesn't have trunks over his singlet & 1000% ashamed of myself for examining his mid & pubic area to make sure.
  14. Is it always the same guy posting before the show pics? I always found that so weird.
  15. He was whining a lot. Felt extremely sorry for Eddie Edwards. Must've sucked sharing a bed with a crying grown man with no rape involved.
  16. That Manhattan Mayhem V show was seriously bad outside of FH vs the Bucks. I don't understand why Marshall Law had any offense in that Outlaw match. Beat down->new Cop Killa double team->break finger->done. The ROH roster is the shittiest it's ever been. I don't give a single guck about 98% of them.
  17. I'm not sure about WCW but Jim Ross had a awesomely sad story about Judy calling in sick for Buff. I just figured she did the same in WCW & they wrote her nagging ass into the show.
  18. Master P's bodyguard was named Swole. Think he had a match with the filthy Animals vs the West Texas Rednecks. I still randomly bust out into "Rap is Crap" to this day. It's crazy how I have very little memories of WWF from around this time but know shitty WCW angles by heart.
  19. Wait... When the fuck did Wolves win the titles? Didn't FH win them like 2 weeks ago or am I crazy? ROH booking makes zero sense to me.
  20. Could've swore the Piper-Flair match at Slamboree was a boxing match & didn't gorgeous George boobs pop out somewhere before she hit the elbow?
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