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  1. Hmmm.... Guess that expansion WAS good for something. I had the original Vim armour paint job, but not the Refresh. I am eagerly awaiting Nuka World, just so I can finish it with my level 101 character, before I start installing mods and playing all over again, this time building settlements. I\ve only JUST started getting into settlement building, and while it is fun as hell, the occasionally janky construction drives me CRAZY. I still have to try and find a way to get a settlement up to 100% happiness (highest I've gotten is 84%), and complete the annoying Wasteland Workshop achievemments. I am 7 away from having all the achievements. ONce I do this, then I will install some mods, and start building with power. WHich reminds me... any recommendations for good mods which will make building easier and more expansive?
  2. How did you get the alternate Vim, Abraxo and Sugar Bombs armor paint jobs? Mods?
  3. Gr. 5-12 English teacher in rural Manitoba.
  4. I have been sitting on my network adaptor and HD for my PS2 for too long. If anyone has any experience with installing hard drives on a PS2, could you shoot me a private message? I have some questions to ask you.
  5. I got an iPad. I found Zen Pinball. That is all. Literally.
  6. I think they are building towards a Wargames match, for sure. HHH and his old school ways + Wargames DVD + Dusty's face all over that DVD means I think the good guys will challenge the bad guys to a Wargames match. Then, there's a few tricks they could pull. They could go straight and narrow, with D-Bry/Cody/Dustin/Dolph (or Miz, but I'd use Dolph)/Show vs. Orton/Shield/Triple H. Show finally gets to nuke HHH with the WMD, D-Bray wins, everyone goes home happy. Another option could be D-Bry/Cody/Dustin/Show vs. Orton/Shield; Orton ends up suspended or something for doing something stupid, they build up a 4 on 3, with the SHield having no allies, then SHow turns on them to join the Corps, nuclear heat a la Sting in the NWO. Or, to make it even better, right after Show turns mid-match (by having HHH come out and give him "the nod"), HHH reinstates Orton, and it becomes a 5 on 3 bloodbath.
  7. Nine Inch Nail's HESITATION MARKS has made me like Nine Inch Nails again.
  8. My plan of not watching anything on TV is working well. Mowing down a ton of flicks. So far this week, I have also watched....WHIP IT: It's produced by Drew Barrymore, it has Drew Barrymore in it, and it stars Ellen Page. It gets an automatic pass. That being said, it was a pretty good movie. THE RUNAWAYS: Ugh. Did not enjoy. I know it's based on Cherie Currie's book, but I think they criminally under-portrayed the importance of Lita Ford in here. Although Kristen Stewart did make a decent Joan Jett. JESUS CAMP: I've been sitting on this doc for a while. Finally watched it. Interesting, in a spooky sort of way. I always get suspicious at people who are so over-enthusiastically committed to a cause. Seeing little 6-year old speaking in tongues and randomly evangelizing at people... more than a little disturbing. ADVENTURELAND: utter, utter shite. THE FOUNTAIN: weird, but oddly interesting movie. A nice way way to tie the Book of Genesis, the Fountain of Youth, and Modern Science together in one messy bow. THE TOWN: I thought I would hate this, but it was actually good. It was kind of like a poor man's Townie HEAT.
  9. That Bomber game was possibly the WORST football game I have ever seen. It made me want to watch a Raiders game, to wash the bad taste out of my mouth. There's absolutely no where to go but up from here. Turrible. Jus turrible.
  10. My decision for this year is to try not to turn on my TV unless I have something specific to watch, so I can cruise through the INCREDIBLE backlog of stuff I have bought, or have on my computer.So, I watched GREEN STREET HOOLIGANS tonight. For those who don't know, it has Harry Potter as an American journalist student who gets thrown out of Harvard, and ends up running with the West Ham Hammers thugs, with BAD consequences. A surprisingly powerful movie. And violent as hell. Kinda makes AMERICAN HISTORY X look like a fairy tale.
  11. What? No mention of the end of the Buck Pierce era in WInnipeg? Less than an hour after their second win, they traded Pierce back to BC, for non-import receiver Akeem.... somebody.I have already heard 5 people say, "Wouldn't it be something if Lulay got injured, and Pierce when in to lead the Lions to a Grey Cup appearnce?", because really, that is actually not only not out of the realm of possibility in this league, but probably to be expected, knowing the Bombers' luck.
  12. In a moment of weakness last night, I pulled out PINBALL HALL OF FAME: THE WILLIAMS COLLECTION for my PS2. Damn if the flippers don't feel laggy as hel. I'm tackling the Williams Challenge... some table are easy, but man, FUNHOUSE is a bitch. I'm starting to realize how poorly constructed that table and PINBOT were.... they spun your balls out of there in record time.Yes.... I need help.
  13. Dear everyone who says Bray Wyatt doesn't have the ring skills to back up his stick work: Watch his match with Ziggler tonight. Yeah, Ziggler bounces around like a pinball. BUt watch the first right arm across the back Wyatt hits him with. Watch the way he almost rips Ziggler in half with a flying body block. And watch how smooth he hits that snap Sister Abigail to end the match. Man has skills. And if there's a God, Dustin, Cody and Dusty Rhodes will show up next week and RIP SHIT UP on the Shield.
  14. That Calgary-Edmonton game was INSANE. Edmonton sucked WORSE than the Bombers (if that's even POSSIBLE) all game, and in the last 8 minutes of the game, almost pulled it out. Insane. Makes you wonder what the Bombers could be doing if they had gone after Reilly in the off season, instead of taking a pass on him...
  15. Did NOBODY notice the sublime beauty of Show going to punch HHH, only to have STEPHANIE get between them to make the save? If that isn't the ultimate in cowardly heel booking, I don't know what is. I think the problem with the booking is, with a 3 hour show every week, we get so over-inundated with what's going on that by the end of the show, we're desensitized to the angle. If RAW went back to 2 hours, and they went back to the roster split so that you only worked an angle once every week, this would be FINE. That, and Show needs to stop being such a puss, and just start building up a thousand-yard stare of repressed anger, and instead of bawling his eyes out every time HHH tells him to heel, he needs to get in his face with a sociopathic stare, and tell him, "I'll back down tonight... but one day.... I won't have to back down any more. And when I do, I'm coming for you." Not only would this make him totally badass, but the knife in the back when they SWERVE~! him as part of the Corporation would make the fanboys' heads asplode. WWE better figure out what to do with the PTP before this fan support disappears. Am I the only one wishing that when Los Matadores debut, Mantaur comes back as the bull they must destroy? Cody's promo was EPIC. If this leads to run-ins of Cody and a Golddust-less Dustin running in to jump the SHield backstage, while Dusty stands in the background yelling, "THERE'S GONNA BE A CLUBBERIN' TONIGHT!", then I will be over the moon.
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