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  1. AEW has its issues, but it's been pretty solid so far. I don't think it's as enjoyable as NJPW, but it's a fun show, and the 2nd best wrestling program on TV behind MLW right now. I'll criticize it to hell but it's worth watching and there's positives each week.
  2. They really need to find a way to use Kip and Penelope more. I've been really impressed by Kip so far, and Penelope just adds to the act in a great way.
  3. The Ascension also forgot to turn off their phone and were released.
  4. Bad News worked Florida when Dusty was around and booking. You might get Bad News in J-Tex, or Bad News as a feud for Sting in 90, maybe a post-title feud. Possibly Bad News vs Cactus Jack at some point?
  5. There's a good Wrestlecade match with a very green Josh Woods.
  6. I don't think either of them end up in AEW. I think DBS Jr does not like Kenny/Bucks all that much- he has a vision for pro wrestling, and he will stick to it. Great guy , wish him all the best, got to meet him last weekend. Pillman Jr- he seems to have some of his dad's bad traits as well, that might keep him out of AEW. Heard he was coked out at All Out and that was part of why he hasn't been back. He also came off a bit jerky where I was at- he was the one guy I ended up getting a negative impression of that I didn't expect. Hopefully I was wrong or he matures quickly- he's got a lot of talent and I want him to succeed- I just got a bad impression from what I saw. also met Salina there- she is incredibly nice, talented, and driven, and went out of her way to talk to the younger girls who were there. I really hope she fulfills her potential of being the next Gary Hart. I don't know if Salina fits in WWE, but she'd be damn good in AEW leading a heel faction. ACH came back for MLW and already quit in the most ACH way ever. Now I"m really glad Teddy wasn't there and didn't find the Crooked Tail Cat Cafe (seriously, if anyone hits Wrestlecade, there is an actual cat cafe near the venue, really nice and a lot of wrestling fans went to see the kittens)
  7. Thinking about the MJF video and how it should have been on the show. It would have been awesome if they had played that as a commercial, with MJF "paying for the time", while a match was running like the other commercials.
  8. Nothing happened to them, but I think the NWA is going to go under, and that was the big break for the Dawsons. Saw them this weekend, they were probably the nicest folks in the building. Really good people, the whole family. (Salina De La Renta is also incredibly nice, esp to younger fans- Eric Embry was really nice too, and heard some interesting things about his career from him)
  9. I'm sad. Happy for Johnny, he's a good dude and he'll prob make great money, but I wanted Johnny vs Omega so much. Just felt that would have been awesome.
  10. I could see the Rockers ending up in World Class- though I suspect Embry wouldn't like them too much.
  11. DBS Jr could fill the top babyface role. As for Pillman Jr, I worry about him. I don't think he's ready for a lot of responsibility yet.
  12. I feel sorry for the Dawsons if they're big break is ruined by Cornette and asshatery, the Dawsons are good people. Aldis seems really good as well. Hopefully the Dawsons land on Dynamite or at least Fusion, though I know that's unlikely.
  13. HIs best NJPW was the Jay White match at the US show with Ross/Barnett commentating. Another great one would be his New Japan Cup match vs Tanahashi. To be fair, it's nearly impossible to be bad vs Tana/White, but Juice more than held up his end of them. As for Hager, he's the one guy I actively loathe in NJPW. I'd even rather watch Marko or Jimmy Havoc.
  14. Muta really shouldn't be wrestling anymore. He was unable to walk without a heavy limp headed around the place, he looked 80. Still one of the collest mofos ever in the room, and I will appreciate everything he did, but it pained me to see him like this. At least it's his knee and not something worse.
  15. I don't know what it says about me that I feel that exact same way about Taichi. Maybe I can get someone attractive to sit on my glasses.
  16. Taya always delivers match of the night at Wrestlecade shows. (and she was in that match). She's also one of the nicest people I've ever seen at the shows. I want Taya and Johnny in AEW more for Taya than I do Johnny, and Johnny's a natural fit (Johnny+Jack+Angelico+Kip+Taya+Penelope would be such an awesome group). Got to hear a lot of interesting and surprising things from Eric Embry today as well. I think he was glad folks remembered him. That said, the only person I didn't get a real strong impression of personally was Pillman Jr, though he's young and I don't think he's a complete jerk or anything. I can see why he's not in AEW though right now. Get him away from Teddy Hart ASAP. I suspect Teddy's a bad influence (DBS Jr is cool though)
  17. NJPW just put out their Jan-Mar schedule. No Honor Rising tour, but still a Fantasticamania. NJPW-ROH relationship might be done.
  18. QT Marshall is also a jobber. Just glad he isn't doing his Trumpie gimmick. I could see the Dark Order stuff working well at next year's CEO show if they're doing it (CEO is moving from Daytona back to Orlando, so it's not a given) The whole stop being a loser thing would play well with all the frustrated pot monsters down there.
  19. Never thought one of the headlines from this year would be Jim Cornette managing to kill the NWA.
  20. Cornette just has too much baggage to keep now. If he didn't have all the baggage, he would have kept his job, but he's just slung too much shit for too long, you know he's not going to change, and folks were not going to watch over him, so he had to go. The funny thing is Corny is getting support from Trumpies now, it's kinda hilarious. I kinda expect him to switch sides now and start being a Trump supporter to get on that grift.
  21. I wouldn't mind seeing AEW work with Wrestlecade for that. They'd have to move the date, but it's close to an oldschool hub and what would be a good AEW area, and they've already got something lined up.
  22. I got bored of it this year- the only thing that held me this year were the juniors and Taichi's move up the card. I'll be back for WK, but I unsubbed from NJPW after October- though much of that was AEW/NWA/MLW providing enough good wrestling show that NJPW was overkill.
  23. I don't think what you're getting paid is confidential information, even if employers really hate that. The fact employers really hate that is why it should never be confidential.
  24. We're going to get this next year from Joe Hendry and ROH. Even odds. I really hope John Woods ends up with Suzuki-Gun/Sabre-Gun next year- he's gonna be too good for ROH soon.
  25. I'll admit I was giving him a pass because of his anti-Trump stuff, and thinking he was old/was playing a character some/had bad influences like Bill Watts. That said, one can only take so much, and he used up all his goodwill with me. Reminds me of Brad Wardell (a game developer who kinda went the same way) There's a saying in the Air Force- you can give a person enough rope to hang themselves, and that's precisely what Cornette did. That said, if Cornette tried to pass a urine test, he'd probably try to take notes from Hammerstone. ^_^
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