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  1. Warhammer- I agree it's going to end up being epic awesome or epic flop. I'm a little pessimistic on it- CA is very inconsistent- and they're due to lay an egg. I did play the SFV Beta today- I like what I saw, but among SF fans it's going to be a polarizing title because they got rid of so much. Also it's clear that they've got work to do engineering-wise, and about 4 weeks+ however old this build was before they go gold. I expect a rough first week to month but something they'll recover from. There also was a nasty glitch Xian discovered that needs to go as well, but that's doable.
  2. I'd love to see a Hippophants vs Unicorns feud now.
  3. My top 3 for the year: Sorcerer King - Basically a pretty good cross between a Civ game and a roguelike, with some nice humor splashed in Freedom Planet- This is the true sequel to Sonic, with elements of Rocket Knight thrown in. Great soundtrack, cringeworthy story mode is the only knock you can put on the game. Also loads of cute. Trails in the Sky SC- best JRPG of the MId-2000's, now in English on PC. Play the original first (released 2 years ago), but this game is super awesome. Falcom generally has been the best JRPG company for the past 10+ years, they just don't get the press. They're the NXT to Square's WWE. Honorable Mentions: Nuclear Throne, One Way Heroics Plus
  4. Big Show during his Smoking Giant phase. As for Nia- could she work as a face? I could see it. As for Dash and Dawson , I want them on the main roster as henchmen for Steph. They'd be a huge step up from J&J- have them on their first night injure Roman's knee and cause him to drop the strap later Sting/Rude style
  5. Nia Jax's biggest issue right now. She doesn't know how to not be incredibly attractive. She is a very good looking woman, who has a smile that lights up a room, but that isn't what you really want from your killer, monster heel. Her character is supposed to be Godzilla terrorizing Tokyo, but that isn't what I feel while watching her. OK guys, if you walk into a bar with all of the WWE women, and you had to pick which one to approach based purely on her body language, where does Nia Jax rank on the most approachable. She looks like she wants you to like her, when her character shouldn't want you to like her. That's a vibe I got as well, she just can't look mean. She either needs a mask, war paint, or Asuka to hand her a collection of Dump Mastumoto and Bull Nakano matches.
  6. My favorite was Emma/Asuka then the tag match. Both great. Everything else was decent to good. I really think Dawson and Dash need to get a team name and be brought in as assassins on the main roster. (Hell, why not make them Masked Assassins- they could make it work)
  7. Human Tornado- really surprised he never got a good run anywhere major. Guy seemed marketable and could have been a comedy guy at the very least.
  8. I really have been loving this storyline. In spite of his ring skills, Miz has a great personality. So they're doing a great job letting him be self-involved undercard sleaze who rarely wrestles. And putting Neville in Miz's orbit should do plenty to make him appealing to Raw viewers by virtue of comparison. It's simple, fun stuff. And it's yet to devolve into 50/50 win trading. So I dig. Though I'll take any bone they throw at Neville at this point. Great NXT run where he developed into a performer who's believable at the top as a face or a heel. Best NXT match ever, IMO, vs Zayn at R-Evolution. Possibly the TV match of the year against Rollins. I need to see this guy succeed more than anyone else floating aimlessly in the undercard. The best solution is to bring back the Cruiserweight division for him- a guy like Neville is made to be a Cruiserweight champ who only wrestles other cruisers. As for Roman- the best booking writes itself. Have Steph show she's the brains behind HHH and Vince- take them out of "official" decision-making, then get outsmarted herself (perhaps with help from Ambrose- who she should be trying to turn against Roman , and Ambrose tricks her into thinking she has)- Steph gets thrown out of power screaming the next night. End up with a figurehead raw GM- Bret or Foley would be perfect for this- and make sure they never show up unless absolutely necessary. If someone gets Steph off TV for over a year, they'd be a made man for life by WWE fans.
  9. I could see him ending up "graduating" from WWE the way Stacy Kiebler and the Rock did. He's too good for this crappy company.
  10. Mark Henry certainly could have, at least 50% shot he gets it at some point. Booker T was doomed by being WCW- 0% chance.
  11. The real problem is they need to accept that fans like guys other than who they want. Even WCW got behind La Parka because the fans did.
  12. Maybe have Corbin brainwashed or recruited by the Wyatts, then the Wyatts get creeped out by him?
  13. Over jobber is probably one of the best roles to have- you sell some merch, and you're in jobber matches so you don't have to be out there that long, and guys aren't going to go all out on you that much.
  14. JYD was 300 lbs power guy. I'm sure Tito Santana would know how to show fear.
  15. That 45 minutes for smaller guys- why not just bring back the Cruiserweight belt? I think that would be a great division if it was kept in its own universe, with guys like Balor, Breeze, Ziggler, Neville (who should be the focus of it)- being the mainstays. Would also keep them healthier as they'd have to pinball less for guys 50-75 lbs heavier.
  16. Does anyone think the New Day would make it if they quit professional wrestling and just ended up doing their own show somehow?
  17. Faces are supposed to be "OUR GUYS" though. If you can't become one of those guys, you're a crappy face (for that promotion at that time) I'd say 20 years of Authority storylines has conditioned fans that YOUR GUYS=heels, OUR GUYS= faces. Best thing WWE could do is turn HHH into a pure neutral "best for business", phase out Steph for 2-3 years, and let faces and heels develop organically.
  18. I more enjoy that no one in the WWF knew that Mascaras was going to be difficult to work with. I've often wondered whether Mil did that sort of shit when he was working with some of the more legit badasses in the biz. I can't see him no-selling Harley Race or Tenryu for very long before something awful happened to him. The fact that Mil is alive and well and in his 70s is a pretty good indicator that he never played that shit with Harley or Tenryu. No selling either one of those guys gives you the life-expectancy of a house-fly. Could Mil have been a badass himself, or enough of one to keep someone from messing with him?
  19. Problem is both of them want to be Arn and neither of them want to be Tully. We really need a Midnight Express wannabe team next.
  20. Well, Sony is the preferred brand of Middle Eastern bad guys- dating back to the Saddam days (they found PS2-powered Scuds)
  21. One more person you can add to the very unhappy category- Mick Foley. I just saw his facebook rant put up about an hour ago, and he agrees with most of us on what is wrong, and in the comments, said what I've been saying for years- that this wouldn't have been as much as a problem if WCW or even TNA had succeeded. Despite ROH having some of the same issues, and despite having inferior ring-work to NXT, I just enjoy the product more because it has more diversity and unpredictability, while still maintaining some logic. I can understand why a few guys stay there.
  22. the New Day needs Von Erichs. They are a lot more Freebirds than Midnights. Big E= Gordy Kofi=Roberts, and Xavier=Hayes Can we get Sasha as the Angel of Death?
  23. I would love to see a Megapowers with Bayley/Asuka to deal with Nia/Eva, followed by Asuka and Nia joining up and turning on both their partners and going all Dump Matsumoto on Bayley.
  24. It's WCW these days. You have lots of random good, a great C-show (NXT), and so much bad you have to fast forward through, and a main event scene that is boring as hell and predictable. I liked WCW, so I can stomach it, but I know when it's shit, and a lot of it is shit now.
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