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  1. I don’t think they have been Boys for a while, I’d take umbrage with that one. Hardy Men it is.
  2. He looks like Jarrett! “I’m the greatest country singer that ever lived, B-R-O haha C-K-L haha E-S-N-A-R”
  3. TK.s HUGE announcement is going to be that he has signed the hottest free agent in the businesss…. Cody!
  4. Keith Lee in a promotion where Mark Henry and Big Show have active roles behind the scenes can only be a good thing. I’ve got a good feeling about this. Give me Miro v Lee to determine King of The Modern Day Hosses please TK
  5. In Boba Fett alone he was a tour guide, construction project manager and space Uber driver. Grogu better have given him a good rating!
  6. Just reading that card sounds amazing. It’s also slap bang in the era where I was ordering IWA / CZW and MAW tapes and discovering those kind of up and coming indy guys along with like MadMan Pondo v Wifebeater or something along those lines.
  7. All I really wanted to see from this whole series was Boba Fett riding a rancor, and bah gawd did they deliver. I’ve read a lot of negativity about this series but I really enjoyed it start to finish. It wasn’t perfect but it was fun and energetic.
  8. Hey, Don’t look a gift-berg in the mouth! This years Road to Wrestlemania is certainly taking some wild detours. I think WWE’s Sat Nav is broken. “Well we know we want to get to Lesnar-Reigns, so if we take this turning here… oh my god, we’re on the wrong side of the Highway, and there’s a Goldberg coming right at us!!!! Abort! Abort!”
  9. Maybe there’s some confusion and Danhausen is going to do a promo trashing A&W.
  10. I hope he being literal and comes out in the full Boogeyman get up.
  11. Some sort of conspiracy I’d imagine. Look, he said some grossly offensive stuff on camera which is on the internet forever. TK is 100% right to remove him, it’s his show. TK isn’t booking Hogan or Flair either, because they too have said and did dumb and gross shit. TK also took Sammy & Caster of off TV for saying and posting dumb shit. Its the world we live in, you live and die by your words. Who knows what might happen, if he goes to sensitivity training and apologises, he might get a shot. We don’t know yet. Unless you are either Kendrick, or his biggest fan I don’t see what the loss is anyway. He hasn’t been on TV in forever. I was pretty, meh, about it in the first place. Give someone already on the roster a shot.
  12. TK is literally that Evil Kermit meme right now. Me - I’m not going to hire Shane McMahon Also Me - Maybe I should reach out to him. What the hell.
  13. Just catching up with last weeks Rampage but Brock Anderson has that classic Mid South / 80’s All Japan gaijin body shape. Gives him instant credibility in my book.
  14. In All Elite wrestling Keith Lee manages Adam Cole!
  15. The Vanth / Bane stand off was as intense a stand off as anything in any western. That was incredible and tense as all hell. Brilliant episode. Loved the Jawas truck with the dragon skull skeleton. Noticed the free town bar had been decorated with some rib bones from the dragon as well!
  16. So you could say it’s so uncool it’s the Lowest oft the low? Ill see myself out. Maybe Justin Roberts took one look at the town name and went “nope, not pronouncing that every other week, east of England it is”
  17. I can’t even begin to imagine how Davey Richards works in “that” suplex spot in.
  18. I’m sure this got brought up before and it’s where short lived board meme “AN USO!!!!” originated. It would be great.
  19. Hardy back office needs to be a thing, where AEW wrestlers go for the last 6 months of their contract. We get the occasional skit where Peter Avalon and Joey Janela are arguing over Post-IT notes
  20. My guilty pleasure is “fixer up” shows, so it kinda combined my 2 loves. Short of having someone go in and fix up Mos Eisley Cantina I can’t think of how it could get more up my alley!
  21. Gimme a series of “Pimp my spacecraft” where Mando and Repair lady fix up various spacecraft. That whole section was oddly relaxing to watch!
  22. If Bivens somehow ends up there and we get Mark Sterling to resume the long and protracted legal battle over the Chuck Taylor name then I’m all for it. Bonus points if we get RD Evans representing the defense.
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