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  1. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    And thus we discover the REAL reason for the WCW/WWF Outsiders lawsuit.

    What's Coachman doing there?
  3. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Weren't you just fearing that the Hellboy editor wouldn't be able to find more work because of allegations against him? Don't you still "stan" for Whedon despite all his bullshit? Do those guys not count because you like them?
  4. It apparently is based on the Demon Bear saga, which was Bill Sienkiewicz's big coming out party.
  5. I think the long haired kid is 'Berto. Maise *is* Rahne, I guess the main character in the trailer was supposed to be Dani, and I think Amara was the thing in the dryer.
  6. I'm of two minds. It's nice to have a superhero film that isn't in the normal action adventure mold, BUT this kinda screams low-cost-never-use-their-powers film-making. Illyana and Rahne have spot-on looks, though.

    Must fight urge to slap the Brazzers logo on that picture.
  8. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Implying that you want the woman you have sex with regularly to smell like a co-worker is inappropriate, yes.
  9. Tell Me How You Broke The Board...

    I'm getting weird pop-unders whenever I visit the board in the past week. Doesn't happen anywhere else.
  10. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    Now THAT is a goddamn work of art
  11. Your Upcoming Good Stuff On TCM Thread

    THE RETURN OF DRACULA has the first time Dracula turns into a wolf in a movie. It came out the same year as Hammer's Dracula, so it's basically forgotten. Like The Picture of Dorian Grey, the entire movie is in black and white except for a single scene. Business Formal Dracula awaits...
  12. Comic book projects that don't warrant a thread yet

    I *rented* Carnosaur, I didn't *watch* past the FF trailer.
  13. Rest of 2017 Wrestling Merch Thread

    Do you think Bryan is happy he looks so much like Regal as a retro action figure? Enzo looks positively normal. TOO normal.
  14. Comic book projects that don't warrant a thread yet

    There was a Fantastic Four trailer on the front of Carnosaur. Maybe that's where you're remembering it from.

    Easily The Thing