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  1. Surprisingly Sincere Man

    WWE Hall of Fame 2018

    This might be blasphemous to admit around here but I can't be the only one to find the whole thing boring as hell? I try to watch it every year but end up tapping out every time.
  2. Surprisingly Sincere Man


    Supernatural just did a fun episode tonight where the lead characters got sucked through the TV into an episode of Scooby Doo.
  3. Surprisingly Sincere Man

    Raw Is Roman Reigns, Super Genius - 3/26/2018

    Actually to be fair to Coach, it was actually both he and Cole who screwed up talking about Braun instead of Ronda. Graves corrected them but it definitely felt like they gave the game away.
  4. Surprisingly Sincere Man

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    UAE and Saudi Arabia are different countries. Is this airing live on the network or on a tape delay?
  5. Surprisingly Sincere Man


    The 24 documentaries are some of the best things WWE does. I've enjoyed every one of them so far. Every woman came off as so likeable.
  6. Surprisingly Sincere Man

    WrestleMania XXXIV

    Has it been confirmed that there is a mystery partner?
  7. Surprisingly Sincere Man

    The Old School Questions thread

    What were the circumstances that led to Alundra Blayze leaving WWF with the title? Wikipedia just says that she was released from her contract due to the company being in financial difficulties. How come they never actually took the title (both the championship and the physical belt) off her first?
  8. Surprisingly Sincere Man

    Booker/Pulitzer/award books you have read?

    2 Booker Prize winners - The Sense of an Ending, Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha (really enjoyed both) 3 Pulitzer Prize winners - The Age of Innocence, The Old Man and The Sea, The Road (preferred the Wharton over the others) Not a prize winner list, but the list I prefer to judge myself against is a 100 English language novels from The Guardian a couple of years ago - https://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/aug/17/the-100-best-novels-written-in-english-the-full-list There I've got 7 (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Dracula, Heart of Darkness, The Age of Innocence, Brave New World, The Big Sleep, Lord of the Flies) Not as many as I'd like, but I own about 40% of the books on there so will look to remedy that over time.
  9. Surprisingly Sincere Man


    It was Tor Kamata working under the gimmick name of Mr Moto.
  10. Surprisingly Sincere Man


    Watching those clips posted earlier, I'm a little disappointed that I had fallen out of wrestling for a few years at that time. Crowd was molten for him.
  11. Surprisingly Sincere Man


    Yeah he needs to wrestle like Regal, without any headbutts.
  12. The Hogan nonsense at WMIX
  13. Surprisingly Sincere Man


    I think it's his gimmick now. Isn't he the guy who didn't recognize anyone in a picture of John Cena and Nikki Bella?
  14. Surprisingly Sincere Man

    Raw Is Empowering Women - 3/12/2018

    They missed a gag but Strowman should've come out dragging an unconscious Kalisto or some other dweeb by the foot and said "Here's my partner ref!"
  15. Surprisingly Sincere Man

    Raw Is Empowering Women - 3/12/2018

    If Cena was a fan at WrestleMania he definitely would've been the idiot with the beach ball.