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  1. I haven't played a recent NBA 2k game since 2k13.. so I'm all lost on how to play since things seemingly changed a lot. Am I wrong, or is there no legit training mode where they do the 1 on 1 drills to teach you the controls anymore?
  2. General question for Borderlands 2's True Vault Hunter mode... Lets say I get my character to level 50, will it keep leveling him/her up after that (like it did on normal mode) or will it cap out until I start Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode?
  3. I appreciate it. Thanks! Edit: Is that list solely for PS4?
  4. Apparently can't get a refund, so I'm going to give the thing another go. I've got the game on PC, so I have a question: Who makes the best edits on the Steam workshop? Like, who should be my go to for quality guys.
  5. Got both the base game and the Fire Promoter DLC yesterday. Sent in a refund request just a little while ago. First sign I made a mistake getting it was the game started in Japanese text. Once I got that fixed, I went and got a few edits from the workshop, sorted them out. Then after that, I finally tried the fire promoter mode. It was fun, but not (all in all) $35 worth, and after I saved last night and came back onto the game today: It said my save would not work, because of missing wrestlers, belts, or DLC or whatever. I hadn't touched it once since closing it out last night.
  6. I just got Dark Souls 3 for PC just recently. and holy fuck is Cathedral of the Deep a huge fucking dick. I'm not even talking about the respawning enemies. I'm talking the way up and over the rooftops. Those little hat-wearing dicks, those things that are quick and deal out a ton of bleed damage. God damn. I swear I've been trying to make it through that area forever. I do love these games but damn, sometimes the enemies are really cheap.
  7. I honestly cannot get a grasp on NBA 2k. I'm still on PS3 and I'm playing the most recent one I have (2k13).. and unless my guys can get 3's or I just randomly luck into someone making a shot at mid or close range, I can't do shit on here. And I have no idea how to play defense. Are there any good guides out there for tips on this game? I've looked around a bit and haven't found anything helpful.
  8. I'm enjoying the cameos and returns as of late. I have to say watching part of the episode (I think it was the previous week's) where Ernie is looking to go into the Wexler/McGill offices.. I noticed he was had that same nervous tick that Gus had in the elevator (tapping his fingers together) after he got interviewed by the DEA and ABQ PD during Breaking Bad. I don't know if it's intentional and they're related somehow or not, but it made me think of it.
  9. This season of Arrow just feels off, somewhat empty. Anything that should have some weight feels forced. The whole part in the flashback to the list hunting, where some dramatic explosion happens behind the Arrow, the music that comes on anytime Prometheus shows up, the forced bullshit with "OLLIE WAS A SERIAL KILLER YOU HAD A KILL LIST" when anyone watching the show knows damn well that he didn't kill everyone he came across and that killing the people involved wasn't really the point of his list - and Oliver not pointing that fact out. IIRC, most of them wound up keeping their lives (until Merlyn put an arrow through them) but had to sacrifice something (usually money given to the victims), etc. It's like they thought calling the Arrow a serial killer would be clever. "Does that really make sense?" "Nope, lets just do it anyway." The mid season finale hinging on that nonsense "Oh, Oliver you're a serial killer, this city needs to be saved from you, so I'm going to team up with a guy who has killed dozens of innocents because that's what makes sense." makes it worse. Season 3 was disjointed, but it still had a lot of fun things and even though last season had the Felicitiy BS, there's nothing near as bad as how some of the stuff this season is coming across. The new recruits don't seem to have any thought put into them at all either.
  10. So I got the itch to play a WWE game. And since I haven't touched a mainline one since 2006, I went and snagged 2k14. What, the fuck, did they do to the controls on this shit? I keep doing the same two or three damn moves and can't figure out anything for shit. I grapple, up and x, down and x. Seems like I get the same move every time. I legitimately am confused on how I've actually managed to win any matches on this thing. I really, really miss No Mercy style wrestling games. So fucking much.
  11. The Show 12 RTTS is beginning to piss me off quite a bit. First is the whole achievement goals that they give me. If I fail two, then I'm either on notice or bumped back down to AA (which happened once already cause I couldn't get the BBs I needed and they altered my "get less than x strikeouts" thing to below what I'd already had because of an injury). Second is doing pretty fucking great in AA (had above .300 average, would occasionally get home runs and my RBIs were a healthy number) then shitting the fucking bed in AAA completely. I'm getting struck out more, I can't hit the goals they give me (hit 'x' home runs, get 'x' base on balls, get less than 'x' strikeouts). How the fuck am I supposed to get base on balls in this game when I can't tell what pitches I'm going to get? By the time the ball has got to the catcher, I'm already swinging it way late or whatever. The pitches go down way too fast. God help me if the pitcher lobs a fastball down the middle. Even if I'm prepared for it, I'm ALWAYS fucking late on the swing. I'm thinking it's partly me just not being good at this game and partly the shit camera angles they give you to choose from. I'd like to enjoy it, but it's just giving me so many reasons not to. Why couldn't they just keep me down in AA for the entirety of the season instead of calling me up so that I can build up my stats a bit for help? Note: I use pure analog hitting, if that helps.
  12. Tried out NBA 2k13. And man, they really complicated the control scheme, didn't they? I do the tutorials, then a few minutes after that, I forget all of what I learned and I'm clueless. I fucking blow on defense. I have no idea what I'm doing at all. I suck at offense as well, because of all the different control combinations that make no sense whatsoever. And apparently you need to pull down the R2 trigger to do the shoot stick now? Or L2. Whichever. God damnit. I used to, at least to my memory, do well doing the pick and roll on 2k11, but what the fuck? I have no idea how this shit works. Then there's the whole thing with the game fucking freezing my console every few games, if not once right after the other. So I got the bug for basketball, tried going back to 2k11 as I remember playing well on that.. thanks to someone on here who gave me some tips on the game. And I find out that I can't play for shit. I really am horrible at defense on this game and the pick and roll thing doesn't work like I remember it. And the MyPlayer for this game fucking sucks. I'm not even kidding. I could maybe get a B+ on 2k13 at best, but on here I could barely scratch a C rating. I thought the pick and roll on this game worked like.. you get the guy blocking your defender, you run off, pass the ball back to the guy in open lanes, and then he'll take the easy dunk/shot whatever. Did NOT happen not even once during the myplayer rookie games. Nor on the games I played on after getting drafted.
  13. Got Madden 25 the other day, just cause it was cheap and it's a little more recent than 11. And two things I really do not like about this: The fucking RPG mechanics bleeding into everything. Scouting, upgrading players, etc. It ridiculously complicates everything. I preferred the whole "players progress at the end of the year" thing rather than having to upgrade them little by little throughout the year. The second thing is the gameplay seems a lot faster, ie. everything on field just seems at warp speed compared to 11.
  14. So I can only play on PS3 for now (still no PS4) and I've only got Madden Football 11. If I were to get something more recent (12, 13, 25th anniversary), which one would be recommended?
  15. PSN having a $5 and under flash sale netted me: Saints Row: The Third (which is really fun), Hitman Trilogy HD (haven't played any of it), and Ducktales Remastered, which is a fun little walk down memory lane. On the Uncharted front: I got to the generator room with those things and basically gave up. Mostly due to them grabbing onto me and not being able to shake them off. I followed the prompt, shook the controller, but it didn't work. I really loathe motion controls by anyone not named Nintendo. At least that stuff functioned well enough that I never had a problem with it. Decided to just move on to Uncharted 2 which feels like a huge step up so far. Might have to get Uncharted 3, but I'm going to wait the current one out until the end. See how I feel about it.
  16. Never played Uncharted before, so I wound up getting the dual pack for a few bucks just recently off Amazon. Uncharted 1 is a pile of shit. Enemies taking a shit ton of shots to kill, getting swarmed by a bunch at the same time and being out of ammo (and it's useless to go run for any of their dropped shit, because you get mowed down while you're doing it.. and the thing that pisses me off most about this game: If you're in cover, it doesn't matter where the center of your screen is at, when you come out of cover your stupid goddamn crosshair will be way the fuck out of range to shoot the guy you were aiming at. Is this the same with Uncharted 2 and so on?
  17. Question regarding Dark Souls (original, not sequels): I played DS2 first, so my experience is with limited amount of respawns for enemies before they disappear. Is this the same in the DS1? I haven't experienced this despite farming for Green Titanite in the Depths without encountering it.
  18. So I got Rogue and have been playing it.. and I'm at the point right after you And they've seriously given me no hint to why the Assassin's are doing the stuff with the poison or the earthquakes. Do they ever explain why they're doing this shit or is it just Ubisoft going all "well here's the assassin's doing bad shit to show they weren't all good, and we don't give a shit to explain why"? After Shay went to Lisbon, and he came back after the quake. They didn't even explain anything to him, it was just Achilles and the other Assassin's going all "Hurrr I don't care about the earthquakes and people dying, you will obey me!"
  19. Popped on quick for the first time in months, just because I wanted to grab the Roosevelt, Street Sweeper and some long sleeved shirts that I can only get around Valentine's Day to complete my old school gangster ensemble. If I happen to eventually upgrade to GTA on PS4, all that shit will come with me yeah?
  20. I've never played a Dark Souls game, but I had some money for Christmas and wound up buying Dark Souls 2. I like it quite a bit, but it's basically "Trial & Error, the game." The Last Giant was the first boss I went after, and it took me a while but I beat 'em. And upon creating a different character later on, I beat 'em on my first try. Dragonrider took me less times than I had for the Last Giant and was fairly easy, I guess. The Pursuer is kinda a dick though. I have no idea how many times I tried taking him on last night, but it must have been over a dozen times, maybe more. Finally beat him. His health was down to where I guessed it would take 3 or 4 hits, so I just started wailing at him since I figured my health could survive it. And I did. It was kinda like I could see the end of the tunnel and I just made a mad dash for it. I got, like, three bosses that I could go up against right now. The one down the prison area of The Lost Bastille, the duo in No Man's Wharf and the Old Dragonrider (who, watching people against him on youtube, seems like he wouldn't pose too much difficulty but he beat the shit out of me when I tried 'em). Haven't tried the first one, so I've no idea what to expect, but I am not looking forward to trekking through No Man's Wharf again. The summon that's supposed to be there for Lucatiel isn't showing up and I've no idea why. I was gonna bring her in to that battle once I found you could do that. Huntsman's Copse has these guys with whips and another variation with a different weapon and those guys are beasts. I accidentally triggered all three of the ones that were up an alley to chase me and got my ass rightly handed to me. Probably will wait until I've got a bit better weapons on me to try slugging through that. And that one witch in the caves, with all the skeleton warriors, kicked my ass a few times. Overall I have a love & intense hate for this game, but the more I get the hang of it the better I feel.
  21. Got The Pre-Sequel on PS3 the other day. Though I love having more Borderlands, this new anti gravity type of thing takes some real getting used to. Some things are just plain annoying: Items tend to blow over the edges when you kill a flying/jumping guy, I get randomly knocked off the map and die, and the driving somehow seems worse than it usually is. Other than that, I'm having fun with it. Wilhelm's the guy I'm using for my first playthrough.
  22. Shylock


    That was perfect. This whole episode was gold from beginning to end. I've never really been a big fan of Kirsten Dunst, but this show has me wanting to go back and look a bit more into her other stuff. Just fantastic. "It's Rapid City all over again!" has to be a rib on viewers, since he was the one who said the "It's goddamn Sioux Falls all over again!" line in S1.
  23. Apparently doing well, for the most part, performance-wise with New Vegas. Get a few hours, then it slows, so I save and quit and continue another day. Enjoying everything about this game, except for the deathclaws. I don't remember them being as big of an asshole in Fallout 3. Was at Nellis doing that Lady in the lake thing for Loyal. I traveled out the way I came, past Raul's hut, then I was going to make a beeline for the Brotherhood Shelter (since I hadn't found it yet). I go near the railroad entrance. Kill a lone deathclaw, then there are like four to five more of them. Holy shit. A whole pack. I've got Veronica and ED-E in tow. Got killed before them. Second chance, I go south of it and folllow the road, I'm looking around. Almost near the Shelter... hear stomping and panting. Look around and FUCK, there was one, then another young deathclaw. I make it past those, then two more come out. One knocks the robot out of commission, the other knocks Veronica out. I wound up being able to down both of them after my companions were basically distractions. And while I'm waiting for both to wake up, it's intense. I keep looking around, because I KNOW there was more over the hill by the entrance to that railroad tunnel.. and as soon as they both wake, I gun it to the shelter to take a breather for a bit before I go to the bomber. What are the best weapons for killing these bastards? I had a light machine gun (which I thankfully got thanks to destroying some Black Mountain mutants), I bought a Gauss Rifle from the Brotherhood store, just because why not? I generally use Maria for nuisances (mole rats, rats, etc), Cowboy repeater for bigger nuisances.. and I had bought the GRA Battle Rifle, which is pretty fucking great for the most part. Have the Tri Beam laser rifle and that one rifle you can find at Repconn HQ. and a 10mm Submachine gun, just because.
  24. Since Fallout 4 is out, it's given me the itch to go and play one I hadn't gone through yet. I hadn't fully finished Fallout 3, but I'd gotten most of the main story done and aside from one or two of the DLC. And I had New Vegas Ultimate Edition on PS3 (got it for really cheap not that long ago) and that was despite knowing the issues it has. I hadn't had many problems with Fallout 3 on PS3, aside from it occasionally being sluggish.. and the only thing I encountered that was a bummer when I first started out on NV for a bit was the Johnson Nash glitch in Primm. But I'm at Freeside, doing some of the missions for the King, Garretts and Van Graffs and holy shit does this thing slow down to nothing at random times. I go through the gate outside of Freeside (to go to the Mormon Fort) and everything just crawls. I'm assuming, should I eventually get a better PC, that most of these problems can be taken care of with mods and such?
  25. Ah, right. Didn't know how many you needed to win, thought it might've been 7 or some such. My moxie exists only due to being under the impression that there was an achievement or something for 50 days. Not sure if it's an achievement or just a "hey, you made it 50 days, here's $50k". And apparently there's one at 100 days. I don't think I'm going to go for that. Once this month of dailies is up, it's a day to day thing. I'm only two weeks away from a relatively easy $500k (assuming that there's not another tennis objective). Tennis is probably the most difficult of the bunch. I've only had two impromptu races, luckily finding people who didn't mind going along. 1v1 deathmatches are a close second.
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