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  1. I keep wondering what their definition of being a success will be, especially on the live event run. Are they content running--and probably selling out--the smal/mid sized venues that ROH and NXT book. Or are they aiming bigger? I think at this point I'm less interested in seeing who is on their roster and more into what their goal is.
  2. Good for Teddy and Davey Boy Jr. I wonder if with him signing, will Lance Archer be making any appearances with him.
  3. I finally got around to watching Lucha Underground when the first two seasons were on Netflix. Is it worth watching going forward?
  4. THIS. But as fans, I think it can be hard to admit that a character that we've invested in has an upper limit. As for the Bayley stuff, I would say that in addition to Alexa walking all over her that the ongoing frenemy story with Sasha hasn't helped her at all.
  5. He wasn't even there. All that rumor and innuendo.
  6. My wife was passively watching All In, because she had no choice, and pointed that out to me. Once I noticed it, I couldn't un-notice it.
  7. This. One opened in the last five years or so I think. You get all excited, then eat at one and immediately remember why you never go there.
  8. Don't doubt yourself; I can totally see that now. Wow.
  9. Abyss re-signed with Impact Wrestling. Was there ever a time where he would have been a good fit with the WWE?
  10. Yeah. I could see that completely throwing them off. That said, the Juice/Switchblade match was really good.
  11. That makes Shiek Tugboat look like a great idea.
  12. Watching him mow through jobbers was terrifying as a kid. Especially all the commentary about how he had broken backs left and right with the powerbomb.
  13. The only one that I couldn't vote either way was Tanahashi and AJ. I really think the world of both of them.
  14. It's probably in the same vein of how Amazon Prime offers me HBO.
  15. All of this. I was crying from laughing so hard at the Okerlund bits on the way into work this morning.
  16. That period was my favorite of Brock since his return. I wonder why they dropped the kimura.
  17. Sometimes I think I'm in the minority of people that prefer post-retirement Michaels.
  18. That said, how good/bad do you think a Brody/Hogan feud would have been?
  19. Bug by the Allerd family has been solid.
  20. I always thought it would be better if they taped 205 in the same place, and maybe had a match or two with the cruiserweights on Raw. No need to send everyone out on the road for no reason. That would be the greatest thing in the history of the sport!
  21. Maybe it's the Bret Hart logic that it's better to get the win on regular television instead of on pay per view, as more people would see that?
  22. I don't remember, but were there more injuries happening during the brand split days? I mean, they would be getting more time on television and on house shows, but wouldn't that make it more likely that they would get injured?
  23. They danced around what he did well enough, I mean he was a cartoon pimp, not some guy beating a woman demanding his money, Its not like WWE is alone is glorifying pimps. It still happens today. I'm not going to begrudge Godfather for being super successful with a seemingly random stupid Vince Russo idea. I'm watching 1999 WWF and it is interesting watching Val and Godfather go to the end of the year. Godfather is still really over while Val seemed like a relic of a different time by then. I'm fine with Charles Wright going in. He's as deserving as any of the other lower-tier guys. It's patently moronic, hypocritical, and frankly icky for them to induct him as the Godfather. I'm not blaming this on Charles Wright. I'm saying the company is in the wrong. "It still happens today" is an unacceptable excuse for anything. I also thought it was in bad taste for them to start the segment with one of their Black History Month bits, only to end it with the Godfather getting inducted.
  24. I'm in the same boat. The Dangerous Alliance/Vader/tag team stuff was really what hooked me on wrestling.
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