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  1. Quite honestly, the international partners might not even notice. Especially if they load it with Raw/SD recaps.
  2. Especially if they followed the HBK/Diesel blueprint.
  3. Was in the audience that night and 100% agree.
  4. "Deep Dish" Adam Scherr just might be the best new name in wrestlng.
  5. I never knew/noticed that. I guess it's time for me to hand in my Mick Foley fan club badge. Agree that the Hurt Business was ended way too early. No one in the group was ever that interesting to me, but somehow as a well dressed unit they became the squad. even with this stupid Goldberg match going the way it most likely will, it would have been fun seeing the old man spear Benjamin and Alexander on his way to victory in some contrived match interference spots.
  6. I was listening on my commute this morning and it came out of nowhere.
  7. It is weird with Jake and Lance...they are pretty much the same size. It's kind of the weird father/son dynamic they have with Darby and Sting.
  8. I've been wondering that for a while. It looks bigger and smaller than a WWE ring at the same time, and your description explains why.
  9. FWIW, the first thing I though of was Animaniacs, too.
  10. They did give us the Filthy Island special set in the back woods of the Von Erich ranch. It felt like it was a missing episode of Trailer Park Boys and I'll be forever grateful.
  11. Yeah. Storyline wise, they are CONTRA's nameless/faceless goons. I assume they're just local guys or anyone available.
  12. Maybe they'll do there own exploding ring match!
  13. I guess it's because Gage really is that psycho white trash dude? I'm not really a fan of him or the GCW/CZW death match stuff at all, and I'm really burnt out on watching AEW. But he's a compelling enough person that I'll definitely check him this out. This is definitely the type of side-show stuff that you need from time to time.
  14. I would assume it would have been in Chikara, but a quick look through the end of Cesaro's time there it never looks like they had a logical match. They were doing a G1 style block tournament for the Grand Champion and neither Cesaro or Kingston were in the same block.
  15. If there was someone in a hot feud with Lashley and it was a PPV semi main event, Lashley/MVP vs someone/Goldberg could be ok.
  16. I felt the same way about Walter/Dragunov from last year.
  17. Both of those were great. I think that match was my turning point on becoming a Cobb fab.
  18. I think it's somewhere in between the two. She's amazingly creepy.
  19. This is why we are friends in my head. I love his quote from the WWE HOF..."Never spend the second half of your life getting over the first half."
  20. Same here. And now I know to avoid Twitter for the rest of the day.
  21. New Jack wrestled with Incredible Hulk hands on and based his gimmick on El Kabong I'm right there with you. I've never been into deathmatches, but it fascinates me why they would do that to themselves.
  22. This. I always knew OMG was big and assumed he was close in size to Bigelow. But after the picture you posted; OMG is quite OMG worthy.
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