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  1. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    I dunno he got some good reactions during the GHC run, just not on message boards
  2. NXT Takeover: WARGAMES~~~!!!

    Lars Sullivan does Muso for a finish, and as earth's last Takeshi Rikio fan I just want to let it be known that I appreciate that.
  3. Just as an update, this'll resume next monday/tuesday. Very busy all weekend. Thanks for your patience.
  4. Aww, thanks y'all! Anyways, I don’t know Valerie June at all, and was thrilled to discover there would be at least one non-white guy artist in this whole process. The wikipedia description leaves something to be desired- it’s basically like “she plays all the guitar genres plus churchy things.” So I have only like a vague idea of what to expect going in.

    I finished Dragon Quest IV. It's alright. So far in my rankings, it is in the exact middle, because that's what it is- the middle of the road. Everything above it is great. Everything below it is not. It's just totally fine. I'm short on cash so I think I might split my time between replaying V and playing through VIII until christmas.
  6. Social plans fell through so I got through another album. I don't know how interesting the writing will be since my notes kind of harp on the same point over and over, but they can't all be winners. At least I won't have to use the emoticon. Anyways, here's the new list. 1. "The Order Of Time" by Valerie June 2. “So You Wannabe An Outlaw” by Steve Earle 3. “Life Is Good” by Flogging Molly btw feel free to let me know if anyone is actually appreciating this because I don't have like any read on that
  7. This is exactly right. One of the things Giant Bomb did years ago is they would have live streams during GDC where they would invite developers in and talk to them in a mixture of Industry Q&A and Horrible Drunken Catastrophe (the Giant Bomb Way). They had Ed Boon on and they asked him about what he had seen there that had stuck with him. He talked about a panel for Puzzle & Dragons, where he said that in 2013 they had made $100 million a month. A MONTH. And that was a long time before they had actually nailed down the behaviorist aspects of lootbox reward tables and the rest of that dark math. The time to get mad and surprised at this shit was a long, long time ago, and if people didn't have the blind spots towards phone games or facebook games (which are admittedly no long As Much A Thing as they were) we maybe could have done something. I remember around then when my attitude was "WE NEED TO" whatever I thought the answer was, and now I'm just screaming "CHOKE ON IT" like Day of the Dead.
  8. Overwatch catching the blame for like fifteen different mobile games and also Dota 2 is adorable. At least in Overwatch you get the same chest whether it's through playing or paying.
  9. Unfamiliar with Steve Earle too, but the google image search suggests that dude has been around for a while and been through some shit. Like, look at this row of images. I want an album that addresses this. I kind of wish I had been writing secret songs in a diary fashion so when I got to be an old fart I could put together the songs that would resemble that for me. Anyways, here we go. Again, each paragraph is for each track.
  10. PSSH. Show me your album of the year, not your most agreeable record. I can take anything once. I just wrapped up listening to and writing about Steve Earle by the way, and I'm gonna sleep on it again so I can go over it the next day. What I am gonna do though is that since this is eventually going to become an ordered list, I will start putting up where it goes on the list before I put up the writing. Here's a list of two albums! 1. “So You Wannabe An Outlaw” by Steve Earle 2. “Life Is Good” by Flogging Molly
  11. That's on me for not making that clear: The throughline for Gang Green in that context is that they were one of the like five openers or whatever for that Dropkick Murphys show. also I totally understand the desire to make troll picks- and to troll me specifically- but I am genuinely trying to come out of this with pleasant surprises
  12. Super Mario Odyssey

    you haven't played sunshine recently enough
  13. when i suggested the bold thing I figured it'd be because people would take a second to explain why something was their favorite album, so now I feel weird but that's on me
  14. So I’m gonna make track by track notes and that way you’ll know where I am in the record after this paragraph. I wasn’t sure who Flogging Molly was even though I had heard the name, so I went to the internet. The first thing I saw was a four leaf clover. The second thing I saw was (I assume) them in full suits. The next like thousand words are going to be in the spoiler tags so people don’t open this thread and get ambushed by it.