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  1. I really enjoyed the Wargames match (after watching so much WWE and CMLL in the last few years it was nice to see an enormous bloodbath ending a feud), but I gotta go with Akiyama/Inoue still. Infuriated Gym Coach Akiyama is one of my favorite wrestlers, and "comedy dork in the fight of his life" is one of my favorite setups for a match (Colt/Homicide, Bryan/Santino, etc). Inoue plays that role perfectly, and by combining weird comedy with the world title stakes it makes him look like he's trying to pull off a bank robbery against a sentient malicious bank. Also it's one of like five Akiyama matches ever where his strikes don't look like total ass, so it's got that going for it.
  2. i mean, PSTVs have Vita cartridge slots on them and as long as the game doesn't need the touch screen stuff it'll run. Plus a PSTV is like $40 now.
  3. Last three days of the March Sumo Tournament were dramatic as hell. Day 13: Kisenosato, the brand new Yokozuna (first Japanese-born Yokozuna in 17 years) dislocates his shoulder disgustingly in his first loss in the tournament to fellow Yokozuna Harumafuji. He's still in first place, but the injury looks real, real bad. Day 14: Before the tournament, my guy Kotoshogiku got demoted from Ozeki rank and had to win 10 fights this tournament to get his Ozeki rank back. Getting the Ozeki rank is hard as hell, and as Kotoshogiku is an older wrestler now, this was his last chance to regain the Ozeki ranking. A loss could mean retirement. To this point, he was 8-5, meaning that another loss would make it mathematically impossible for him to get his ranking back. On day 14, he went up against Ozeki Terunofuji, who could tie for first with a win. My initial judge of people's character is usually right on, and I judged Terunofuji to be a shitheel the first time I saw him. On day 14 he decided to tell me I'm right with the bullshit he pulled on my dude Kotoshogiku- He initially false started, to feint that he was intending to do a full charge, and then when it was time to charge he just stepped out of the way and slapped him on the arm. Kotoshogiku went flying, and Terunofuji put on his best mean mug The crowd was incensed and booing, and Kotoshogiku refused to bow to him after the bout. Later that night, Kisenosato loses handily to fellow Yokozuna Kakuryu. Public Enemy #1 Terunofuji takes first place. Day 15: Kotoshogiku wins his final bout, finishing at 9-6, one short of what it would take to regain his ranking. Thanks to Terunofuji's bullshit, there's no way to know that if he could have regained it fairly. The semi-final bout of the day was Kisenosato and Terunofuji. For Kisenosato to win this tournament, he would have to beat Terunofuji twice in one day with one arm. First bout comes up: Kisenosato takes vengeance for Kotoshogiku and sidesteps Terunofuji the same fucking way, and ends up shoving him down after a brief struggle. Now there's a tie, and now there has to be a playoff bout. In the final bout of the tournament, Kisenosato beats Terunofuji by reversing the grip Terunofuji has on his belt and throwing him with his good arm. Terunofuji set out to win the tournament by any means necessary, and now ends up being the villain in the story of Kisenosato's heroic performance. Ha-ha. Sumo rules.
  4. got story ending 1 and started story run 2 and yeah ok, retroactively moving Nier: Automata to a 4. holy shit.
  5. Just find a guide for Marrakesh. There's like so few options that are clear at all and with the way the rest of the game opens up, it's worth just getting through Marrakesh as fast as possible.
  6. HITMAN UPDATE Previously: Paris [4]; Sapienza [3]; Marrakesh [2]; Bangkok [4] COLORADO [4] - Four targets with no safe zones. Probably the biggest actual challenge I've had playing Hitman. Essentially, the player infiltrates a militia compound without a uniform. Without a disguise, 47 is the number of bullet holes he's liable to collect on sight. This process of infiltration is the most tense the game got, and the most rewarding once I actually pulled it off. Hiding bodies in stages is fucking nerve-wracking. Making progress is slow, but full of big silly revelatory moments. BEST KILL: Sabotaging the miniaturized bulldozer in the Raid Practice barn to score a twofer. HOKKAIDO [3] - A good map, but in the wrong episode slot in this season. I've spent the entire season unlocking cool stuff, and then the last mission starts you with no personally smuggled items and no agency stash points. The central conceit is good (no keys, it's an exclusive mountain club so the robes you wear have your keys embedded in them, thus making your disguises literal keycards instead of figurative ones) but after going all out and doing all sorts of wild shit in Colorado, being so restricted to the point that I didn't even have the unlocks I earned bummed me out. This is probably a 4 if it's not The Grand Finale. BEST KILL: The only time I killed a non-target in the entire series. To get the bodyguard uniform I needed, I walked up to two men standing at the entrance with a bust of a cowboy head I had acquired from my next-door neighbor, knocked them both unconscious, took a disguise and both of their guns, and threw them both off the cliff. The actual target kills were either boring or deeply, uncomfortably hideous. HITMAN SEASON ONE [4] - This is probably the greatest stealth game yet made. The only people I think wouldn't enjoy some part of this game are people who struggle with anxiety or stress. Everyone else should probably give it a go. It's accommodating of all assassin fantasies, from James Bond to Anton Chigurh and anything in between, NIER AUTOMATA [3] - Disclosure: I used a friend's Gamefly account to acquire this game, so, I cannot honestly say I paid for it, nor do I know if I'd pay full price for it. On one hand, I do not like open world RPGs. On the other hand, the second boss is the most disquieting transhumanistic body horror I've ever seen. What I'm saying is, Nier is a game of extremes. When it is doing Platinum things, it is Platinuming it's precious little heart out and I love it. When I'm grinding for crafting mats or trying to recover my corpse, not so much.
  7. What's cool about this set of eight is I'm indifferent to 7/8 of them so I only have to cast one vote (against omega) and then I can just watch the other threads bloom.
  8. Fair enough, I'll just back my way out of here. y'all have fun!
  9. I had zero interest in playing or seeing ME:A, and then all of the Lovely Animation found its way onto twitter and now I know I at least want to see more of it. Also I love their plan of like not talking about the game or showing it and spinning that as a positive ("No, it's not that it's coming in hot, it's just that we want to surprise you all"). You have to imagine they thought they were the very smartest until they learned EA wanted them to put up their early access demo thing and people would end up seeing all their hideous mutants and backwards guns anyways.
  10. Padlock tends to mean that the game is not available because the account that bought them is tied to the game and so they won't launch unless you're using that account. As for the other games, you're not breaking the law if you play them, and retail-available games are weirdly available for everyone on the console the owner bought them for. However, if the dude ends up activating his account on another Playstation and he makes that playstation his primary playstation, you'll be shut out of all of those games immediately.
  11. I have a way more elaborate version of this. I tried to order Flying Lotus' "Cosmogramma" through Amazon. When it showed up, the cover was very plasticky and shimmery. When I put the record on, it was Very Much Not Flying Lotus. It was instead a record by some dude named Joseph Arthur. But it had the right stickers on it and everything. For reference, here is how Cosmogramma starts, and here is how the Joseph Arthur record starts. I didn't return it, because that shit is hillarious. What an elaborately stupid scam.
  12. "Broken Hardys" is the closest a gimmick has come to completely salvaging unwatchable matches since "Stop The Matsunaga." The Hardys are the most hilarious and captivating misunderstanding of Lucha Underground possible. And for fuck's sake, it's not like "Matt Hardy Total Career Reinvention" is some trivial thing. He finally cashed in on the hushed tones people always spoke of his character work when he was doing the Version 1 gimmick and all that shit. Putting it shortly, in the voting period, The Miz became perfected, but Matt Hardy wholly doubled in depth, and that's why the Hardys get my vote. and yeah i just cited a w*ing dude so it's cool to me if the matches are bad if the gimmick work is good or memorable. I also love roll-ups, fuck finishes, and run-in spots. The Whole Thing is Wrasslin', not just the spots strikes and holds.
  13. i didn't think the toronto tag was that great
  14. It's a good thing we're in the present, then. Dragon Lee.
  15. It will be months until I am done with NIER: AUTOMATA, but here is an example play session. -Just defeated the third boss, in one of the most interesting zones the game has showed me so far. -Encounter a new and charming town, full of quests. Go do them. -Was searching in the desert, which is across the map, to finish some quests. -Found a little hideyhole with a save point, and saved. -On my way out of the desert, found a challenge arena and completed several waves of that. -Wrapped up that quest, went to go turn in all my quests. -Walked the entire distance of the currently available map, as there is no fast travel whatsoever. -Turned in a bunch of my quests in the first city. -Ran to the new city, and turned those in. -Game informed me that there was a new crisis at the starter zone. -I only know the one way to get home from there, so I go that way. -Screen cuts to black. Text informs me that I have abandoned my mission, and thus humanity, and thus everyone is dead now. -Title card, now with subtitle "A Building Too [H]igh" -Roll credits at 2000% speed. -Title Screen. -Didn't save since the desert. About 40 minutes of time and exploration lost. -Save file now has a new info line, for Endings, including Ending "H." If this sounds infuriating to you, maybe you should wait for a lets play, or just 100% main-line it, skipping all side missions.