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  1. Oh, yeah, totally a botch. It's still my favorite NOAH moment ever, because... you know that line from Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, where Hunter talks about Vegas being the point where the tide broke and the wave rolled back? That's Diamond Head. A move just too stupid & dangerous to live.
  2. Why do that when he already has the craziest bullshit head drop of all time? No, not that one. This one. "Hey kobashi what do you want to do for the finish" "well I figured i'd do a thunder fire powerbomb with like a tilt-a-whirl bit at the end" "cool cool, say you're not gonna just like bounce my head off the mat like hella fucking hard are you" "no! no! what? no!"
  3. crossed 100 hours in fire pro world today The only other game I've been playing is Dragon Quest 9 and I think I'm about to call that a wrap for a while. See, like, it's a game where people's last wishes are getting some real raw Monkey Paw treatment and so you have to go around undoing that and putting the spirits of the wishers to rest. That's a good enough concept, but after the year I just had (recap: five family deaths, oldest friend sexually assaulted and nearly kidnapped, young cousin disfigured), maybe a game where the end of every single chapter is "CHOOSE DEATH" is not the most fun thing to me right now.
  4. Honestly the thing about MGS5 Phantom Pain is that it has changed so drastically since launch- Konami kind of treats it like a Big Console Mobile Game that needs an online connection to access the higher tier equipment- that I don't know that anyone here has been playing enough of it recently enough to even know what it is. It's different than the game I played when it came out. Now, if you don't do online anything, you might be set, but it might get overly challenging in the back half due to the fact that they tie the maximum amount of crafting materials you can have to your online raidable side base. MGS5 is as mechanically weird as the other MGS games are storyline weird.
  5. while I am probably well-known around here as a sucker for atmospheric pixel art, i yelled like twice watching this and have to share it
  6. ok so this is going to come off as condescending but some people just might not know this? so here: fpwarena has been working on a comprehensive head list for people looking to use the stuff Spike made to make their own edits.
  7. Exactly. Muto is a very Hogan-like figure, where he's not like the all-time king of match quality but he has highlights and there's no avoiding what he did for the wrestling business in his country. Granted, Muto's batting average is way higher. and don't come at me with that "chono is hogan" mess, y'all need to revisit chono if that's how you feel
  8. wait, when did we decide Keiji Muto was an all-time great? I love me some 90s Great Muta, but outside of that stuff he has like maybe five good matches, most of them with significantly better wrestlers than he is.
  9. heads up, something went weird in the new patch where it's mislabeling Power, Arm Power and Agility as the defensive values straight across the way. An example of what I mean: It'll probably be fixed soon, but until it does remember this error as you're making move sets. EDIT: By the way, the Compatibility letters will still read out correctly, so you can trust those if you get turned around. There's an old affinity guide on gamefaqs for the GBA games that still mostly maps, although it doesn't take MMA/Entertainment stats into account.
  10. it's literally the first three CPU logic options in the first category. I don't think you could make him go outside of the ring on his own though
  11. It'll probably move faster once they fix the mouse stuff. I imagine that was the point of why the interface is like that, because just manually scrolling through the wrestlers takes some damn time. which maybe makes me a little curious about how they'll handle that on PS4
  12. Just a heads up for everyone out there, but the thing I've noticed this go-round is that some of the Personality settings in the CPU Logic seem INCREDIBLY extreme now. Like, Flexibility was kind of throwaway in FPR, but now it's no fucking joke. Put the flexibility too high and it's like you might as well not have made CPU logic. Same thing to a lesser extent with discretion, but the Flexibility thing is a bigger problem thanks to the kind of currently befuddling inability to make certain moves blank (like the top rope moves or the dives) like you used to be able to. So remember, if you're making wrestlers this go round, keep this in mind: -High Entertainment -Low Discretion (around 20-50. For a WWE metaphor, 20 : Rusev :: 50 : Miz) -BE CAREFUL with Flexibility. The way I've been thinking about it is, you can use Flexibility to represent age and experience. So like, someone who's young and doing a bunch of shit (pick an indie guy) would have high flexibility because they're prone to do anything whenever to get a reaction/win a match. For contrast, a guy like Christian works on a very specific formula. Start here, go here, go here, end here. Or someone like Big Show, who occasionally varies what he does, but most of the time when you watch a Big Show match, you get a Big Show match. and just as another tip, if you want something to cross reference to figure out logic, you can load in the preset wrestlers and take a look at what they're prioritizing to get the results you see. That's how I figured out the discretion thing, because I went "what is happening here" and loaded up the shoot fighter characters and sure enough their discretion is all like 80.
  13. So if you're not up on what Sumo is like in 2017, here's the short version- Hakuho is the greatest to ever do it. A condensed list of Hakuho's records: Career Championships (38) Most Undefeated Championships (13) Most Consecutive Championships (7, tied with Asashoryu) 3rd Place in Lifetime Career Wins (1040, and he could break the all time record of 1047 this month) In 2010, tied the all time record of Most Wins in a Calendar Year (86 out of 90)... ...WITH HIMSELF A YEAR EARLIER. And even with all that, he still has time to pull shit like this on the new guys coming up. Hakuho rules. Sumo rules.
  14. if there has been a single benefit to being housebound while insurance companies take turns fucking me over on my ability to walk, it is being able to do a thing like this. p.s. cpu sims count towards all the sim achievements