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    dawg i'm from fuckin' space no uh sleep dep added an extra five games there

    I started Dragon Quest XIII the other day, and I learned that my process- of playing a bunch of the old games first- was the right way to go. Even now, years after it was a new game, when Yangus started speaking out lout, I flipped my fucking shit, and when they started moving through the country side as the credits ran I goddamn near almost cried, it was so intense compared to all the DS and NES stuff I've been playing. I was previously not interested in getting DQXI for PS4, thinking I'd be just fine on 3DS. I was wrong. I was very wrong.
  3. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    yo I'm a Phillies fan too, it's okay. I just remember how brutal the spring was and to be here now is kind of blowing my mind.
  4. MLB - SEPTEMBER 2017

    lol the dodgers are so fucked. the Phillies have won three straight of a four game series. THE 2017 PHILLIES. WHAT.

    Maybe it's just the changing of the seasons or something but I've been playing a lot of The Men too. weird.
  6. Random music thoughts

    My favorite jazz thing of the last decade has been BADBADNOTGOOD's Confessions pieces, and today they published Confessions Pt. III. Here's the whole series. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 For those unfamiliar, BBNG is a young Canadian jazz troupe that draws heavy from hip-hop beatmaking in their own sound. They've worked with a lot of great rappers (their album with Ghostface Killah is fucking beautiful) and put together some impressive solo records of their own, but the Confessions songs have been like next level for them. They just keep escalating and shifting, especially thanks to the addition of Colin Stetson on Parts 2 and 3. also if i was a wrassler i would be using part 2 as my theme

    Baszler rules. That's been the larger message of this tournament, at least for me. She's like the closest WWE will ever get to BattlArts and I'm so there for it. I don't know who said it- either someone on here or one of the SC reviews- but the fact that she's using a sleeper hold as the new DDT/Diamond Cutter/RKO is fucking magical. Good match.

    Could be, but it's also worth remembering Square's window for what counts as a successful game is notoriously fucked. Like, the first remade Tomb Raider was internally considered a flop. From Eurogamer: Also, all that shit that just happened with Hitman is another peek at their high internal bars, as well as Final Fantasy XV making it's development budget back in a weekend and FF14 putting up WoW subscriber numbers with the same monthly fee. Not to mention Dragon Quest. Square's barometer for success is adjusted to them being The Hottest Shit In Japan, and not Modestly Successful In The US.
  9. And now for Irma

    yo what the fuck are you doing

    Fun Fact! Sleeping Dogs was originally announced as True Crime: Hong Kong, and was content complete when it got cancelled by Activision in 2011 for "quality concerns" (more specifically, they didn't think it could compete against GTA or Red Dead). Square Enix bought the rights to the game (but not the True Crime IP) and released it the next year as Sleeping Dogs.
  11. Random music thoughts

    Chad Vangaalen is pretty much what I aspire to be, and he's just released his fourth straight Fucking Great record and you can listen to it here. If you like it, be sure to check out his last three: Shrink Dust, The Green Corridor #2, and ESPECIALLY Diaper Island
  12. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    co-sign on Monaco, it is the unquestionable best co-op game I have played to date, across all systems and genres.
  13. So, How's It Going?

    I started work on a symphony. This will be the last time I say anything out loud about it until it's done.

    Today's a big day for this board, and I'm surprised more people aren't in here talking about this game, because it's the release date of what is looking like one of the best games to come out in 2017. ... no, not that one. EVERYBODY'S GOLF (f.k.a. hot shots golf) [4] - If anyone here likes Golf Games like I like Golf Games, they'll know that it's been a fucking mega-drought for golf games that are any damn good. There's some weird fringe early access/XBone stuff like The Golf Club (admittedly a killer name), but for anyone looking to golf by tapping a button three times while maybe holding a D-pad direction, they've kind of been SOL. That includes me. Fortunately, Everybody's Golf is here with a warm and loving embrace and a really finely tuned character creator. I no shit dumped six hours into this upon download yesterday and it's fucking super super good. It's maybe a little samey early on- I've played the same nine holes about a half dozen times in that time, but the thing the game is really good at is progression. You get better at stuff by doing it. Want to drive better? Drive Better. It's fucking Golf Skyrim, but you can't sequence break their poorly written plot. I'm going to sink a fucking hundred hours into this thing before the end of the year, because DAMNIT I love me a good Golf Game.
  15. MAN, fuck y'all, I want Baszler to win. She feels like the closest WWE is going to get to BattlArts, and I don't know if you know this about me but I love me some fuckin' BattlArts. The NXT Singers latching onto Mercedes was nauseating, but thankfully they gave it up early. This match was so my shit, just rugged and authentic feeling. Maybe in the next decade, wrestlers will figure out that they look like fucking goobers when they do the five move combos and shit, because if you don't you can have matches that look this goddamn good. Going into this, I finally understood the dread people felt about TJ Perkins moving as far in the Cruiserweight Classic as he ended up being. On the other hand, Ibushi Kota Blows So Whatever. Kairi slicing her face on the ramp was gnarly as fuck. Selling was fucking all over the place in this one, but Kairi won almost to undo the bad fan reaction over Kota jobbing.