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  1. DEAD CELLS [4] - If you have been following reviews or public opinion, here's my review- it's as good as everyone says. If you haven't, Dead Cells is a Castlevania Symphony of the Night Rougelite, with a healthy amount of Dark Souls currency fear. It can be brutally difficult if you get arrogant or if you panic, also much like the Souls games, but patience is rewarded just as much. It plays beautifully, it unfolds itself wonderfully, and even though it's in early access there's a lot to enjoy already. Just outstanding. PREY [n/a] - I can't give a strong opinion on this game yet, because I got two hours in, I want to play it very badly, and my PC kind of can't handle it, so I'm putting together a new computer and Prey will be how I test it out. Preliminary opinion: I am SUPER down. let's talk about some games I refunded. quick note: refunds are because money is tight, not because I'm like suddenly super defiant. TRACKMANIA 2 LAGOON [2] - Refunded within an hour. This one is half my fault, and half the game's fault. The part that's my fault is that I've played all these games pretty much exclusively with a keyboard, and this game is the first time that that's totally unfeasible. The handling model is very, very particular. My hand cramped up pretty tightly trying to manage it. So that's the part that's my fault. The part that's the games fault is that the maps it launches with are totally inadequate, so I'm gonna give it like half a year and a sale before I check back in. For now, I need that money. STRAFE [1] - Refunded after an hour. What a killer idea. What a not-killer execution. The thing that makes a rogue-like game manageable is is the idea of making progress throughout multiple runs. This is accomplished either through earning material goods (Dead Cells, Rogue Legacy), or acquiring advanced understanding of The Scale Of The Bullshit (Spelunky). That's the part Strafe is awful at. I did at least fifteen runs and felt like I had just wasted that time. I didn't feel like I was advancing towards anything, or that I was going to find anything new. Even meeting new enemies was just like a momentary identification of "oh, this does that. alright." I just died, over and over, and felt no forward momentum for the effort I put in. This one made me sad to refund. VANQUISH [2] - 30 minutes til refund. This one's all my fault. I let my friends hype this game up to me without looking at it for myself, and then within the intro mission I discovered I did not like the aiming, the shooting, or the looking at it in general. That's a pretty rough combo of things to dislike. A friend of mine has it through their steam account so if I get yelled at I'll just do the friend account stuff we have set up, but GOSH, I bounced off this one nearly immediately.
  2. If you click here, you can listen to and maybe even pay for my new album. It's called Hard J. I've been working on it for two and a half years, and being honest, I think it's pretty good. FUN FACT: My avatar is part of the album cover.
  3. On April 11th, 2016, we got the combination news of the passing of an aunt and the terminal diagnosis of an uncle. From then until friday- One year, one month, and one day later- we proceeded to lose five family members. Another was nearly abducted two separate times overseas (fuck japan btw). Another- a child- was blinded and ignored by the school nurse. On Friday, my grandmother passed away from Alzheimer's. My mother will be spending mother's day taking care of the resulting paperwork with her sister. The only solace in any of this is that our family is running low on elders who could get sick in the first place, so we'll have quiet for a while at least. I feel numb, but intellectually I understand that it's amazing that our family is still standing and still making forward progress in our lives. That'll be more comforting later, I guess.
  4. I'm having to downgrade my Persona 5 rating to a 3. The finishing stretch of that game is just so, so brutal that it's almost completely sunk my will to see it through. I'm gonna try knocking the difficulty down to easy to see if I can push through, but MAN, the last dungeon and this current situation are just a big heaping pile of bullshit. Elsewhere, THE TURING TEST [2] - An attempt to make Dramatic Portal that is not nearly as clever as it thinks it is. An example: I found a secret corridor. At the end of it, there was a computer terminal. I then, very actually, performed the Turing Test, but the perspective presented is that the player are the robot. A neat trick. No matter what the answers are, the "professor" remains unphased and the player keeps getting called a robot, and then soon enough no matter what keys get pressed the sentences fill in automatically. I lost control over what I was saying, so, naturally, I hit escape, which caused the keyboard to keep typing this really desperate sounding plea to be freed from inside the machine. Then the computer short circuited. Pretty nice little mood piece! Then I went into the next testing chamber, and Obviously The Bad Guy AI Voiceover pipes in and asks my main character if i know what the Turing Test is. I shut the game off right there. METRICO [3] It's neat but there's not enough happening to recommend it. It sells itself as a platformer where the scenery is like running through this hellscape of powerpoint presentations, where all kinds of bar charts and line graphs come to life and form the terrain, but most of the time it's not overt enough about where the scenery is coming from and so it just becomes a puzzle platformer. REALLY cool idea, kind of a bummer that it doesn't stick with it. HIDDEN FOLKS [4] - hidden object game. The twist- the developer made all the sound effects with his mouth. i'm a simple man. that shit is always going to make me smile. EDIT: I also bought and then refunded STRAFE. I'm just not into roguelikes like that. Or at least, not into them to the extent I'd have to be to get far into that game.
  5. Trackmania if you want Full Stupid, Dirt Rally if you want something more grounded in reality. Dirt is kind of an acquired taste but the way your car feels like a million fucking pounds in those games is just wonderful to control.
  6. good month for games! BYE BYE BOXBOY [4] - Absolutely the best game in the series. Maybe not the best starting point, but after Boxboxboy let me down, this one exceeded all my expectations. You can look at a video of any of these games and get the general idea in like ten seconds, but they do enough to vary it that, at least in the first and third games, it's totally enough on its own with those minute variations. QIX [4] - 3DS Virtual Console of the game boy game. Listen- I love Qix. I love any kind of Qix you want to give me. This counts. PERSONA 5 [4] - The best compliment I can give is "after 73 hours, I am currently at my favorite part of the game so far." Still, you know if you're gonna play Persona by now. It's Occult Pokemon with High School Kids. Pretty limited audience. KINGDOM: NEW LANDS [4] - You ever, like, put a game on your Steam wishlist and leave it on there for years cuz you know you're gonna have a blast with it whenever you get it? Well, I'm subscribed to the Humble Monthly Bundle, and this was in it this month after spending like three years on my steam wishlist. Hey- I Love The Shit Out Of This Game. It's a 2D, 1 resource empire building game, and there's only one enemy, and they are greed demons after your one resource. Everything is coin powered, and simple, and the only talking that happens is a spooky ghost telling you how to start doing things.
  8. I have listened to this twenty times this evening.
  9. If you go here, you can listen to the new album from a friend of mine. The dude makes music that constantly bewilders me and makes me work harder, and I'm lucky enough to be someone he trusts with production work. His first album was just him, a guitar, and a tape recorder. Now we're here. I'm so fucking proud.
  10. Oh sure, I didn't link that to dunk on your desire to own a thing without legal scrutiny. You're describing my approach to how I buy vinyl- "well I've pirated this but it turns out it means a lot to me, so I'm gonna pay up." I just laughed at "Nefarious Means" given what Nintendo's been getting up to, and the seeming moral relativism of their whole position. also i have a raspberry pi and it's chill. I wish the arcade stuff wasn't such a picky little nightmare but that's just arcade emulation in general. it's not for everyone. people on the internet sure love being sanctimonious.
  11. Watch this talk from Frank Cifaldi, historian and part of the team that put together the Mega Man Legacy Collection. I recommend watching the whole thing because it covers a lot of wild shit, but from 13:47-15:30 he proves that Nintendo is just downloading the ROMs off other sites and selling them to you.
  12. it's a real drag that the rest of this album is not a quarter as interesting as it's opener, because Holy Shit.
  13. i am 35 hours into Persona 5. It is good, but I get the sense that you know if you're going to play it or not already.
  14. I have finished Nier Automata. In the post-conclusion delight, I feel a little prone to hyperbole. It's definitely one of the best games on this generation of consoles. It might be my new favorite video game If not that, it might be my new favorite narrative-heavy video game. If not that, it might be my new favorite ending. Regardless, I believe that anyone who is interested in games as a storytelling medium should play Nier: Automata. It is a story that cannot feasibly be expressed in any other medium.
  15. Shout out to Brock/Goldberg. For all the time I spent making fun of the prospect and setup of that match, I had the most fun watching that out of everything I saw this weekend.