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  1. Funeral, you say? I am confident that Martin Scorsese would proclaim this to be a fine use of cinematic technique, and damn funny as well. - RAF
  2. i am really looking forward to the new viceland wrestling documentaries they are really good i like them alot -boys, boys, boys: we're all in the same gang, RAF
  3. Heck, just go with "Frankie Steiner" and take that unused Unfrozen Nazi Wrestler gimmick and tweak it up properly: Ted Turner found a third Steiner brother and as part of a master longterm Monday Night War Masterplan, put him in cryogenic suspension. When scouting locations for this WWE Warehouse Props Roadshow (tie-in synergy!), Malcolm Bivens finds Frankie in a warehouse in Atlanta GA. He emerges, and Bivens, to keep FS under thrall, keeps him thinking it's 1989. His singlet has geometric patterns of orange and acid green on it, he wears Roos, all his promos are shouty, and he keeps asking for Sting and Lex Luger and - his brothers. Everything is EXTREME (and rad). he can work all the vets! start printing my money, Mr. McMahon, RAF
  4. This is f'n sad and most of these folks are the ones getting main events as well, with the exceptions being some of the remaining highlights here - the ladies, RReigns, a couple of the NXTers, New Day. What a revoltin' development. - RAF addendum: are Rey M and Big Show the only WCW vets remaining?
  5. You are so right, in the most important sense of the actual wrestlers involved - I assume you misspoke on the genealogy. Thank you for the correction, I have lost much face. I would like to assume that they are all related like Pacific Islanders,but in some krazy shinobi clan manner, with Killer Khan, the original Kabooki, Lord Tensai, Magic Dragon, Yoshi Tatsu, Taijiri, Yoshi Kwan, Kwang in some jumbled "tree" with most folks being "cousins". Would the Great Nita, Kevin Sullivan, Tor Kamata and King Curtis be honorary uncles? - RAF
  6. Thanks, bruddah. It's that mall punk haircut, half mask and PetCo clerk physique on so many of tnese young'uns - I gets confused. (I have never seen him work, he might be festive for all I know.) - RAF
  7. Q: Why is Jimmy Havoc on that pretty Maki Itoh shirt? Not sarcastic, I don't know what links them enuff to appear together. - RAF
  8. What the heck is Seth Rollins' gimmick anyway? It keeps changing but I never really know what he is supposed to be/want/represent/stand for/aspire to. Even his catch phrases/T shirt slogans don't really mean anything. Maybe he is the human cipher, a tabula rasa, a projection screen for out own identities. Or not. - RAF
  9. Team Manspreading? Basic Instinct Connection? Anyone have a translation for those Jun shirts? - RAF
  10. I was a guest host on The Rock & Wrestling Connection podcast with my chums Jason and Jason, two knowledgeable blokes and between us we managed to have three differing opinions about everything. If you tune in only to here me drop the truths about why Capt. Lou wears rubber bands in his face (sourced painstakingly from the legend himself) then you will be that much closer to achieving satori. I is either on episode #5 or #6, I dunno. Link below, but it appears to be on a few platforms. It was fun, I like to tell stories, and I hope to be invited back even though I can't stand Rush (the Canuck band not Lio). https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/rock-wrestling-connection/id1525264024 - famous in his own mind, RAF
  11. I finished the two Crowbar Press books mentioned above - I tried to make them last but they were too delectable. The Buddy Rogers book was great. It was illuminating to read a positive take on his career, since there was so much negativity about him it was hard to separate the sour grapes & bitterness from his actual place in the history of the business. Like an iconic rock star (Jim Morrison? Iggy Pop? Lou Reed?) Rogers' influence is still felt today, as he is imitated and copied (second/third/fourth/... - hand) by workers who may never have seen him at all. The research was incredible, but I would have liked a little more context, maybe his contemporaries and students talking about what made his work stand out for that era. The Frankie Cain book was doubleplusgood amazing. I could read about vets ranking workers, shooters, hookers, fighters and bookers all day long. The man is a genius and understands what makes pro wrestling work. His childhood was four or five lifetimes of adventures compared to most of us mollycoddled pink softboys, and if it was a movie no one would believe it. His love of the business and of life itself shines through - this should be mandatory reading for anyone in or into rasslin'. It's easily in my top 3 wrestling books. - RAF
  12. My opinion of Bischoff could really not be any lower, but to clarify, has he maintained that Watts approved that initial HH gimmick and now he admits that it was just himself? I feel dirty for even asking, so I probably cannot get myself to listen... thanks, RAF
  13. Reed and Neidhart - the happiest tag team ever? The Chuckle Express! RAF loves a laughing heel. And Duggan/Rhodes - Team SadPads. Buy some new elbow and knee protection, lads. That was a totally relevant foreign object AND the most unique. Is that you, Bill Watts? - RAF p.s. - RIP Hacksaw Butch Reed, you had two times as many abs as the rest of the wrestlers in that ring.
  14. All (of the best parts) (that differentiate it from other entertainments/sports) of pro wrestling is tropes. I am still pondering this topic, but some very generalized thoughts on the cage match escape styles: Cage matches as a race to escape is misapplied logic (always a dangerous thing to bring near rasslin') - "Hey, why wouldn't I rry to get out before (the Heel)?" sez the young finisher-filled Babyface. The concept of the cage match here is to incapacitate your opponent so you can walk out and win. But these workers are putting logic where emotion should be. The match is really so the anger-filled babyface can trap the cowardly heel in the ring with the cage (which can be used as a weapon, so I've been told) so REVENGE & BLOOD can be exacted. As a feud-ender, the face should be furious going in there, as well as anticipatory and determined NOT logical and devious. Of course, there are always different and unique ways to book any match, so it is delightfully possible be surprised., even by these young kids... - RAF
  15. Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant's only bump was often his elbow drop, unless he was feeling tuckered out and then used the sleeper instead. Dory Jr. and Sheik may not have been bump machines but they worked a very physical style, Funk with the suplexes and takeovers and Sheik with the brawling. Falir would often take bumps that he didn't have to, even to the end. Dustin Rhodes? I remember lotsa bumpin'. Lawler could work a whole match with one or no bumps when he wanted to - heck, sometimes there was no contact for the first 15 minutes - and we loved it. All the giants who couldn't work (Khali, Gonzalez, et al) and late era Andre & Baba worked a totally safe style. less is more, RAF
  16. "The House of Positive Energy (H. O. P. E.)" is pretty damn workable, in my opinion. - RAF
  17. Only my vow not to give WWE any $$$ prevents me from nerding out and buy this useless but well designed piece of merch. That belt buckle!!! Now, if they do a Capt. Lou one, I may cave. no chance of that, RAF
  18. That's why he is thee Unpredictable One! Who the heck is Johnny Rodz Jr? HUNG GAR STYLE, FOOLS!!!! Tiger Jackson is sssoooooo good. I like how there is a "Special Appearance" by the promoter in the main event. If "FOR THE BENEFIT OF HANDICAPPED CHILDREN" isn't a worked charity, it should be, Community Mayors or not. This poster is so very NE '80s indy show, it hurts me in the heart. - RAF
  19. I can't stands Patera but I am glad DEAN posted this twice so I could like it twice. SCREW THE SYSTEM, BABY! - RAF
  20. When I was young, I was too ig'nant to see what a great champ Mr. Backlund was. Could we grasp what a bold choice it was to choose him to hold the belt? He drew money and worked hard but much of the decision had to be how "controllable" and compliant he was. No other major title holder since was as created and set up by the promoters in that classic way. Most pushed workers since (and many before, admittedly) are aware of any power they have, and can politic and manipulate with the best. Heck, some even have contracts now! This is not to say that McMahon Senior and company did BB dirty but they held the cards. Can you imagine someone with Backlund's "gimmick"/persona/personality/image getting a belt, let alone a push, in the Modern Era (1984+)? Wild, man --- wild... Harvard Steppin', RAF
  21. If there was a "Wrestlers With Cats" thread (sans Teddy Hart (who's cat is really nice, tho')), I would plotz with kawaii. - RAF
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