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  1. For me, the definitive RW match would be the very first match on TV you every saw them in, preferably squashing some jobbers, and the second best RW match would be the first live match you ever saw them (hopefully coming out to Iron Man), destroying some previously protected mid-level babyface team. Now that I am ""smart"" (yes, two sets of quotes (the second set is for extra regret)) I really don't need to ever see another match of theirs but, manoman back in the day they really shook things up, and their charisma & presence remain undiluted. I supposed for a specific match I would choose one of those War Games matches if that's not cheating, but I would really just like a tape (see, I am old) of just the RW's first TV match in each and every promotion they were in as well as the post-match promo. snackin' & dinin', RAF
  2. I still have mine, as well as my "Roos" poster with Animal, Sting, Flair and RSteiner modeling their fine footwear. hoarder, RAF
  3. I thought he just sold off some of the land? Like you think a paltry barbed wire fence and some yellow-bellied trespass laws are gonna stop Terry Funk... Maybe he can auction off just spending time at his house, but the punters end up doing chores whilst The Funker just sits back and regales everyone with road stories, like a carny-flavored cigar factory lectore. sign me up, RAF
  4. Terry Funk should start a KickStarter campaign for the next gen of Double Cross Ranch branding irons, and the reward for pledging $1000 should be getting to be a ranch hand for a weekend. - RAF
  5. The final nail in my kay fabe coffin was when I walked into the locker room and Sabu was there, smoking a Newport. I mean, I knew, obviously, but what I didn't know was that in the back back backity back of my brain was a little gleam of romantic hold-out, and it died right there, letting the delicious bitter cynicism wash over my mind (where it remains to this day). I mean, if it was a narghile I would have retained some youthful hope... - RAF
  6. Damn, the only good part about getting booked in Indiana was the possibility of a Shoney's breakfast buffet. - RAF
  7. That was RGarvin's finest moment, in my learned opinion (Miss Atlanta Lively notwithstanding). - RAF
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