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  1. For those interested, part 4 is now online: http://placetobenation.com/parvs-top-100-music-artists-part-4-25-21/
  2. Forgot to drop this here. Part 3: http://placetobenation.com/parvs-top-100-music-artists-part-3-50-26/
  3. Here is Part 2: http://placetobenation.com/parvs-top-100-music-artists-part-2-75-51/
  4. I've started a little series, My Top 100 Music Artists. Take a look: Top 100 Music Acts: Part 1: 100-76, Part 2: 75-51, Part 3: 50-26, Part 4: 25-1
  5. http://placetobenation.com/titans-of-wrestling-36-interview-with-tito-santana/ Parv and Pete interview Tito Santana about his early career in Florida, Georgia, WWF, and AWA, and about his legendary feud over the Intercontinental Title with Greg Valentine from 1985. Head over to Tito's website: titosantana.net/ And contact him on Twitter @RealTitoSantana
  6. The world marked out tonight. This was history right here. Still can't quite believe what I've seen.
  7. I'm not getting how this helps the USA, their task remains the same: beat Ghana at all costs. If anything this will make things a little more difficult for you vs. Portugal now because they have to win both of their last games to have any hope of staying in the competition. The best that can come of it is that Germany go on to thump Ghana in their second game and then play a second string XI in their third game against US or else take that one easy and allow you to sneak a draw with them. But it all depends on USA getting a win tonight.
  8. He swooped in like an eagle. Anyone notice how quickly Muller stopped crying when the head swoop happened?
  9. Germany appear to be playing without a recognised striker, 4-6-0?
  10. Scolari hasn't really aged in over a decade, looks exactly the same as he always has.
  11. I guess it isn't a world XI thinking about it. I don't really like Rooney that much.
  12. On ITV they keep asking Fabio Cannavaro about Raheem Sterling and he CLEARLY doesn't have a clue who that is. They asked him about him and he replied by talking about Rooney, then they asked him again and he mumbled something about it being the World Cup. He might as well have said "Look guys, I clearly don't know who Raheem Sterling is, give me a break ok" I guess that's quite good news for England, some of their better players are quite unknown.
  13. Don't want to nitpick with the Nike ad but why are Tim Howard and David Luiz making the world XI?
  14. That was absolutely woeful, one of the worst things ever to be created by human beings
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