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  1. This is true. However, when the crowd does react directly to the happenings in the ring it certainly is impressive. I have seen it on better indy shows and of course, a couple times on big cards - this year's WM w/Undertaker, for one. It now takes even more set-up in the booking as well as skill as a worker to do it. The crowds are conditioned to be hyper-aware of their status as consumers and observers and to be "cool" (in both the McLuhan and Fonzarelli senses of the word). An emotional connection with pro wrestling is hard to come by. The gut reactions of children, Cena fans and "marks" are mocked. These days it's OK to sit on your hands, report/record on your phone and/or react ironically and then later get emotional online about the bad booking. Your apocryphal hillbillies, kids and LOLs who go berserk at the show and laugh it off later (the opposite of your post-mod consumer) are looked down on, and that is wrong. You got more things right as a child than you realize. BRING BACK THE EMOTION! React: laugh, cry, cheer, boo, let it all out! It's OK, we won't judge. Watch what is happening at the moment and live in that moment. Cool folks, put down your phones. You have nothing to lose but your cynicism. This is all dependent on WWE putting out quality stuff, of course. Support your local indies. - RAF
  2. Holy hairhoppers! That's not a hairdo on Mr. DDP - that's a hairMUST!! That would give Hugo Savinovitch and Nikki Sixx a run for their follicles. I am agog. bang indeed, RAF
  3. Wait: Foley is supposed to be an expert? Anyway, I did like that video. - RAF
  4. I really enjoy the identification of many of pro wrestling's key moments in this thread more so than I like the fantasy extrapolation of what-might-have-happened. It's impressive to realize how many possible turning points there have been (and there are) which could have brought us a different landscape than the current one. - multiverse, RAF
  5. Blue Meanie's gimmick was based on his chubbiness. I insist that Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis are up for consideration. The Wild Samoans! Haystacks Calhoun!!! In my top five are KKBundy and Jerry Blackwell and Super Porky and Vader and one of the BBW Japanese grapplers. no vids, RAF
  6. I thought Sandow's Hot Topic hoodie was fine for the gimmick - any more elaborate and it would have implied that he was "into" comic books and not using Hugh Jackman's pop culture fame against him. The sound effect was a nice touch. Also, notice that HJ used the British pronunciation of "magneto", alternate to the accepted Marvel pronunciation of "Magneto". I apologize for overly defending a B-level WWE celebrity skit. I am not on the payroll. sorry, RAF
  7. I heard this story from Ed Sharkey, and that's essentially it. ES was simultaneously disgusted and admiring during the telling of it. - RAF
  8. I have been pondering this a bit, but the thought I wanna lay down is this: my prime example of a worker whose ring smarts more than compensate for his physical age is Super Porky. The man can orchestrate a crowd like a long-haired Austrian conductor. I saw him work a small lucha show in the Chicago suburbs and he pulled out all the stops. He must have figured that no one had ever seen him live before, so he did stuff very different than one would do for a taping (obviously the sign of a vet). SP did basic lucha crowd pleasing looney tunes (that I blatantly stole to use in front of insular WI gabachos), signature spots (he flirted with every abuela at ringside), big dives and kooky submissions and he got color (it wasn't even the main!). The ref had spots, but I can't even remember his opponent (Perro Aguayo Jr. maybe?). I have seen many lucha shows but that is the only one that people threw money into the ring afterwards. The man has charisma and deep knowledge. He was in control the whole time. - and his daughter is hot, RAF
  9. Arn Anderson and DDP always gave me my moneys worth, no matter where they were placed on the card. Arn was almost more fun in an opener rather than the main (where he deserved to be). - RAF
  10. How the heck can any well backed start-up promotion have PPVs/iPPVs in their business plan now, post-WWEN? If they charge anything more than $10, wouldn't the general feeling be "well, I can get a big budget WWE PPV for $9.95 as well as a whole month of programming, vintage footage and features, for how is this worth it?"? Has WWE effectively killed off any small budget new promotions bigger than a local territory? intentional?, RAF
  11. THIS is the song that Bray needs to be a-singin'. I am sure that he has seen this movie a few time for gimmick development purposes anyhow. genius, RAF
  12. I think Tamina has great potential and is underused and underrated, and I am sweet on her as well. She came off as very personable on the WWE HoF Red Carpet show. - RAF
  13. Is there a link for this digital edumacation?!?!?! por favor, RAF
  14. I also chime in that this is an excellent topic. In excess it can be intolerable (as with anything), but many "Memphis style" of workers can and have continued well past their physical prime (Lawler, Dundee, Landel, et al) w/o an inordinate reliance on shtick (Valiant (forgive me Boogie Woogie)). The psychology pf working has always been most interesting to me, and controlling a crowd is the apex of the art. I too will put more thoughts down soon, - RAF
  15. Think Bret mentioned it in his book as well, about them being in Japan, and them stopping the tour bus for it to be sorted out. In the context that Andre is forever remembered as a racist, rather than murdered by Hulk Hogan, whilst Bad News becomes Nth America's Invader II is sort of a weird ideal. Hogan's statement is just to show how dangerous Andre and Allen were, and the enormity of even the possibility of an all out shoot between the two. The idea of a foreigner having a gun in Japan is very slight, and I assume that Bad News would have wanted to handle this hand-to-hand. C'mon, people, don't diminish one of the great road stories! -ISRTMD! (It's Still Real To Me, Dammit!), RAF
  16. Mr. McGirt- I was having a crappy day until your two posts here. Thank you, bruddah - RAF
  17. I agree with this, but wrestling is an illusion. Politics and attitude aside, promoters and bookers can in theory take any small, out of shape, and/or old worker, give him a push and get him over. Sometimes it works and everybody makes money. Burying someone is easy. Making someone (some people more than others) a star is hard. It's often stated, but it's true: Heyman had less to work with (talent and $ and production) and he made the most of it, better than many other (lazy, overpaid, reactionary) bookers could have. He laid the groundwork and many of the other original ECW guys (again: politics and attitude aside) could have gotten over if given a legit push. Taz or Raven or RVD or the Dudleys could have gone the way of PE or Sabu or Hak or 911. dangerously, RAF
  18. LOL, that cracked me up too. It made me imagine a gimmick for them as ass kicking scientists in lab coats who travel the country beating up creationists. But then it all fell apart when I realized it would force the Shield to play the bible thumping religious zealot heels. Even if Dean Ambrose as a psycho Sunday School teacher would totally rule... DAmbrose's new look: Der Ketzer, RAF
  19. I 'liked' this because the gag in and of itself is a cheap pop. pomo, RAF
  20. That story is so tremendous, thank you. And that match I posted is in my Top 10 Favoritest PPV Matches of the 90s. I bought the Superbrawl III VHS tape in Times Square at a newly renovated porn store for $6.95. Bless you for that singular thing, Giuliani: adult stores had to have at least 50% non-X rated material to abide by zoning laws, making it a crate digger's paradise for magazines and tapes. - screw him otherwise, RAF
  21. Hey now, pally: I never said anything untoward agin tentacle porn or used pantie vending machines. Let's not set up any straw men here. However, I do again apologize for bring up The Blandest Sikh of Them All. By way of recompense I present this: Check out the 5:50 mark where HR just straight up blades Vader's back. Y'know, for the kids, RAF
  22. My apologies for diverting our thoughts from St. Harley (hallowed be his 'fro), but I must state that I have never gotten the appeal of Tiger Jeet Singh. I have never seen a match of his in which he did anything that I was impressed with. He epitomizes for me the laziest type of worker, and I can't even say that he was cruising on past glories because I have never seen or heard of any. He comes off as an amalgam of gimmicks of several other more significant workers (MLewin, Abbie, Sheik, Elephant Boy, Pampero Firpo), with the self-protection of The Original Sheik turned up to 11. I have never met anyone who has expressed any interest in his matches - has anybody ever bothered to compile a "Best of TJS" tape? Is he just really over with the Japanese/Canadian/Sikh/Pakistani mafia(s)? This has irked me for many years now... -again, sorry for the diversion, 'RAF p.s. - and Tiger Jeet Singh is a redundant name.
  23. This is so tremendous. Heyman is so so so so good, and Cole works with it too. And big ups to cubbymark for putting us back on track with a Davey Richards debate. The DVDVR Krewe is unto a unkindness of ravens, and DRichards is the shiny glittering bauble that can ever so easily distract us, and we love it. Hugging!, RAF
  24. I really really dug the Austin, Rock and (gasp) Hogan intro in the beginning, and the Hogan (choke)/Mr. T & Piper/Orndorff resolution. I so wanted Piper to go off script and potato T, but I guess those yeyo days are long gone... WM1, 14th row: me, RAF
  25. I thought it was a very solid show, with a professional polished delivery that approached "slickness". They're getting good at these and if the WWE is not careful WrestleMania will fall into a formula production-wise. I appreciated the almost total absence of non-rassling celebrity involvement. The camerawork was shite. Excessive zooming and panning made me practically nauseous starting with the pre-show, and there were several finishes and spots that shown on the wrong camera, and often corrected on the PiP replay. I was disappointed they didn't set up the ATGMBR better, explaining who the mystery entrants were. Why only 29? Where was RVD? Heck, I expected Duggan and his nylon gym shorts out there for a nostalgia/comedy spot. When it was announced, I liked how they had 30-second spots for many entrants putting over the ATGMBR so it did not seem like a mid-card dumping ground. ADR really shined with awesome kicks and great facials and Kofi was useful in this as well. I really dug the long entrance way. It always makes an event seem more significant and big when the participants have to truck down that lengthy aisle. I was disappointed by Undertaker's entrance and much of that was the camerawork. absolutely worth my $9.95, RAF
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