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  1. A Hogan turn w/o Nash & Hall as NWO would have made a big splash in the wrestling world that would not carry over to the mainstream/crossover/new viewers, I think. Hogan turning rulebreaker = memorable but business as usual (unless a hot babyface gets made), but Hogan joining the NWO is bigger news, and he adds to/rides the cool heel vibe that was Hall + Nash + NWO. It also gave the group HH's booking autocracy, as opposed to it just being used on himself. "Hogan as top heel the company was built around, squashing guest babyfaces" would actually have been much worse that the "Hogan as top babyface, defeating every heel and faction like it's 1984 and you are still 9 and he still had a convex hairline" that WCW was feeding everyone for the previous couple decades years. - RAF
  2. Great, now the OOB (Original Orange Bastard) wants to fist me?!?! That is going too far. - RAF
  3. Prosaic but clever: the Five Arm. Re-appropriation: the Flying Burrito. Another fave of mine: Arabian Facebuster. - RAF
  4. I always liked Hawaiian Hammer best, then Tombstone, then Southern Piledriver, and finally Reverse Piledriver. Atomic Drop was short and sweet, name-wise. Several finishers of thee Midnight Express had amazing genius names, and I can still hear Jim Cornette dogging the mic at TBS and explaining the nomenclature for us at home (in order of festiveness to me, lesser to greater) -- Rocket Launcher, Flapjack, Divorce Court, Veg-O-Matic, Double Goozle. In modern day WWE (I cheated and looked these up) there is: 054 (good), Neutralizer (lame), Black Mass (nice), Uso Splash (not trying), Sister Abigail (creepy good), Dis-Arm-Her (barely funny the first time you hear it), Bitter End (clever), Big Ending (see "Uso Splash"), Murphy's Law (works perfectly). In other places - good: Egyptian Conniption, Graveyard Smash, Cosmic Doom, Tomakazi, Sicilian Slice, Rude Awakening, Shining Wizard bad: Panama City Destroyer, Steiner Recliner, More Bang For Your Buck. taking finishers and their names very seriously, RAF
  5. And the Abigail logo is replicated upside down in the glyph on the nose on Winger's mask. Coincidence? I think not. Jun Kasai is like something out of Takashi Miike's feverish nightmares, and I love it. - RAF
  6. There is an important component of rassling in the mythology aspect, The Golden Bough and Joseph Campbell and thee Hero's Journey and whatnot, that makes it universally relatable. Of course, we relate to, say, Stone Cold punching his wicked boss, because hey we have all been there. But living vicariously through another is both identifying with your hero and looking up to them. There is room for both, but I feel that the death of kay fabe (inevitable?) gave the audience/marks/non-workers/consumers/universe too much influence. I don't want to be part of the show - I paid for my ticket so entertain me with your talent, canvas monkeys. - RAF
  7. In the big Ringcircle Of Life, aren't we all just... goons for Gilmour? Finlay's first matches were probably untaped in 1974 for his pop's promotion when Thee Fit One was 16, so there might still be more gold out there. - crazy but deep, RAF
  8. (Y'know, when the post you are replying to is not on the last page, I almost always get confused and think that it didn't post. Like this here double post.) Spontaneous wrestling thought: Inspired by the late great Lawrence Ferlinghetti's monumental poem collection "A Coney Island Of The Mind" (1958), I will title my next collection of prosody, doggerel and haiku "A Clash Of Champions Of The Mind". Or "A Coney Island Of The Squared Circle". Which is better? trademarkcopyrightpatentpendingprioruse, RAF
  9. That was a great clip and doing more like this can't do anything but improve the WWE --- --- BUT --- --- for me, I don't want to "relate" to these rasslers. I want them to be bigger than life. I want them to occupy a world I can't even imagine, and to think of them in mundane terms (Terry Funk going to the DMV? Abdullah the Butcher collects Star Wars dolls? Baron Von Raschke trained as a plumber?) makes them seem less special, and makes it harder to suspend my disbelief. This is my (old-timer?) view, the mileage on your Model T may vary. This ties in with the social media debate of above as well. - RAF
  10. SuperBrawl 3 is well worth your time to watch. 1 The Hollywood Blonds (Brian Pillman and Steve Austin) defeated Erik Watts and Marcus Bagwell[3] Tag team match 16:34 2 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Chris Benoit Singles match 19:59 3 Davey Boy Smith defeated Bill Irwin Singles match 05:49 4 Cactus Jack defeated Paul Orndorff Falls Count Anywhere match 12:17 5 The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) defeated The Heavenly Bodies (Tom Prichard and Stan Lane) (with Jim Cornette) Tag team match 12:52 6 Dustin Rhodes (c) defeated Maxx Payne by disqualification Singles match for the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship 11:28 7 Barry Windham defeated The Great Muta (c) (with Hiro Matsuda) Singles match for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship 24:10 8 Big Van Vader (with Harley Race) defeated Sting Non Title White Castle Of Fear Leather Strap Match 20:54 - RAF
  11. Being somewhat spherical can have it's advantages. It's like one of those crazy machines with the oddly shaped wheels and/or gears that somehow rotate back to it's starting position. - RAF
  12. D.Z., pray tell what is the source for all this festive Jun Kasai merch? Google image search is being problematic. thanks, RAF
  13. If you have ever had a chance to see Navarro Negro and Solar strut their stuff against each other, you emerged a better person. The time I saw it live, it was a clinic, and they deserved all the money thrown into that ring. - RAF p.s. - Wow that was a loaded card there. The poster is awesome but won't load here ("not a https address") so here is a link: http://highspots.tv/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/maskedmania-1.jpg Check this out: Name of the event: Masked Mania Date: 27.04.2014 Location: 2300 Arena, Philadelphia PA Commentary by: Joe Dombrowski, Leonard F. Chikarason & Sean Waltman Tag Team Match Latin Dragon & Ultimo Panda defeat The Spectral Envoy (Frightmare & Hallowicked) Six Man Tag Team Match The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) & Green Ant defeat 3 Live Gringos (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy & Papadon) FLLM Masters Title Match Negro Navarro (c) defeats Solar PWR World Mini's Title Match Mini Mariachi (c) defeats Pierrothito PWR World Women's Title Match Christina Von Eerie (c) defeats Sumie Sakai Singles Match Cassandro defeats Matt Cross Six Man Tag Team Lucha Hardcore Match La Familia de Tijuana (Bestia 666 & Damian 666) & Sabu defeat BLK OUT (BLK Jeez & Ruckus) & Homicide IWL World Heavyweight Title Match Dr. Wagner Jr. (c) defeats LA Par-K And this fellow took lots of pics, like the one below -
  14. How can the mystery (not HoF surprize but ladder TBA) person not be Erick Rowan? Legit question as I don't watch regularly follow AEW. He could come in as a real over heel or babyface. Credit for this educated guess goes to my chum Jason G. My prediction was Christian. I hope it's not Angle. Khan would never bring Hogan in, right? please don't be Hogan, RAF
  15. I am dragging through a monstrous stack of Observers from the past year (gifted from my pal) at toiletside, and WOW a lot of luchadors have been dying, cayendo como moscas if you will, mostly from the COVIDs. Did Meltzer get a informant for South of the Border obituaries or is this some tragic statistical anomaly? Granted, many of them I have never heard of, but that makes me more curious about the source of DM's... um... source. Maybe from the CMLL union? descansa en paz, RAF
  16. I'm the opposite: this is the first AEW PPV I have been motivated to watch and it is 95% because of the Exploding Barbed Wire Triple Hell Deathmatch. There is a lot of wrestling that can be a foregone conclusion, but it's what they do along the way and how they get there that makes it exiting. I wanna see some long-ass entrances and selling of the BW gimmick and juice and maybe even thee "destroying your opponent so he can't escape the explosion but then running back to cover his prone body with yours bushidowarriorspiritrespect" finish and the bloody gladiators emerging from the smoke into the ambulances with lots of hugging and maybe crying and screaming into the mic with concerned co-workers and friends at ringside. show me what you got, lads, RAF
  17. Gadzooks, I loved thee J-Tex orporation despite the fact that nothing about them or any angles they were involved with ever made a lick of sense. style over logic always, RAF
  18. I first heard it from a(n indy) worker. I don't know if they got it from a newsstand magazine or what, but then when I scoffed another young indy worker chimed in with the idea that it was Tajiri's special pants that made that sound. I guess you can work a worker, and everyone is not as carny or canny as they think they are. I gladly spread these rumors as it amused me (fake rassling news?), sort of a meta-kayfabe. How droll I am. - RAF
  19. The only person allowed to do the thigh-slap in my book is Tajiri. Adams gets a pass (and he's dead). All other should buy that solenoid kick noisemaker that Tajiri was rumored to hide in his baggy shiny vines. - RAF p.s. - I liked Wrestling 2's backslap and thought it could be justified as part of thee effectiveness of the kneelift, as with Jake Roberts' (less consistent) DDT percussion. p.p.s. - I was taught to punch with a stomp.
  20. plug: There's a new Rock And Wrestling Connection podcast, and I got asked to help! This time we present thee special Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch edition, ridin' the coattails of the upcoming AEW PPV. It's topical, timely and educational, check it out - - and I am sure it is available on other pod-type platforms as well. Give it a try and let me know what you think, please. - RAF
  21. JCP & Crockett Jr. made some great rassling, so great in fact that 35 years later a brave promoter/booker/worker still copy it, modernize it, namedrop it, or merchandise it and they can still make money. Whether you are in the biz or if you are a new fan, those shows still stand up and the best will get you on your feet. So many eras and so much great action and angles and innovations - thank you, sir. - RAF
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